This was a highly requested post… What baby products did we use/need during the first month. It’s actually a question I asked myself a lot while pregnant, especially while putting together a registry. What exactly do you need for a newborn. Surely over time we’ll need more things, but what do you need in those first few weeks to get by.

Everyone will tell you that you don’t need much, and that’s true. It’s easy to go overboard (I certainly did!) with research and feeling like you need all the things. While you don’t need too much, every baby is different and it can help to have more than one option on hand just in case something isn’t working and your baby wants or needs something else. I thought I’d share what worked for Jack and what we used the most. We definitely used more than what is on the list, but these are what we used the most and what I would consider must-haves for that first month.

(I had been keeping a running list of favorites on my phone and somehow the list got deleted…. I spent the last week trying to recreate it, so I hope I haven’t left anything important off. The mom brain is, unfortunately, a real thing.)

Before I get into the full list, let me tell you the three things you should absolutely get no matter what (in my opinion, haha):

BURP CLOTHS: Buy them. Get more than you think you’ll need. These come in handy in a very, very big way. I have a few in every room, my car, the stroller, and my diaper bag. I bought these from Amazon and have found them to be incredibly soft and absorbent. They do shrink a bit the first time you wash them, but the size they end up is perfect. I constantly have a pile fresh out of the laundry because we got through them so much. (Bonus, lol, they are great for wiping away postpartum hormonal tears, too 😉.)

GERBER ONESIES: There is nothing cuter than a baby in a simple white onesie and the Gerber ones are great. They wear well and wash well. And because they’re inexpensive, you don’t have to be super precious with them. More often than not, this is what Jack wears throughout the day and overnight. I love the short-sleeve and the long-sleeve as well. Jack was a fairly big and long baby and he only just grew out of the newborn size, so I’d start with the newborn size and then move up to the 0-3 months.

SOLLY WRAP: I think this is going to be my new go-to baby shower/welcome baby gift for moms. I had purchased one while pregnant and then forgot I had it. I was trying to do laundry one day and Jack was fussy and just wanted to be held…. and it dawned on me that I had this wrap!!! I pulled it out, watched the instructional video six times, and BAM we were in business. I baby-wear Jack quite a bit now and it is a game changer to free up my hands and it soothes Jack completely. He loves it, I love it. (I even coached Mike through how to put it on and he approved too.)


Diapers // Jack outgrew the newborn size very quickly– within the first week actually, but I know other babies who are in newborn sizes for a while. Luckily I anticipated this (I had a feeling I would have a big baby) and had Size 1s lined up ready to go. I would definitely start with newborn size and at least one pack of Size 1s for when baby outgrows newborns. You can quickly switch and avoid blowouts and leaks!

Wipes // I love these wipes. They’re thick and a great size. Even during the stage with meconium poops, they got the job done with zero issues. Like the burp cloths, I have wipes upstairs, downstairs, in the stroller, in my diaper bag, and the car. You never know when you’re going to need them, diaper changes or not.

