Cold Weather

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

If you are in the northeast (or really everywhere maybe?) you’re probably frozen. My apartment is absolutely freezing and outdoors is quite miserable. I’m not a big fan. Temperatures in the single digits just should not exist.
(It’s even worse in other cities… I feel for you.)
I was in shock the other morning when I crawled out of bed and my feet hit the super cold floor. I trudged across the room to check my phone and seriously was dreading having to go outside to walk to the subway stop. 10 degrees feels like 2? Eep!!!
First of all, my hair was still partially wet (since I’ve sworn off blow drying/straightening). Second of all, I had to finally pull out my puffer jacket… like the puffer jacket that looks like a sleeping bag. I look like an absolute marshmallow. And I’m so cold that I simply do not care.
(Side note on the coat: I bought it when I first moved to New York… I really didn’t think I would want to wear it. It’s a little aggressive. I’m glad that I bought that though, because it is necessary.)
Oh, and also! I’m not that huge of a fan of earmuffs. Mostly because every time I end up taking a picture wearing earmuffs, I just don’t like the way my head ends up looking! Weird, I know. Every morning though, I slip my earmuffs on to prevent my ears from falling off.
So between the marshmallow coat and the earmuffs, I’m breaking through all my issues when it comes to winter wear.
Lesson learned: Fashion is no match for freezing temperatures.
I love these Kate Spade earmuffs since you can still listen to music. I think I’m going to start listening to audio books (post-Atlas Shrugged). Earbuds and regular earmuffs don’t really work very well…. these are just super high-tech!
I bought this Kate Spade sidewalks of NYC scarf last spring. I had been eyeing it for a while and finally pulled the trigger. I wasn’t even halfway home before I had buyer’s remorse and ended up turning around and returning it. Now I’m coveting it again.
Okay, and these Kate Spade earmuffs are just too cute. They’re not hooked up with earbuds, but I think they add a nice pop of color, especially for cold and dark mornings. They’re oh-so-very Kate Spade.
Hot coffee + lip balm are absolute m-u-s-t-s. The first thing I do when I get off the subway is head straight to the Starbucks. (I’m totally conditioned to craving that steaming cup immediately upon returning above ground.
I don’t own these cashmere socks… but I really, really want them. They definitely fall under the “unnecessary” category, but aren’t they nice-to-haves? I think my feet would be super happy with me should I slip into these every night.
Similar to the Kate Spade sidewalks scarf, this NYC neighborhood scarf from Madewell is just super cute. I think that it’s not very practical as far as scarves are concerned. But tied around a handbag would be adorable! I just couldn’t resist including it in the lineup.
Have you been experiencing extreme temperatures? What’s been getting you through?

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Jennifer Achebe

oh yes! The over here in The Windy City! It snowed today…I was not expecting it to so cold out! Thank God for that extra scarf and gloves in my car!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

When I moved to NY I bought two puffer coats. One is super long- past my knees. Which I pair with ear muffs and Uggs (a style I swore I would never wear). It's not at all about fashion when the temp dips into single and negative digits. I need to survive the dog walks and just don't care how I look. The other is to my thighs- it's gold. I figure I might as well embrace my fate of puffy coat wearing for a solid five months with a fun color.



I'm at the border of Minnesota and South Dakota and it's been much colder than we're used to lately. It's been about 2 degrees with a wind chill of at least 10 degrees on average. It's nuts!


RT!!!!: Fashion is no match for freezing temperatures!
I wonder how Blair Waldorf managed to look fashionable in NY winters on GG, but then again its GG not real life!
It snowed all day Sunday in London and for a wee bit yesterday. Been wearing Uggs all week except yesterday (I'm seriously considering purchasing a pair of bean boots now x_x) and a daily dose of Earl Grey has become a MUST!



Alisa Renee'

Here in DC we are also experiencing ridiculously cold weather. In fact, it snowed last night and all schools are on a two-hour delay. The mommy part of me is sad (my son is like a jumping bean) but the teacher part of me couldn't be happier- two less hours of Atticus Finch!!


What's getting us through out here in the hinterlands, where there's nothing between here and the Rockies to stop the wind except for a few cows and some barbed wire: Insulated Bean boots, Burt's Bees lip balm (*high fives you*), Crabtree & Evelyn's "Gardener's Therapy" lotion, and a Burberry scarf. (And cashmere socks. Yes, they are too necessary!) 🙂 Stay warm!


