Rothy’s Review: Are Rothy’s Worth the Hype

Wow. Okay, so let me preface this by saying that I have known about Rothy’s for a while and I definitely have heard about it buzzed about a lot. Particularly in my blog’s Facebook group. I finally bit the bullet and decided to give them a try when they released the new Mary Jane style. Now that I have them I a) FULLY understand the hype and b) am seeing them EVERYWHERE.

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After I posted about them on my Instagram, I was flooded with questions. Both by people interested in buying their first pair and loyal customers just wanting to know more about the new Mary Janes style.

I thought I’d do a quick review with everything I know, but just note that it won’t be fully comprehensive because I only have this one pair. I, unfortunately, can’t compare them to the other styles or speak about the other styles.

Rothy's Mary Jane Review


YES. 100% yes. They’re as comfortable as everyone hyped them up to be. I actually forget that they’re on my feet, which is the sign of a great shoe as far as I’m concerned.

The first day I wore them, I had a little sensitive spot on the back of my right heel. (Right where you see the blue strip.) It wasn’t a full blister and I’m not sure if it’s because the shoe was a smidge stiff from being new or if I had an existing spot from a previous shoe. Other than that, I had absolutely zero problems. And I can’t say for sure it was the shoe, but it was just a tiny bit of sensitivity not even a full blister.


They are kind of expensive (the Mary Janes are $155), but whether or not a shoe is worth it is going to be subjective. I can see how these would be a GO TO shoe for a lot of people. And now that I’m on high alert and seeing them everywhere, I can tell that they are a go to shoe for many people. When I went to the dentist, I noticed that she was wearing a pair and she said they were the ONLY shoe she wears to work.

The fact that they’re machine washable (yes, machine washable) definitely adds to the value of the shoe. I haven’t washed mine yet but all my friends who have them do it frequently.


Since this was my first pair, I tried two different sizes. I think they run true to size, but are also pretty forgiving. My feet, like most people, are not the same size. I’m typically a “true 7,” and bought both the 7 and the 7.5 to try. For my smaller left foot, the 7 was great, but the 7 was a touch too small for my right. I wish I could have done a 7 for my left and the 7.5 for my right 😂. The cardboard inserts that the shoes came with were identical in size and were marked with 7-7.5, so I’m guessing the difference between the two is quite small. Since the mary jane style has the adjustable tie which helps keep the shoe in place, I went with the 7.5 for both feet knowing my left foot wouldn’t be slipping out.

If I were to get another pair of the The Point, where the toe box narrows, I would do the 7.5 again (to accommodate my bigger right foot, ha!). But for the Flat, the Loafer, and the Sneaker I would do a 7 because the toe box isn’t as restrictive as the Point.


I was also worried about the bow staying tied– I got this question a ton. However, I’m happy to report that it’s super easy to tie AND they stay tied. The tie is slightly elastic, so it gives a little bit while you walk (super comfy) but not so elastic that it unties. I tied mine once and haven’t re-tied them since. Here’s a cute video of how to tie them with a tuxedo bow!


Yes, as needed. I have plenty of flats right now so I’m not desperate for something new. But now that I’m a #truefan, I may finally buy the white sneaker I’ve been eyeing. Again, I fully get the hype and I am on the bandwagon.

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I bought the Rosebud color from your post on Friday. After reading this review, I can’t wait until they arrive!


I bought a pair recently, but found that for someone like myself who needs arch support, they did not deliver. I had high hopes, but given this issue I didn’t find them to be comfortable for me. Holding out for eco friendly comfortable flats to come along for me!


As a person who has 9 pairs of Rothys and am enjoying both points and flats I have tried adding removable arches to those styles. I purchased small clear silicone arches that look like bra cutlets from the arch support aisle at the drug store near me. I just place them under the insole where my foot needs the support and move them from shoe to shoe.


I have the loader style and love them! I do want to clarify about the size though – everyone says go up 1/2 size in the point and that was the same for the loafer for me. I did the same thing and ordered of the both sizes I thought I would need and could feel a major difference between them. I ended up sticking with the 1/2 size up and when I returned them, the woman helping me said she had heard the same sentiment about almost all of the styles. For me it was definitely worth trying both! I love this new Mary Jane style! Now I just need to convince myself that I don’t need them 😂


I totally agree. You need to go up a size in the pointe and loafer. I’ve heard mixed things about the sneakers. The flats run TTS.

Kait Bailey

I’m a huge Rothy’s fan! I’m a teacher and wedding photographer and they’re amazing for being on my feet all day. That said, I found that I had to go up half a size in ALL of their styles for the best fit, just as a note!


You look so effortlessly cool here Carly, love it. Definitely been debating between either a pair of Rothys or Margaux, do you have a favorite now between the two?


So I think it comes down to style. The Margaux flats are DEFINITELY more elevated. I think the Rothy’s are a more casual look, especially with the branded “blue” on the back!


I took a chance and bought the leopard mary-janes after seeing your post — I absolutely love them! The shoes arrived so quickly too!


I have never owned any Rothy’s either, and am for sure going to hop on that bandwagon with these mary janes!! Thanks so much for the mini-review, Carly! It is super helpful for new things when there is not many reviews on their website!! Also thanks for the referral link for $$ off!! Now to decided between all the colors!

xx Libby

Brittany H

I love my Rothy’s but think the pointed-toe ones run small. I’m usually an 8.5 and had exchange mine for a 9. Not a major issue but thought I’d share.


I have the white sneakers and I love them! Being able to throw them in the wash makes life so much easier


I am a teacher and own two pairs of Rothy’s and they’re my ABSOLUTE favorites! I have the Loafer and the Sneaker. Now that I see these Mary Jane’s, I want this style, too!

Kelly Brophy

I love your style! I’m currently embracing my gray hair that is coming in. How do you keep them tame and soft when they really just want to stick out all over the place?



OMG carly, I tried to use your $20 off offer, and Rothy’s said the “limit on given rewards is exceeded”! Did you break the Rothy’s internet???? LOVE. So excited for you and can’t wait until they give you more coupon codes!!


Welcome to the Rothy’s fan club! I bought the white sneakers for a Disney trip and loved them! They were especially great when it rained. They dried so quick! I ordered another pair when I got home.

Helen Phillips

I love my Rothy Sneakers and am so excited about this new pair they came out with. They look so cute on you, I definitely have to get them now! 🙂 – Helen


How do you think the comfort compares to Margeaux? I’m between which pair to order, but agree with your comment below that Margeaux are more elevated, but if the Rothy’s are significantly more comfortable I might consider them!


I haven’t tried Rothy shoes yet, but I’ve been eyeing them for a little while now – especially since hearing from others how comfortable they are!

Marie M.

Love the shoes! I’m a 7.5. Sometimes shoes don’t come in half sized. Rats. What I do is order a size 8 and then take a couple of squares of toilet paper and jam them up the toe. Works every time.


I love this look on you. Tucking in your shirt/sweater/top elevates your style so dramatically.


I guess it’s not such a hype (yet) in Belgium. I havn’t seen them in public, nor have I ever heard of the brand. Anyway, looks good with the rest of your outfit!

Nicole Mayberry

Did the $$ code expire? I think I missed it when you posted last week…