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As part of focusing on work-life balance, I was planning on not publishing a blog post one day. I thought that it would be nice… a break? Instead, I felt so anxious. At this point, blogging is something that I do every day. It’s just like making my bed or brushing my teeth. It’s absolutely part of my routine.
I went from thinking I would go 24 hours without posting… to just throwing up a quick, short little post explaining what was going on…
But it didn’t feel right.
I haven’t missed a day of posting in almost three years– and some days even posting twice. I had to go back and double check that number. In one way, it seems like I’ve been doing this forever; it’s hard to remember life pre-TCP. And then it also seems like such a short amount of time. Undoubtedly, the blog has changed over time and it will absolutely will continue to change.
Skipping a day just wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t do it! It is interesting how I handle the extra work now that I have graduated. Let me just say… time management is way different in the Real World. You can be the busiest person in college, but you still have way more “free” time. I mean, I took five classes every semester, was on the rowing team for three years, and was just all around involved. Even with all-nighters in the library and travel regattas, there was still way more time available.
I used to schedule posts way in advance and I try now to get a lot of done on the weekends. Yet, there never seems to be enough time and I’m burning the midnight oil (literally) putting last minute touches on posts, finalizing some Photoshop whatevers, or hunting for inspiration.
I actually don’t mind not scheduling in advance– it seems way more natural and makes me feel like I’m on top of the ball instead of way out of the loop. It does mean that my evenings are monopolized a little bit if I don’t plan the day accordingly. I do really like being busy and having a schedule and a routine though! For better or for worse, I am much more in tune when I know what’s on the docket.
So yes, I may have to draft blog posts on a service-less cell phone on the subway. Yes, I may have to pull out my laptop to Photoshop at random times (like maybe? dinner….). Yes, I may have to work a little bit later or wake up a little earlier. But that feels good.
Can I skip a posting every now and then? Yes, I can… but I really don’t want to. When things are crazy everywhere else, this is like a little happy place I can come to. A safe little haven I’ve created!
So… this post turned went from a non-post to a shorter-post to a weird-somewhat-emo-post.
All in all, I think the exercise of deciding whether or not I wanted to skip blogging one time turned into a realization that it truly is what I love.
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Hi Carly,

Firstly I wanted to say what a Great work you do on TCP.
Very admirable indeed. Secondly it's very weird you are writing on this today. Only because these were my exact thoughts as I went to bed last night. I started blogging almost a year ago and now I blog almost daily. It feels very strange when I don't. Just last night I was thinking to myself "am I going overboard"? Do I need to have a balance?..Sometimes I am sooo tired from work but then there's something in my head I just want to type just for a few minutes and then I end up sitting on WordPress for at least 2 hours editing posts, pictures and the likes.

I'd be honest, it is a lot of work, but in this world and at this stage of my life when a lot of things are changing that is one thing I absolutely enjoy. I really don't see it changing anytime soon. Because with it, I have rediscovered my love for writing amongst other things. Just this morning I was trying to figure out how to create time to do the post for today because I have meetings and deadlines at work. but you know what even if I have to do it late at night, I WILL!

*PS: Didnt mean for this to become a long comment!lol lol!



Alyssa Jean

Carly, I literally love this blog so much! We all understand that you need to take a break sometimes and missing a post here and there isn't such a big deal! We don't want you to get tired out! 🙂 I love reading your blog, so thank you so much for writing great, inspirational posts. I can only hope that my blog will turn out half as successful as yours! Thanks for being such a great role model too! (:

Alyssa Jean

Brianna Kolota

You thoughts mirror mine. I'm glad I'm not the only 20-something who is a workaholic but truly enjoys every second of it. You words inspire me to keep blogging and doing what I love, even when what I love doesn't seem "normal" for my age. I guess we're just different in the same way. 🙂


Oh, Carly.. your work ethic never fails to amaze me! If you do take a break, we'll all miss you, but you will have MORE than earned it!

Happy Friday 🙂

xx, Eleanor


This post came at the perfect time for me. My plate is already full with work and I just decided to start a blog, simply because I needed a way to share the things I love. Its taken up a lot of my time, but I love it! The first thing I want to do when I get home from my job is work on my blog. Staying busy with things that I enjoy is so motivating, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!


I am glad you enjoy posting so frequently because I like it too. You are the only blog I read that I can count on for reliable, timely new posts. I think this is what led to College Prep becoming one of my favorite, if not favorite blogs to check and read. I will be on Facebook really bored or something, look at my bookmarks and say OH! I bet Carly has something new for me to read 🙂 So for that, thank you!

Paige Ladisic

Carly, I get so much inspiration from you because of the way you work so hard no matter what's on your plate! I love reading your blog posts here or seeing what you write for Levo. Honestly you're such a great inspiration for all of us TCP readers and bloggers, I just don't know how you manage to do it all!


Julia D.

Workaholics get a lot of flack for their choice of lifestyle, but I think as long as it is what you love (and you take breaks) it can be just as healthy as living any other way.