I’ve been deep into research for what to put on our baby registry. It started with a middle of the night panic over carseats and just went from there…. There is so. much. baby. stuff. I almost didn’t even know where to start. The carseat turned out to be a great starting point (decided to go with the Nuna Pipa RX, a ring adaptor, and the Uppababy Vista after “test driving” at different stores).



Once I got going though, I think I fell into a pretty good groove. I asked a bunch of my veteran mom friends for advice and turned (of course) to Google to fill in gaps and see if there were any updated models or whatever. I also tried to keep it pretty simple; And I keep thinking that if we really discover that we need something we can just Amazon Prime it or run to Target in a pinch. BUT I’d love to hear from you guys about what your absolute must-haves were for your babies. As a first time mom, I do feel like I’m kind of blindly guessing what I think we may need without having an ounce of actual experience. I’m sure we’ll figure it out along the way, too, but would love to know what you think…

What’s overhyped? What’s worth the splurge? And what’s an underrated item you swear by? Anything you never touched? What would you tell a new mom to get no matter what? 

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Like you, I was also a 10 lb plus baby. I thought there was no way that I would need newborn clothes. I ended up giving birth to a 7 lb baby boy. I needed many more newborn clothes than I bargained for originally! Not necessarily something you need to put on your registry, but something to keep in mind! You go through so many clothes the first couple of weeks!

The registry must haves in my mind are really some sort of bouncer (I love the baby bjorn!), a sound machine, and a good bassinet. I didn’t do enough research on bassinets and probably could have gotten a better option. I didn’t think it mattered and it really did!

Anna Gay

Long time reader, first time commenter. I am a pediatrician and mom to 2 kids. Two pieces of advice. First, don’t become too attached to whatever you register for. You won’t know how baby will fit into your life and how you actually parent until you are in it, so be prepared to change or exchange some of the bigger gear you register for. My family lives in a small space and we tried to get by with one stroller for both kids, even though that stroller was maybe not optimal for us. I’ve had other family members who bought and sold many different strollers until they found the one that fits their lifestyle. It’s hard not to register and buy so much in the beginning because it’s so dang exciting, but you really don’t need much in the beginning and most things can be delivered within a week nowadays. Pediatricians are all about development, so books, a play may, and a floor mirror to make tummy time more exciting are all good things.

Secondly, what you should really register for are things that will make your life as a parent better (ie things for YOU, not baby), especially if you chose to breastfeed. Invest in several breast pumps, spare parts, pumping bras, water bottles, etc… Registering for meal or grocery delivery services is awesome. You will have a deep and née found appreciation for foods that can be eaten with one hand.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your joy.


I’m from the UK so some of the brands etc might be different but here are some things we have loved for our four week old little girl!

Firstly I would say see what you can borrow from friends and family. You’ll probably be able to get SO much from them and it’s much better than buying new. We are very environmentally aware and obviously new babies make a huge impact so we tried to get as much second hand as possible. We also use reusable nappies and wipes which are getting more and more popular over here. I’m not sure if they are in the states? Anyway we get on so well with them and I would really encourage you to consider them! The amount of waste that normal baby products create is horrible. Have a look at Baba and Boo (nappies/diapers) and Cheeky Wipes to see what they are like! The wipes especially are so much better than disposable ones as well as cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Reusable breast pads are way more comfortable than the disposable ones too.

Other than that, make sure you have somewhere safe like a bouncer or crib to put the baby down in every room – makes life so much easier!

We bought a Tripp Trapp high chair from Stokke which I would highly recommend – it is adaptable so can be used from newborn to adult which is amazing and it looks good too. One reason we bought it is with the newborn attachment your baby can sit at the table with you from birth, which keeps them happy and allows you to eat your dinner but also keeps them out of the way of over-enthusiastic dogs!

We have a lovely merino wool sleeping bag from Superlove Merino which is gorgeous and also regulates the baby’s temperature so can be used all year round and up to age 2 so saves buying multiple ones and helps with safe sleep.

I really recommend nightgowns instead of sleepsuits for nighttime as they make changing so much easier! Our little one hates being changed and it’s so much easier and quicker to do when you don’t have to stuff her flailing limbs into the leg holes of a suit! We love the Snuggle Knits from Aden and Anais. For daytime definitely get zip sleepsuits as they are much easier than poppers.

Get some high contrast black and white flash cards! I actually made mine, and it’s honestly amazing to see how fascinated she is by them. We have high contrast books for her as well and these are the only toys she’s interested in so far.

I didn’t buy anything for pumping or any formula – I figured I could buy anything later if I needed it and it seemed wasteful to buy things I might not use. Turned out that was the right decision as I haven’t needed anything like that.

Ooh also get yourself a big flask so you can fill it before you go to bed and then have plenty of tea or coffee to drink while you’re up in the night with the baby! This has been a lifesaver for us!


You are going to get so many suggestions 🙈

My most-loved after two kids:
– a good sidesleeper (we used the SnuzPod here in the UK, but my friends at home swear by renting a SNOO)
– Hatch noise machine/time to wake light
– baby gym (Lovevery has a great one)
– a good baby carrier (see if there’s a sling library near you so you can try them out; we love our Ergobaby)
– Peanut changing pad (or similar – anything you can just wipe clean)
– Shnuggle baby bath


Completely agree with keekaro peanut changing pad or i think skip hop makes one now too. Anything you can do to minimize laundry! For a bit later for high chairs – either the Tripp Trapp Stokke or the IKEA one. Completely opposite ends of the price spectrum but anyone i know who has anything else doesn’t like their high chair. Lucie’s List is the best site for seeing what you need and brand recs


1. Sleepea sack — not the cutest baby swaddle, but by far the best/easiest.

2. Solly baby wrap —. In the first 3 months, this was by far our #1 most used product. I go on long walks, and I try to avoid the stroller in the early months as much as I can to help prevent flat spots on head and give him some extra time to work on his muscles/neck strength/etc. There are lots of great soft wraps, but this is my favorite. I used the structured carriers when the boys got older.

3. Lovevery play gym (and kits). Pricey, but I didn’t need to buy any other toys for the first year, and it helped my type A personality bond with the baby. The first few months can be tough since babies don’t really “do” much — having some developmentally appropriate activity ideas/research made this period more rewarding for me and helped me feel confident as a mom.

My two cents about sleep is don’t bother with the SNOO — eventually, they need to learn to put themselves to sleep, so why delay the struggle? Taking Cara Babies is a great sleep resource — my advice is to take her newborn class before the little one arrives.


