I’m a little late to posting this outfit, but this dress is too cute not to share. And I still totally wear white after Labor Day. (In fact, I think white dresses in the fall and even winter are pretty chic with the right accessories!)

It’s also pretty crazy to look back on these photos. So much has changed between now and then and it’s only been about a three week difference! Jack was eight days old… this was my first time out of the house, alone! And I am still pretty puffy from labor– plus this was when my breasts were still at their peak engorgement during that first week after my milk came in.  But I have to say that getting dressed and doing my hair and putting on a little makeup and venturing to the next town over was good for my soul. I was stressed (and sweaty), but I needed to know that we could “do it.” And we did! I went home and felt very accomplished; like, it was kind of on par with submitting my finished book earlier this year honestly.

This dress is also (wait for it) nursing-friendly. I know. I was skeptical but my friend convinced me to buy it after she sent me a video of how it ties. The bows are functional and then there’s a panel/flap of fabric that easily moves to the side for easy access. (That was a terrible description, but picture the fly of a pair of jeans but instead of a zipper, there are fabric bows.)

I wore the dress a few weeks ago with white Jack Rogers, but for fall I’d probably pair them with something darker like a pair of brown flats.

I also purchased this tote as a diaper bag and I am *obsessed*. What took me so long to get it? Would be a great option if you’re heading back into the office. It’s gorgeous in person and a great size. I outfitted mine with the organizer insert and find it so, so functional.

Dress // Tote // Sandals // Jack’s Coverall // Stroller + Stroller Caddy


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Lorraine Barnes

Oh I love these pictures! You were so ready for motherhood. Don’t doubt yourself. You’ve got this!