Winter Re-Wear

I’ve been pushing myself to shop my closet more, especially on those “I have nothing to wear days!”, but probably more importantly “special events.” I feel like almost all of my friends at this point are doing Rent the Runway or RTR unlimited and are showing up to special events in very expensive “new” outfits. I’m not knocking Rent the Runway, by the way, I’ve used it myself for my fair share of weddings. It’s just very fascinating to see how this is shifting everyday wear too. If anything, I feel a subconscious added pressure of not re-wearing outfits for parties, get togethers, and events (big and small). I’m really trying to fight this feeling and the feeling of needing a whole new wardrobe when I’m feeling uninspired. I digress…

Gal Meets Glam Celeste Dress

Enter one of the cream Celeste dress. I originally got this in navy and missed getting it in cream because I wasn’t sure how often I’d wear it. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who avoids white dresses because of a) the limited “season” and b) how many wedding-events pop up where white as a non-bride is a no-go. (I swear every summer I think, “Why are all the cute dresses WHITE!”)

By the time I realized I really wanted the cream dress and had seen it worn a few times by friends, it was sold out!!! I ended up finding it in my size on Poshmark and then… naturally, they brought it back! Here’s how I wore it in Paris and here’s how I wore it this past fall.

Gal Meets Glam Cream Celeste

I dressed it up a bit this time around for a slightly elevated look. Wouldn’t recommend wearing it to anything wedding-related, unless you’re the bride, but still! Winter white is possible.

Carly the Prepster

PSA: THIS BELT IS BACK IN STOCK! Do not miss buying this belt– it’s adjustable so you can wear it around your waist like this with a dress or around your hips like this with jeans.

Adjustable Black Bee Clasp Belt

Carly Heitlinger

Dress // Belt // Similar Bag // Shoes

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So glad you’re doing these shop-your-closet posts. One of my 2020 resolutions is sustainable shopping, and it’s a big help to see how you shake things up with pieces you already have! !


I am glad u are reworking some classic dresses. As a believer in investment clothing, I want to rewear my clothes for years. Focus on accessories and it can totally change the look like you did here. Your friends will soon wish they did the same.


I read the book Lessons From Madame Chic which was about an American on a semester abroad in Paris. But she talks about her host mother who was very fashionable and very wealthy and who wore the same clothes over and over again. Maybe it’s because I am in my late 30s, but I feel zero pressure to wear different outfits all the time. I appreciate this book and read it every few years because it really instills a drive in me to make life special all the time and to live my best life every day. I highly recommend it.


Good for you for “shopping your closet”, Carly! I am trying to do so myself! I was just having a discussion with my friend about being more sustainable and environment friendly this year and how fast-fashion and clothing waste is messing with our planet!


THANK YOU for promoting and inspiring shopping our own closets! Social media and blogging has made such an impact on even a regular girl like me, feeling like I need new clothes all the time. Not true! I thought of you when I went out to dinner a few nights ago– I shopped my closet and came up with something fun and new, just with pieces I already had. You’re the best!