Elizabeth, this is so incredibly helpful. It seems we have similar personalities and I also enjoy going for long walks everyday so this speaks to me. Thank you for commenting!

April Belanger

Second the Taking Cara Babies courses. And avoiding the Snoo. Baby has to learn to soothe themself to sleep eventually.


I wanted to share that Taking Cara Babies has been identified as a frequent donor to Trump’s campaigns. Might be worth searching for other options.


Things we can’t live without: Velcro swaddles, humidifier for nursery, dock-a-tot, a cushion for your knees/elbows for the bathtub, a cheap bouncer that you can easily move from room to room, Bambo diaper subscription, sleep sack

Things we panic bought once baby was here: general medicine/first aid kit (gas drops for us), vitamin D drops, extra burp cloths, nipple cream/pads, warmer pajamas, extra covers for diaper changing pad, small blanket for playing on the floor, good snacks for mom for middle of the night, dr. brown bottles (our baby hated como tomo after we’d gotten $100+ of those from our registry)

You’d be surprised how particular baby is to certain items. I’d wish we’d gotten more gift cards and waited to use them until after baby was here, rather than gotten a bunch of items from a registry that we thought we needed. We used Amazon registry and it was awesome considering we live in a different state than most of our family.


Amanda Spence

So interesting about the Comotomo bottles! Our baby hated those as well. He couldn’t get the milk out and was getting so frustrated during feedings. Glad I read this because I thought it was just him! We made the same mistake and had bought a bunch of the bottles so I was so disappointed when they didn’t work out for us. We ended up with the Dr.Browns bottles as well!


A bottle warmer was helpful. Faster than other methods. Also Halo sleep sacks have been great. And signing up for coupons and free samples with the formula companies. In terms of feeding and supplies to go with either method, it was best to plan for both ways of feeding the baby (nursing and formula) in case one didn’t work out. Both are wonderful ways to feed your baby!


Hi Carly! Congratulations on your little boy! First time mom (and boy mom) over here 😊 We found a lot of underrated items that we “primed” once baby arrived. Like burp cloths (you’ll need way more than 5 we learned!) – we recommend kea babies absorbent ones and waffle material looking ones. We also love our ubbi diaper pail since we can use any trash bags and no smell leaks out. Also, I recommend having lots of soft blankets or quilts that baby can lay on – comfortable and protects your carpet from baby spit up.

My splurge worthy recommendation is a good glider or rocking chair. I might have splurged even more now that I realize how much time I spend it in, nursing and pumping. My “get the cheaper option” is for play mats and bouncer seats. We have fisher price options and our baby loves the piano play mat and could care less about the bouncer seats so I’m glad we saved money there. Also, I’ve seen lots of free gently used options on FB markeplace groups.

Your baby is so lucky to have you as his mom!!


Yes to splurging on a good glider! Ours is so functional but also SO ugly, but I can’t stand the idea of parting with it. I *became a mom* in that chair 🥲

Alex pappas

Hi! Mom of two- 3 yo and 3 month old boys 🙂 congrats!!! My absolute must haves are the boppy newborn lounger and the baby bjorn bouncer.


You’ve got this. We all have to learn and there is no manual. Ask people and then take your own approach. But most important take care of yourself and your baby and you’ll do just find. But NEVER think you’re less than for asking for HELP. It is those who don’t ASK for HELP that are less than. Also, it is not a CRIME or a REFLECTION on you if you choose to supplement with formula. Some babies need more. For instance, an 8 pound or more baby will not be happy with a shot glass of skim milk. Hope you get that analogy.


Everyone I know has a different little sound machine that they swear by — but they are al basically the same, so just get what appeals to you and don’t sweat over it.

We ended up with a zillion swaddles, because people love to gift them, and never use them anyway because our baby likes sleeping in a Halo sack.

Baby Bjorn bouncer was our best splurge. Absolutely love it.

Finally, join local Facebook mom/swap groups to find gently used stuff, and to resell anything you don’t end up using.


Totally agree with the swaddles and resell comments. We had so many muslin swaddles and I ended up using them for newborn pictures and nursing covers— but only because I hated to “waste” them. And reselling on a Facebook group is so much easier than trying to do a garage sale or consignment. Perfect way to both sell and buy what you actually need.


Hi Carly! I like your blog and this is my first time posting. 🙂 We have a 13 month old now, and after going through the first year, I have just one piece of advice that I hope will help. I just wanted to share that, since you indicated liking the Uppababy Vista Stroller, you might consider the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat. The Mesa car seat can pop on and off of the Vista stroller, which makes transitioning from car to stroller and vice Versa an absolute breeze. No need to unbuckle and take baby out. Simply pop the car seat out with one button. Hope this helps!


I went with the Nuna RX because of the base it comes with– but the adaptor is great, stays on the stroller and it’s a one button release too!


Generally, there is a lot of conflicting advice from people about must haves because us parents and our babies are all so different and we all have different priorities, budgets, lifestyles, etc.
Here is an example- I have the Vista and had the Mesa. Bought the stroller specifically for the bassinet because I wanted to give my little one maximum ability to stretch and move unrestricted and not be in a container. I liked the car seat fine enough and thought it would be convenient for “on the go”. LOL at me, he was born last April at the height of the pandemic and like where were we going? The pediatrician? An occasional run to Target? A quick pit stop on the way to my parents’ house? I ended up using that feature so infrequently that an adapter would have been a non issue and I wish I had gotten one that was either cheaper, lighter, or had higher height and weight capacity since he outgrew it by seven months.
Overall, it was okay but I don’t think you’re missing out anything by not having one that directly clicks in.


I would second this!! We’re also hanging on to a stroller that’s a little too big for us right now and ended up purchasing a $40 umbrella stroller that suits our needs about 90% of the time with an older baby growing into a toddler. Also, remember that higher prices doesn’t necessarily equal safer or better. ALL baby equipment is safety-tested and must meet certain standards no matter the price point. For recommendations, we loved the Halo velcro swaddle blankets. Get a couple in the newborn size but wait to purchase others because you’ll want to see what size will best fit your baby through the changing seasons and purchase cotton, fleece, etc. in the correct sizes based on that!