Hey Carly! Don't know anything about your apartment, but I just learned about this little trick that someone really needs to start teaching people from the south (I grew up in Miami). If you have an old fashioned cast iron radiator, there's a valve on it that you can open to allow for more heat to be released. Again, know nothing about your apartment or if you knew about this fancy little valve (really not fancy at all), but thought I'd tell you about it incase it helps! xx!


Just wanted to say.. I enjoy the video blogs and your not straightened hair. The curly, relaxed hair looks good on you and you have a cute voice and don't say "um" that much at all. Don't be so hard on yourself 😉
Stay warm!


It's been so cold in Northern Virginia. I am keeping warm with my slippers and lots of lemon tea. But I really need some ear muffs now!

rebecca kelly

Love those earmuffs and scarf! Its been minus 5 or at the very least below zero here in the UK 😀 I suppose its worse when your'e not used to the cold weather!


I live in Wisconsin and last Monday we were at 3 degrees and according to my Wunderground app it felt like -23 with the windchill. Those are days that I avoid leaving the house if at all possible; of course that was the day we ran out of milk and cereal so I had to venture to Target (where I ended up spending $90…ooops; those Post-Its were calling my name!)

Stay warm!



I totally understand the shocking cold…I've lived in Chicago almost my entire life! Those puffy comforter-style coats are key to survival around these parts. The longer they are the better! And now I'm totally lusting over those scarves, one of them is already added to my cart 🙂



It's been cold and snowy here all week. My ways to keep warm include lots of warm layers – cozy socks, big sweaters, and UGGs. They may not be stylish but they're super warm!


Rachel Sederberg

My new North Face Metropolis Parka came in this week just in time for the cold to strike Boston, and I am in love with it. I also have been rocking 2 pairs of socks inside my boots!


Central Illinois checking in – it's 19 here today!! I'm from Florida too, so I completely understand what you're going through. I told myself that I was NOT going to buy a puffer jacket when I moved up here, my pea coat was perfectly fine for cold weather – 2 weeks later, I was running around Kohl's looking for a puffer jacket in a color other than black. I ended up buying a long purple one with a giant hood. Not flattering in any way, but SO WARM. I'm still resisting the Uggs (my brown riding boots are fine thank you VERY much!), but everyone up here wears some form of fuzzy boot, so I'll probably give in eventually…


It's awful here in Missouri, too! My iPhone says 15 degrees currently. Ugh. Walking to classes is just awful. I hate earmuffs as well but I got one of those super cute crochet headband-like things for Christmas & it's a great alternative! 🙂
Stay warm!


I feel so bad for everyone up North. I thought the 38 we have here in Raleigh was bad! The lowest I've seen it this year was 16 on the way to school the other morning. Y'all stay warm (:

xo, Taylor

Southern Prep

Down here in Texas the high for the day is 81! I'm so glad we don't have freezing winters. As long as it gets cold enough for me to wear my boots and some cute scarves a few times I'm happy!


It was -2 in Central Maine yesterday at noon. : ( But I find silk scarves useful in the cold weather since they put a nice soft layer in between me and itchy wool scarves, sweaters and jackets. And, an extra layer is always useful when it's this cold.


I recommend investing in a diffuser (the Hot Sock is a great inexpensive one you can order on Amazon) so that you can blow dry your hair and leave it curly on cold winter days. It will definitely save your hair and head from freezing.


I feel fortunate right now to live in South Louisiana. It is 75 right now. Connecticut was no walk in the park. Climate is one of the reasons I moved! Please don't freeze!!


Not to compare to the midwest/northeast/everywhere else cold, but in the southwest, we had record lows, and it was 16 at my little southwest house! Keep in mind, that we DO NOT understand how to function in that kind of weather. It threw the entire city/region for a loop and threatened citrus crops. Give us 115 degrees in the shade and we have it covered, but as for those 16 degree days, we stayed inside–in onesies.

Julia D.

We had a good ol' Nor'easter where I live this weekend, so I've survived by just hunkering down with work, movies, and friends. But when I have to go outside, I wear a ton of layers, one of my parkas, a hit, mittens, and a scarf.