Portable changing mat // We of course utilize the changing table in Jack’s nursery a lot, but I bought a couple of these mats for diaper changes on the go. I also have one downstairs in a little basket (along with diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer) for changes downstairs. I like not having to go all the way upstairs for a diaper change when we’re hanging out on the first floor. And I keep one in my diaper bag. It folds up nice and tiny and wipes clean.
Burp cloths // See above. Again, trust me. You’ll need a bunch.
Vitamin D // So far, I’m exclusively breastfeeding Jack and at two weeks, we started implementing Vitamin D drops at our pediatrician’s recommendation. I keep them upstairs and give Jack the recommended dose after he wakes up for the day. I made sure to get a drop that can be given orally.
Sink Bath Tub // We now own two bathtubs. I love the big one we got for the actual bathtub, but we realized after the first bath how much easier it would be to have one specifically for our kitchen sink, especially with a tiny infant. This one fits in ours… definitely measure your sink before you order any bathtub though. I quickly made the realization that not all tubs would work!
Washcloths // Nothing fancy here but I like these washcloths. I use a couple at a time while bathing Jack to make sure he’s getting as clean as possible. I drape one over his belly to keep him warm, use one for his head/face, and use another for his body. It’s nice to have a few on hand.
Towel // There is nothing sweeter than pulling a baby out of the bath and wrapping him all up in a snuggly towel!
Baby soap// I picked out this baby shampoo/soap solely because I’ve been using the Burt’s Bee’s shampoo for pups for years (haha).
Gerber onesies// Again, see above. Truly just the sweetest outfits for baby.
– Pajamas/Coveralls // As far as outfits go, you really don’t need anything besides pajamas. At first this seemed so odd to me (honestly), but they’re the comfiest– and easiest– option for babies. Keeps them warm and ensures easiest diaper changes too. Honestly, I wish could just zip around in pajamas all day. A couple of our favorites? Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren, and Kyte.
Kimono tops // Another thing I didn’t really get until I “got” it. Actually our hospital had little kimono tops for the babies in the hospital and I quickly learned how brilliant these tops are! I have some sets that come with pants, but if you’re swaddling your baby, just the kimono top can make diaper changes overnight extra easy. And since they tie/snap around the body, there’s no need to pull anything over your baby’s head. So, so easy for quick changes. Love Sammy + Nat’s.
Baby laundry detergent // Everything that touches baby’s skin has to be washed and there’s a lot of laundry when the baby is here. It piles up by the minute, I swear.
SwaddleMe// Okay as far as swaddles go…. you may need to buy a few different styles before you find what your baby prefers. We loved the SwaddleMe swaddles for the first couple of weeks. I wish I had thought to bring one in my hospital bag to use while there instead of using the hospital blankets.
Halo Swaddle // At some point, we switched to the Halo swaddle! Once we did, we never went back and it seems to be (fingers crossed) working well still!
Muslin Swaddles // Similar to the burp cloths, these muslin swaddles are useful AF for babies. I stocked up on more once I realized how frequently we used them. They are great for wiping up spit up in a pinch, wrapping baby before a daytime nap, tucking over legs while baby is in a carseat, etc. I typically swaddle Jack in one of these muslin swaddles during daytime naps!
Solly wrap // One of the best things! Jack and I are both a big fan and my only complaint? Wish I had started baby wearing him sooner. It’s just so good.
Basket bassinet // BIG FAN of this Moses basket. Another thing I kind of forgot we had until my mom reminded me. We were using it for daytime naps (babies can sleep in it until they’re 15 pounds or three months old) and then ended up bringing it upstairs at night too.
Halo bassinet // This is the bassinet we have in our bedroom. At first I had the newborn insert in there (sold separately) and Jack would not sleep in it… once I removed the insert, he had no issues with the bassinet. It’s really nice because it can swivel over your bed and adjust to whatever height you need it. (I ended up sleeping in the guest room though as getting in and out of our bed, which is a bit higher, was tough on my physical recovery.
Huckleberry App // This is the app I use to track nursing and sleeping schedules. I’ve been really happy with it!
Black and white flashcards// I bought these little flashcards for baby! This particular set comes with different packs for each developmental stage. The newborn pack is all black and white, high contrast images and Jack is just mesmerized by it. There’s not a lot of “play” to be had with a newborn and this is as exciting as it gets 🤣
Stroller// Best. Stroller. Seriously, we love it so much. It drives so smoothly. It’s definitely “the” stroller of choice in our area because I see it everywhere. It can grow with our family, too, which was a huge selling point (and made the price point even more worth it). Another great thing about this stroller is that it comes with a bassinet– we’ve been using it indoors for naps and it was the only one we brought/used when we went down to Mike’s parents’ beach home this past week. We’re going to be out of state for the month of October and plan to bring this as the only bassinet. Genius!
Car seat // I spent an insane amount of time researching carseats and I’m happy to report I think we made the right decision. Jack loves it and I rest easy knowing he’s super safe in there. And it’s filled with great features including a built in “dream drape” canopy with built in UPF protection. It was also a breeze to install in my car.
Stroller fan // It’s been so hot here. A stroller fan is 100% necessary. This one grips right onto the stroller and can be adjusted to hit the baby just right. It also has multiple speeds which I appreciate.
Camera! // Guys, I know iPhones have come a long way, but man there is nothing better than real pictures. Even if you’re taking the photos with an auto setting, it’s worth it. I love all the daily iPhone snaps I have, but I truly treasure the “real” pictures already. Newborns change (literally) overnight and I can’t stop documenting the changes! It’s so nice to be able to go back and have these memories captured forever!!!!

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Katie Smith

Great list! I learned (through trial and error) a few tips: 1) ALWAYS keep the next size up diaper on hand. If your baby has diarrhea, put him in his regular size and then double up with the next size diaper. Absolutely NO leaks! 2) baby wipes make excellent stain removers. 3) save your baby washcloths – these are great for gentle exfoliating when you wash your face! In addition, once he starts eating solids, keep a stack near the high chair to wipe him up after eating. ❤️❤️


OMG………can I borrow him for a few days????? He had to be smiling at me, right? I’m so happy for you and your hubby! Love your blog too!


Hi Carly,
Just a tip since you said Jack is a big baby – he may have outgrown the bassinet by your trip in October! My babies weren’t big when they were born but they were long and they couldn’t fit in the Uppababy bassinet by the time they were a couple of months old. Just a heads up so you can plan accordingly 🙂


Vitamin D that dispenses with a drop (instead of a syringe) work great, too! A drop on your nipple right before nursing in the morning or even on a pacifier before bed was the easiest for me!

Chelsey Manning

Yes to a Halo swaddle! We, too, started with SwaddleMe but when our little buddy outgrew them we moved to Halo and I swear he actually sighs and relaxes when we put him in it every night.


Hi Carly, Love this list and I’m working on my registry as we speak so incredibly helpful! Do you have a travel stroller you like? Thank you!!


That’s the only stroller we have so far. With covid and everything, I wasn’t sure if we’d even need anything else