If you plan to breastfeed, highly recommend the “My Breast Friend” pillow (ridiculous name, great product). So much better for positioning than a Boppy. Get two so you have them in different spots in the house, because you will likely be nursing around the clock at the start. To that end — if you are interested in nursing, get some books and join your local breastfeeding support group. Nursing is amazing but can be very hard at the beginning (especially when combined with postpartum hormones), so support and information is incredibly important. The book “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” and Dr Sears Baby Book have great visuals and details. I loved a Moses basket for the first few weeks — easy to put the baby down in a safe spot.

Virginia Castle

I loved my Brest friend too!!!! Better than boppy – was way more supportive.


I was also going to recommend a good breastfeeding pillow – and it’s great to have one in the third trimester as it can help finding a comfy sleeping position.
My 3 must haves would be : a good babycarrier (not sure if Manduca is distributed in the US?), the babybjorn bouncer and muslin swaddles – Eden and Anais make great ones, they’re really practical and super soft. And a less fun thing to have would be an infrared no contact thermometer – I remember behind really stressed out the first few times my daughter had a fever, so having a thermometer that’s reliable and easy to use definitely helps in s stressful situation.


Yes! As a fellow long torsoed momma, be aware that not all BF pillows will be tall enough, you may need to put a regular pillow under to maintain proper posture 🙂


I’m an “old fashioned” mom (16 and 19 yo kids). Ha. I’m glad no one mentioned that thing you put on baby that monitors oxygen. It will go off all the time for no reason and trigger your anxiety big time. I tried to convince my younger friend of this and she had to learn the hard way. Back in the day you could buy these little flannel rectangles at Target, etc. called lap pads. We used them in the crib to catch and leaks or spit up. If something happened in the night that made a mess you changed out the little pads instead of the whole crib sheet. Trust me. Changing a crib sheet is a whole full body workout, and you don’t want to have to do that in the middle of the night. I nursed in bed at night so I had a little diaper setup on my nightstand. That way I could change baby in my bed – again the theme is trying hard not to get too stimulated in the middle of the night. Congratulations! I’m in Tampa this week and keeping an eye out for Meesh to congratulate as well!


While I agree that a lot of the new tech stuff is unnecessary, I am very much a supporter of the Owlet sock. My cousin was able to detect an arrhythmia in her newborn and get him to an ER where they treated and diagnosed a cardiac issue that could have been fatal without proper treatment. The baby is 100% doing well now and will be able to lead a normal, healthy life.

Victoria Minton

Congratulations! I’m a first time mom to a 8 month old baby girl and remember how overwhelming it can be to pick out items! Here are my favorites:
– Nanit camera system- I personally love that it has a breathing band to monitor her while she’s asleep. The only thing that allowed me peace of mind during those first few months and I like that since it’s on your phone we’ve never had issues with being out of range.
– A good swing or bouncer- we got the momaroo and my daughter liked it but I wouldn’t say it’s a must.
– dock a tot- worth it in my opinion. It was perfect for laying my daughter somewhere while I showered or did stuff around the house.
– a wipeable changing pad
– ubbi diaper pail- does a good job and I like how you can use regular trash bags
– burp cloths- we ended up ordering a bunch from Amazon because my daughter spit up a lot and we went through like 5 a day. Recommend the Gerber ones.
– medicine (Tylenol, Motrin, cough syrup, basically anything from zarbees)- something I didn’t think about as a parent but was thankful someone gifted us some when my baby girl got sick.
– activity gym- we loved the one from baby Einstein because my daughter used it for months and can now use the removable piano

I hope this helps some! Most importantly soak up every moment with that sweet boy!


Just had a baby in December! Here are my top 5 most used/practical items:
1. Hands-down, the Doona. I use it as my regular carseat when I am alone with baby because it is SO easy to get in an out of the car to run errands!
2. Silverette Nipple cups
3. VAVA tap night light for late night feedings/diaper changes
4. Sleepea (snoo brand) swaddles made for your own crib or bassinet
5. Solly baby wrap (or any other brand that is a true wrap vs carrier- wrap keeps the littlest ones without head control nice and cozy and close)
*Bonus is the MagneticMe onesies- Genius!!!


I second those silverette nipple cups if you plan to nurse. I used them with baby number 2 and it was night and day compared to baby number 1!


If you don’t want to invest in the Silverettes right away (depending on how BF goes) 100% get the disposable Medela get pads to start with. Complete lifesaver.


Silverettes are great if your issue is sore/cracked nipples. But they do keep your nipples “moist”. This resulted in a thrush infection in mom and baby. Do whatever you can to avoid this. I suggest reading up on thrush in advance. It’s very common and I had never heard of it before I was pregnant. Thrush can be very painful and can halt your breastfeeding.


Mom of a 3YO boy and 7MO girl here! Congrats, Carly! I highly recommend looking for some second hand sales to get some of the bigger stuff, and clothes. A local daycare does a twice yearly sale near us and it’s great on the wallet and for the planet! We got strollers there, toys, and clothes. Baby stuff is expensive and they use it for such a short time. Also, ask friends who already have kids if you can borrow or have hand-me-downs, and then do the same for others later. We got so many second hands clothes that we barely needed to buy anything. It’s a very nice parents-supporting-parents tradition!

In terms of must haves, get way more burp clothes and swaddle cloths than you think you’ll need. You go through them! And I second other posters who said invest in baby carrier(s). A wrap carrier is great right from the newborn age, and then a solid one (we had the boba) from when they’re a few months along. For the diaper bag, we got a gender neutral backpack, which worked well for both me and my husband and kept our hands free. Also, the baby bjorn bouncer is a nice-to-have splurge. Got it for my second and used it daily. It’s a pretty design, no plastic or batteries, folds up for storage and travel, and babies can sit in it from the newborn phase on. Good luck and wishing you a beautiful pregnancy! Love reading your blog and so happy for you and Mike!


You are going to be such a great mom, little boy Riordan is so lucky to have you!
Favorite baby item was baby bjorn bouncer: easy to move from room to room with you (such as plopping on the bathroom floor while you shower), the cover is washable, and you get many months of use out of it
Wish I had had a glider for nursing. We didn’t have room for one, but you want to be as comfortable and relaxed as you can while you nurse (if you choose that route), and it’s nice for just snuggling.


My little one is 16 months now.

Things we swear by/recommend: the Snoo!! We were able to borrow one from a friend of a friend who was between kids, and it was such a game changer. Our baby slept swimmingly from week 2 on, and we think this played a big role. We got many bouncer/swing things, but the only one my baby liked was the Graco Duet Soothe and Swing. I recommend not using too much $$ on those and see if you can borrow or try friends’ ones before committing, since babies are shockingly picky. We loved the Lovevery play kits. The Nose Frida is great, and an electric baby nail file will make your life so much easier (just type that into amazon). I buy one for all my pregnant friends. The Frida postpartum bidet thing is also great – the hospital peri bottle sucked in comparison, IMO. We loved our diaper genie, and having one on each floor. We also love the Wubbanub pacifiers – we have one for each car and each floor :).

We didn’t ever use a bottle warmer – we used formula from day 1, and our little one was fine with room temp or cold formula/milk. If you can get baby used to drinking cold milk from the get-go, it’ll make your life way easier! We also never used a wipe warmer.

You’ll need more burp clothes than you expect, and less blankets than you expect. If you decide to use bottles at all, you may need to try a bunch – you can sometimes find a “bottle box” that has one of many different brands. Don’t invest in bottles much until you figure out what your baby likes!

I’m going to echo another commenter too – we were gifted tons of 0-3 or 3-6 mo clothes, because everyone assumed “you’re only in newborn for a few days” and “everyone buys newborn sizes.” At the end of the day, we used newborn clothes for like 6-7 weeks, and we didn’t have any! We had to go to target the first day home from the hospital to buy more. We also had a ton of newborn/size 1 diapers, but weirdly were in size 4 within 4-5 months. (and we’re still at size 4 a year later…*shrug* babies are weird.)


Yes! Get the Frida Mom upside down peri bottle washer and bring it to the hospital with you! It’s the best peri bottle, hands down. Really all of the Frida Mom line will help for your post partum recovery.

I also agree that you should get many different types of baby bottles to see what your infant likes before committing to one type.


Totally agree with the Frida Mom peri bottle. Pro tip: make sure you lock the nozzle when you’re ready to use it. My husband had been prepping them for me in the hospital, so the first time I tried to use it alone, I didn’t lock the nozzle and it just spun around getting everything wet except where I needed it to go!


I heard a great tip for the peri bottles, keep a Yeti of hot water in the bathroom so that you don’t have to wait for the water to warm up and fill it each time! I’m due any time now so no clue if this actually helps, but it sounds genius!


Hi Carly! If you decide to formula feed, which we also did from day 1, I agree with the above commenter – giving the baby room temp or cold bottles is totally fine and will make your life easier! We ever used a bottle or wipes warmer.

Love halo sleepsacks, which both of mine live in. For my little guy, we used the swaddle up sacks for the first couple months – he liked his arms up and gave him the snug feeling of a swaddle.

Rather than a separate bassinet, we used a travel pack and play with bassinet options so you can use it for a lot longer and not have to store a bassinet.


Omg – I forgot to add squid socks! Babies cannot keep socks on! Pricey but so worth it 🙂


Definitely a swing of some kind! I have the Graco deluxe swing and a Rockaroo from 4Moms – My son likes the Graco one better (used it with 2 kids and is a LIFESAVER), but the rockaroo is great for small spaces. 4moms even makes a mama Roo that has more swinging in the swing options.

Ashley Vick

I have the Spectra S1 pump and love it. I also recently got the Elvie pump and it’s totally worth the price tag, especially if you need to pump while working, on the train, etc. Not sure if you plan to breastfeed, I agree with PP to make sure to register for spare parts, reusable breast pads (I love the ones from Bamboobies), some good quality nipple butter (Honest Co. and again Bamboobies make good options), and at least 2 pumping bras so you can pump hands free (if you go the traditional pump route). I am a momma of 2 and my youngest is 5 months… I haven’t worn a non-nursing bra for at least 6 months and likely won’t until she’s 1. I’d stock up on some that you like and fit you well. Nursing tank tops are nice too when you don’t want to lift your shirt and expose your stomach.

I have a google doc that I send to mommas in my life with products we love. If you have a PR email I’ll send it to you!

Shayla McMurray

I am not a mom but one thing I learned from Rachel Purcell and her new baby is to make sure there is a foot rest on your baby’s high chair!


Okay it’s so funny you say this! I chose our high chair specifically because of the foot rest!


Do not get a diaper genie 🤢.

For whatever reason people including me with my first put those on the registry. Thinking it’s a great idea… it’s not don’t do it.

Just use an outside garbage lol

Virginia Castle

Same and agree. It’s just another gadget to fuss with. we just tossed them in the daily garbage. The problem is that when you have a GIANT bag full of diapers after who knows how many days, no matter how you try, you catch a whiff and stinks to high heaven in a way that makes your eyes water.

Laura C

These are a bit random but some of our most used products with our now 5.5 mo old.

1. Snuggle me organic, great lounger when they are so little. Eventually when she was bigger we moved to the boppy lounger.
2. Swaddleme swaddles – I loved the old school pretty ones but these do the job. If you search you can find some cute prints.
3. Kimono onesies – specifically the organic H&M ones. Super soft and you don’t have to go over the head. They frequently sell out so add a notify alert and buy when they are back in stock. Also like the gerber gray plain onesies. Much softer that the white version for some reason.
4. Oogiebear – Everyone talks about the Frida which you need (also get the saline spray) but this helps you pick the boogers. I know, gross.
5. Magnetic close footie pajamas. So easy.
6. We bought the Nuna stroller and car seat but also bought the bassinet. It was used from strolls but much more useful as a portable bassinet around the house so she could nap everywhere.
7. Burt Bees socks – they actually stay on
8. Tubby Todd all over ointment – heals everything.
9. Tomorrow I’ll be brave book

Samantha Findlay

Swaddles with velco…my baby was a little Houdini and would break out of regular ones. One piece sleepers with ZIPPERS….no snaps haha. A babybum brush to apply diaper rash cream, then you don’t have to get it all over your fingers. A sound machine, we have a Hatch and love it. A baby lounger, we have a snuggle me organic one and love it. The Lovevery play gym is fantastic. We also love our Ubbi diaper pail…great keeping out the smelly diapers. It can be so overwhelming on what to get because there is just so much! I hope this helps!


The baby bum spatula… it sounds silly, but I get it for all my new mom friends. No annoying diaper cream under your nails! Tons of burp rags… not the cute ones. The thick old school diaper kind work the best. Burts bees ones are compact and nice for diaper bags. Waterproof liners for cribs and changing pads. Don’t buy many outfits with snaps… they’re adorable, but you won’t find yourself reaching for them. Different babies like different things. Trust your mom instincts… they’re usually right! I’m married to a pediatrician, but the mom instinct is a superpower!


Baby bum spatula was a game changer! Was also coming here to recommend this.


Congratulations! and Happy Shopping!

After 2 kids, I have a few things I’m glad I got/wish I would have gotten in the first place.

Tripp Trapp high chair, worth the splurge, it grows with them and is easy to clean (key point)!

Comfy chair for you to sit in, I’m going on 4+ years of sitting in the same chair every night and I love having a high back, but also wish the one we got reclined.

We bought some pricey things one kid hated and the other loved, and we had a few inexpensive items both kids loved. It’s quite hit or miss. And sadly, some of the ugliest items are the MOST well loved <3


Long time reader and mom of two (2yo and 5mo):

1. The Moms on Call book. They say jump, I say how high. My kids slept through the night at 9 weeks because of these ladies!!

2. The stupid Fisher Price jungle piano. The music will haunt your dreams, then you’ll start singing the songs (Stockholm syndrome?); your baby will love it. I buy it as gifts for friends with a note of apology.

3. Whichever pump you choose, make sure it is portable – it MUST work without being plugged in. I’ve had to carry the pump into the baby’s room to pop a paci in, clean spit up, whatever. And bring a pumping bra to the hospital just in case he can’t latch and you want to pump right away.


I’m going to have to say that I don’t recommend Moms on Call to nursing moms — too much focus on schedule and not on addressing baby’s different needs week to week. I’ve known of moms who tanked their supply early on following this plan, sadly. It seems to work okay for formula feeding. For what it’s worth, I nursed on demand and my oldest was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. My youngest took more time but he got his needs met, which was most important to us as a family.


Fisher Price Jungle Piano!! Baby loves it and it’s great for tummy time. Songs seem annoying until you realize you are singing along any time it plays lol. We recommend it to our friends who are expecting:)


A boy mom of three – my youngest is 19 (years old – I’m aging myself here!). Congrats to you both!
My suggestions are:
1 – I used my Coach bucket bag as my diaper bag – you don’t need to bring the house with you, especially if you are driving somewhere – keep a change of clothes (for both you and the baby) in the car and just put diapers, wipes in the bag.
2 – Set up a savings account for your baby. People will give you money as gifts and its nice to be able to put it right into the baby’s account. You can also set up their college fund right away too!
3 – A good camera – which you have – take more photos than you think you need because the time goes quickly and its the best to look back on your babies when they are adults! Also a good photographer for special photos – portraits and family – these are the photos I cherish the most! And, don’t forget to be in the photos too – its usually the mom that is taking the photos and I swear there are years when I don’t have a photo of me with my kids!


We love the Fisher Price swing and bouncer! When my son was a newborn the Snuggle Me pillow and Boppy nursing pillow were also really great!

Emily G

If you’re planning to nurse or pump:

1. Haakaa silicone breast pump! Not a replacement for an electric one, but so easy to use and to clean, and helpful for catching any leakage while baby is nursing on the other side.
2. Cloth nursing pads + nursing bras comfy enough to sleep in. There’s nothing worse than waking up with a sticky, wet shirt 🙁

This isn’t an ‘urgent’ need, but I highly recommend the Lovevery subscription box! The toys are beautiful and made of high quality materials, and they are very versatile and developmentally appropriate.

I could go on and on, but those stand out to me as a mom of 2 little ones!


Hi Carly,

Congratulations… what an exciting time for you and your family!

As a mom of a 1 and long time pediatric nurse… skip the high tech bassinet. Babies need to learn to put themselves to sleep and so no need to delay it. I also recommend skipping the sound machine unless noise really bothers him. So many parents start out with the sound machine and then their kids can’t sleep without it when they are older.


I was going to say the same thing-skip anything like a sound machine that your baby will “require” to go to sleep. It WILL break, you’ll forget it on a trip or something similar. Another veteran mom piece of advice-don’t insist on a quiet house while baby is sleeping. They CAN sleep through sound if they are used to it. I used to make a point of vacuuming during nap time. Most importantly-give yourself grace because the biggest thing is for your baby boy to know he is loved.

Rachel Norman

Certified baby and toddler sleep consultant (and mom of 5 here) and think that you need way fewer things than you think. 1) car seat and stroller which you’ve done, 2) safe place for baby to sleep (bassinet, crib, side sleeper), 3) somewhere baby can go when you need hands (sling/infant seat), 4) a swaddle. This is big, it will help baby consolidate naps and prevent catnapping as much as possible, they won’t awaken themselves with a startle reflex and will sleep more restoratively. If you swaddle from day one when sleeping or napping they will never “not like it.” Since you are anxious, I’d not get a swaddle that depends on your own skill with tying, wrapping, etc. and I’d get a zipped swaddle.


Some good advice here! I have a 3 year old and am due with my second a week after you are. It is funny how much things vary mom to mom or baby to baby though. Some of the must haves listed here we hated or vice versa.

Some favorites: Spectra S1 pump, Magnetic Me sleepers for easy diaper changes, Boppy for breastfeeding/lounging, Halo sleep sacks, Baby Bjorn bouncer (so portable), Halo bassinet, changing pad liners, Uppababy stroller, Bob stroller.

Thing we found overrated: Solly wrap, pack n’ play (much preferred the Baby Bjorn travel crib), dock a tot, swaddle blankets.


I swear by the Lovevery brand. We absolutely loved the play gym and now have the subscription boxes, and Luke has loved it all. A kazillion books, of course. If you have multiple cars, then multiple car seats/bases. We had a baby carrier style car seat and also picked one that can change orientation as your baby ages and is rated for 5+ years – registered for one of each of them for our 2 cars. Remember safe sleep guidelines – just because something is for sale does not mean it is safe. I recommend against the dock-a-tot because there have been a lot of accidents. When in doubt, check with the American academy of pediatrics website. You got this!


We love our Lovevery boxes! Wish we’d registered for them but they’re worth every cent!


In general I would put the must-have, boring but practical things. Clothes and toys will be given to you regardless, as people cannot resist buying those tiny presents.

Some specifics:
– the Bumble seat is great but will only last you like 3 weeks, between when the baby can sit up and when they learn to escape it. I’d borrow it or buy a used one (easy to clean), unless you want to be the one that others borrow from 🙂

– If you’re going to breastfeed check w/the hospital which breast pump brand they use. It will be easier to keep it the same (I did not do this & went home having no clue how to use MY breast pump haha).

– Pick a bottle & don’t stress about it. My kids were fine w/what we gave them; my nephew went through 7 brands before settling on the cheap drugstore one. You can’t predict & I remember that being an overwhelming selection. Go with it & adjust if baby demands it 🙂

– May not be needed for your registry but get a pacifier/toy leash. It will save you lots of time as they will launch things out of their stroller as soon as they learn how!


I thought of some more-

A pack and play with a bassinet/changing place on it. You’ll want a place to put down the baby and change their diaper on both levels of your home, so this works great.


Since there are so many other recommendations, I’ll stick to car seat talk!

I couldn’t recommend The Car Seat Lady enough! Our first infant car seat didn’t work well for our car, and I never felt it was installed correctly. It caused so much anxiety those first few months. I’m so glad I found her behave she recommended what to get based on our car and plans to grow our family. She even did a comprehensive demonstration on how to install and safely buckle in our baby. Seriously life changing!

Speaking of car seats, register for the 7AM Enfant Cacoon. It’ll be great in the winter so you don’t have to layer coats in the car seat, which isn’t always safe.

I’d also register for your convertible car seat. You’ll need it within the dose year. The Car Seat Lady has a lot of recommendations.

Good luck! Registering for stuff can be overwhelming with all the options. You’ll ultimately find what works best for you and your baby!


Congrats, Carly! I’m sure you’ve gotten a ton of product recs between this post + friends + DMs + Google recs, so I’m narrowing down to a few things that were our saving grace:

– Ollie swaddle (WAY easier to deal with than swaddle blankets, and actually kept my daughter’s wiggly arms in place)
– Happy Baby carrier (made of very soft linen, easy to take on/off and adjust for rapidly changing heights/weights, different patterns to choose from)
– Lovevery play kit subscriptions (I had no clue what to do with a newborn during her awake time; their play gym + early kits were a godsend, especially since they include booklets w/ suggestions on how to introduce said toys and using household objects to entertain + educate)
– Grubhub or restaurant gift cards (at a certain point, you’ll have enough stuff, so be sure to include a few of these to make sure you stay fed in those early months!)


Whatever car seat you choose, I recommend having the installation inspected. Some local police stations will indirect if you call ahead. This time around (I have a newborn), I went to the car seat inspection site in Livingston. It’s every Wednesday until 2 and donation based. They were really efficient and nice!


First time Mum here too! Baby is now 7 months old. Things we used all the time: Baby Bjorn bouncer, Sleepyhead for all daytime naps – it’s so cosy and they feel really supported in it, Moonie white noise bunny & silver cups off Amazon if you are intending to breastfeed. To put it bluntly – they saved my nipples lol!


Babies “need” so much less than we think! 😁 from our early days, we found these the most helpful.
Wipeable changing pad (I used the covers for two days then realized they were just annoying).
A diaper caddy for the early days to take items downstairs for daytime and up at night. Oxo makes a great basic one.
Small wet bags for the diaper bag. Perfect for holding blow outs when you’re out and about (even if you aren’t using cloth diapers). I like the Grovia and thirsties brands.


If you are getting a pump check with your insurance company first! A lot of them will cover at least a portion of the cost and save you some money.


When he gets a little bigger (maybe 6 months), get a City Mini with the rubber wheels (not plastic). It’s a nice lightweight foldable stroller that you can use on all-terrain and is perfect for longer walks and less bulky than a jogging stroller. I would also get a cheap Pack N Play for travel or quick naps at other people’s homes, etc.
Don’t spend too much on an infant car seat – they don’t use it very long, especially if you have a big boy. We switched to a rear facing convertible seat pretty early, was much more comfortable for him, but safety is of course important though they’re held to the same standards even if less fancy.
We also liked having a flat laying swing. It’s ugly as can be, and called the SnuggaBunny Swing by Fisher Price. It lays flat though, so our pedi was okay with him sleeping in it when needed (vs a car seat or something where the chin is tilted down, for example)…he was SO colicky and that swing on high speed was the only thing that worked. You’ll get a lot of mom shamers who say “you have to do X, Y or Z”…but trust your pedi and your mom instinct…both are strong and you will quickly know your baby best.
Material things aside – I was pretty committed to wanting to nurse, however I couldn’t (my son was born early and I take a lupus medication that was not ideal for nursing). I felt tons of guilt over formula, but now my son is in elementary school and a smart, strong, sweet boy and you’d have no idea what he ate as a baby 😉 Or what stroller we used or what car seat he sat in, or whether he ate oat cereal first or did baby led weaning….so don’t beat yourself up over things needing to shift with decisions you feel set on now.


For the first few months I never put my babies into anything that snapped up when going to bed. It was *always* a zippered sleep sack. With or without sleeves, depending on the season (it gets hot here). The last thing I wanted to do at 3am when changing baby’s fifth diaper was fiddle with snaps. I just. Wanted. Sleep. Bonus that I didn’t have to try to get squirmy legs into pajama pants too, the sleep sacks zip up and you’re done. So nice.


We have the Snoo and it’s been a game changer. He’s 9 weeks and slept a 7 hour stretch last night then went back to sleep for 2 more hours! I know it’s expensive but I highly recommend it if you can afford it.
We also love our Babyletto glider/recliner chair! You can test it out at Crate and Barrel.
Other must haves:
– our snuggapuppy swing! It helps having places to put the baby.
– fisher price piano play gym (it’s ugly but he’s obsessed with it!)
– baby Bjorn bouncer
– boppy lounger chair
– aiden and anais burpy bibs and swaddles
Hope this helps! Also I highly recommend getting as much help from family or hiring someone to help you in the beginning. We hired a part time nanny and it’s been incredibly helpful. As a new mom, you need to take care of yourself and any time you can get to eat, sleep, shower is so important.


Don’t register for clothes or blankets. Everyone loves to give those as gifts, and you’ll end up with more than you need.
We loved the Miracle Blanket swaddle for both of my kids. It was the best one that I tried for keeping baby’s arms in the swaddle.
Don’t get a bottle warmer. Both of mine drank cold bottles straight out of the refrigerator. Warming a bottle is just an extra step.
Pajamas with snaps are the worst. Get ones with zippers!!
The Angel Care bath seat is good for the first few months.
Don’t go crazy buying bottles or breastfeeding stuff. Never know what you and your baby are going to like.
Get the Boppy Lounger and some kind of a bouncy seat. Ideal to have somewhere to place the baby that’s not the floor in each area of the house.
Get a jogging stroller if you go on walks often. Love our Bob.
Need a video monitor. We have the DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens and more or less like it.
You need a diaper pail: Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail
Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack are great for all the bottle/cup parts.


Hi Carly – fellow northern NJ gal here! Congrats! My baby must haves are the Baby Bjorn bouncer, Vava night light and a good rocking recliner.

My little boy is 7 months and while I loved picking out baby gear, I realized the best thing I did to prepare myself was learn as much as I can about the birthing and recovery process and breastfeeding. Tinyhood courses were great. Enjoy this beautiful time!


Must haves worth every penny: Lovevery toy subscription boxes, Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair, Velcro swaddles (we used SwaddleMe; bring to the hospital! It will make all the difference not to have to worry about swaddling them in a blanket.), sound machine.

Not worth the hype: Halo Bassinest (I would just use the Graco pack ‘n’ play with a bassinet level if I could do it again), Hatch Grow changing pad

Don’t buy too many: burp cloths (unpopular opinion, but I would wait to see if your baby is a spitter before buying a bunch. My baby didn’t spit up much and I have 5 million burp cloths.), same with receiving blankets or swaddle blankets (we only used ours at the doctor’s office when he was naked so he wouldn’t get cold; see above for swaddles!), same with washcloths.

Try to remember you or a friend/family member can always run to Target for last-minute needs. I think I forgot that and thought I needed everything at the ready.


Halo DreamNest for a bassinet/pack and play, and Halo Swaddle SleepSacks! And all of the Friedababy products!


Hi! I know you are getting inundated with suggestions and so many are amazing. One I wanted to share that really helped me was not to stress so much over the crib and instead invest in the mattress. Apparently all cribs in the US have to meet the same safety guidelines so even if you are getting something “cheaper” it is still equally as safe. So only splurge if you really want a certain look! We got an inexpensive crib that can convert for our little guy but really invested in the mattress–we got the Newton Baby Mattress since it is breathable and washable.

My only other piece of advice (as a soon to be mom who stressed wayyyy to much over my choices for my registry) is that it is completely okay to not get what someone else tells you is the best or most worth it. A few of my friends swore by certain items and I really felt guilty when I didn’t choose to add those to my registry. But your experience will be so different and it’s ok if you love different products (that’s why there are so many!).


Diaper genie! Such a waste and really not necessary. It fills up super quick and in the beginning so many diapers (mostly pee so no smell). My son (11 months) doesn’t poop often (1-2 times a day) so when he does we use scented doggie bags! Then put them in our normal trash can and my husband takes it out once a day when he walks out dog. You got this Mama!

Virginia Castle

Could not agree with this more. I was gifted one for my second baby and I was like ooh fun gadget and it just made me crazy.


Not a mom, but I gift all my mom friends 2 things:
1) a Lovevery subscription box!! The toys are high quality, cute and age/development appropriate.
2) Wet Bags. Keep one in your diaper bag/stroller/car in case there is a blowout, spit up or any other situation – wet bags are fully waterproof so you can toss the dirty item in there and the rest of your bag won’t get gross! They are machine washable and free of BPAs, parabens & other not great things. Also perfect for future beach outings with wet swimsuits, etc! I’ve gotten ALVABABY, Bumpkins, and Babygoal ones – they’re basically all the same so I go with whatever cute prints jump out at me 🙂


A few must have are the Nose Frida, Inglesina counter hook chair, our kid loved being up high and seeing what was going on. Schnuggle baby tub. Baby Bjorn bouncer, no tech and folds flat to store. Get neutral colors for everything you can. For the early days we had a wicket bassinet on a stand that I loved to move the basket around the house with me depending on where I was.

Make a ton of egg burritos before your due date. So great to be able to grab a healthy breakfast you can kind of eat with one hand without the prep or clean up.

Don’t take labels off and wash everything until you know for sure on sizing etc. you will do a ton of returning swapping of clothes.

Leah S

Our most used item is one that we actually bought when Baby was 3 months. We purchased the Doona car seat/stroller in green. Highly recommend since the wheels fold into the infant car seat. It has made taking baby out and about so much easier and we are looking forward to using it on some small trips to visit family this year. It is much easier for me to life and handle by myself than our big stroller. We went with the Evenflo pivot expand because it was like the UppaVista but in our budget.


I am only two weeks into being a mommy to a little boy but so far our favorite things are:

– Solly Wrap: soooo cozy to be so close to baby! We’ve used a few times for walks and just to walk around the house
– dock a tot: this was so expensive and I was unsure about the purchase but sooo worth it. He naps wonderfully (supervised) in it.
– owlet sock: helps calm the nighttime nerves of a new mom 🙂
– Velcro/zipper swaddles: i finally snagged an Ollie swaddle but we love the zipper Swaddle Me ones from Target more…they are easier.
– zipper footies that zip from the top and bottom! Zipping from the bottom is a game changer during those middle of the night diaper changes
– Plastic/Rubber changing pad: had no idea how much little boys pee!
– 4Moms Playard + changing table: this has been amazing to have downstairs for changing & naps during the day. Helps not to have to walk up and down the stairs every time baby needs change (plus not good for momma to walk up & down so often!)

– for momma (because it’s important to take care of yourself too!!): steal all of the supplies from the hospital. My first few days weeks home I swore by the Fridamom instant ice packs, peri bottle, tucks pads & dermaplast!

So happy for you & your growing family! Baby boys are the sweetest.


Two books I could not live without in the newborn period: Happiest Baby on the Block, and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth. Could not recommend more.

When you’re around 18 months, I highly recommend at least perusing the “Oh Crap! Potty training” book.


Mom of 3 here! Here’s the top 3:
I got a 10 pack of the Gerber cloth diaper prefold things as a gift before my first and I still use those things every day 8 years later. Best burp cloth, on-the-go change pad, car seat protector for a newly potty trained toddler, snot wiper, etc. Just a must-have.

Second – a LOUD sound machine. In my experience the alarm clock/sound machine combos are louder white noise than the stand alone sound machines. My children have never woken each other up because of these things, including room sharing kids.

Last, some kind of Velcro swaddle and Google the Houdini swaddle method for when they get a bit bigger – uses regular blankets and got me an extra month of swaddling which made ALL the difference.



Mamma of a 2 year old and 2 month old here.

My number one baby item is/was a really great lactation consultant— if you choose to breastfeed. If not— good for you and this won’t be super helpful. But, I found a lactation consultant so, so helpful for both my babies. They help with comfortable positioning, latching, different holds, etc. And, I would recommend using the nurses and consultants in the hospital and then going to see someone again a few days after you’re home because it’s so hard to remember anything in that short time after birth. My OBGYN/midwife’s office had someone on staff— but I know Boober based in NYC does online consultations based on your comfort level with being around people during these times. Breastfeeding is HARD in the beginning— even if you’ve successfully nursed one kid before —and having that support, aid, and reassurance was super important in successfully breastfeeding my girls.

Oh, and find a nipple cream that works for you. I liked the Bambooies organic nipple cream this time around!

Good luck and (last thing!) try to remember to take photos! You’ll cherish them more than you know because the cliché is true: the days are long and the years are short.

Best of luck to you!


Register for multiple car seats; newborn to 1yr old car seat & a 1 yr plus. Or register for a gift card so you can buy it when the time comes rather than storing the 1yr+ in your home until then. Register for gift cards for nursing bras/maternity undies so you don’t have to list those intimates on your registry, but will likely need.


Hi Carly! This is so exciting and honestly helpful to all of us moms to learn from each other. Crowd sourcing among moms is always the best way to go!

While they were mentioned by others, I would reiterate the MAGIC of noise machines. I know you love to get outside and walk. So, you should definitely register for a small, portable sound machine. It is the best thing for baby and you in those early weeks!

We also loved our velcro swaddles, Magic Merlin sleep suit (for transitioning out of swaddles), and now our slightly weighted sleep sacks (highly recommend Kyte – they are so soft).

As others have mentioned, I would recommend registering for more than one bottle type/brand. Our baby landed on the MAM bottles, but that was after trying several other brands. We also bought a bottle warmer after swearing that we would not, and it was such a time saver and seemed to make the bottles much more enjoyable for baby.

Finally, I encourage you to register for steam sterilizer bags. You can pop your bottle parts, pump parts, pacifiers, etc. in those and get them clean without running the dishwasher or taking up tons of counter space with a sterilizer.

The one thing that I used the MOST that I did not register for and frankly did not think I would like was a fabric baby wrap/carrier (Boba is the brand we got). It ended up being such a lifesaver in the early months because you can wear the baby while they sleep and have your hands/arms free.

Of all the things that were most overrated (in my humble opinion), I wish we had skipped the Dock a Tot. If you think you want one, I would see if you can just borrow it form a friend. They are pricey, and we used ours maybe a few times. We also were not that impressed by the Baby Bjorn bouncer – by the time she was big enough to use it, the safety instructions said she was too big?! The inexpensive bouncer chairs with built in vibration and toy attachments were much more helpful to us (albeit not as sleek and attractive).

Best wishes in the months ahead- it is such a special time!


Congratulations on your baby boy! Such a wonderful and exciting time. We have one year old twins. A few things we love: Lovevery Play Gym and age appropriate kits; Halo sleepsack swaddles; Burts Bee’s burp cloths; for the winter, we loved the Baby mori tog 2.0 sleep sack and their PJs are worth the splurge; and the skiphop bandana buddies chime and teethe toys were a surprise hit that are easy to throw in the diaper bag or attach to the stroller/rocker. A sound machine is a total must – we got a basic one from Amazon (HoMedics Sound Spa) that has worked great and its nice because it can work on battery or plugged in so it’s portable. Wishing you a smooth, safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Melissa Miller

Splurge worthy:
Uppa baby vista, definitely worth it especially if planning on more kids soon
Keekaroo changing pad (or similar that doesn’t need a cover)
If you have challenges or choose not to breast feed: baby brezza formula machine. I knew I couldn’t breast feed (breast cancer survivor) so this was my number 1 registry item after my stroller.

Must have:
Halo swaddles (the best!)
Sleep prep! I did taking Cara babies but have heard good things about moms on call too.
Nose frida (and saline to loosen congestion)

Could skip:
Fancy bassinet, unless you’re really committed to baby staying in your room for a long time. We have halo and it’s great, but pricey for such short lived use. Baby was in crib around 8 weeks. I’ve heard snoo is not worth the price.


I think I saw others comment this too, but I’ll say it again: the truth is you don’t NEED that much. The only true necessities are keeping him clean, clothed and fed. Everything else is about making your lives easier. So personally I would prioritize those three things, and then be flexible about what else you need. For my daughter, we needed several contraptions and gadgets and goodies, half of which her little brother ended up hating hahaha. But here are the things that we loooooved with both our kids:
– Ollie Swaddle. For us, this is IT. Every baby is different and has different swaddle preferences, but I think this one is easiest to use and makes night diaper changes pretty simple. And both my kids liked it better than the 4932508320 other swaddles I bought or got as hand-me-downs.
– Merlin Magic Suit. For when he starts rolling and can’t do the swaddle anymore. Again, every kid is different, but both my babies loved this and it helped them sleep on their backs, safely, much longer, which gave us a lot of peace of mind.
– MAM pacis and bottles. If you go this route, these are the only ones either of my kids will take. They aren’t the prettiest or come in the nicest colors, but they are shaped appropriately for baby mouths and my kids love them.
– Hatch sound machine and night light. We have one for both their rooms. Love. Need. Could not survive without.
– Some kind of bouncer. We just have the Fisher Price puppy one because I did not care to spend a lot of money on it, but SHOOT we used the heck out of it with both our kids. And everyone I know who has something like it says it is the best thing to have. We didn’t have a big swing – a bouncer was more than enough for us.
– A resource for baby sleep tips. My good friend is @sweetpeasleep on instagram, and she was so helpful for me to learn how to GENTLY help my children learn to sleep well. I was wary of letting my children “cry it out,” but I now have two excellent sleepers thanks to her gentle tips. For us, her advice has literally been more helpful than any tool or gadget we bought.

I think these are the only things that both my kids loved. You just never know what your little one will take to, but I will wrap up with this: You have no idea right now just HOW instinctual it will be. You’ll *know* what he needs when he is here. Even with my son who was colicky and gassy and had his days and nights mixed and really tested us and our marriage haha, we KNEW what he needed and didn’t. It’s just IN you, knowing how to care for your baby. Wishing you three the very best!


Congratulations on your sweet boy! I have a 2.5 year old boy and another son on the way (due in June). It’s been fun to fine tune our newborn stuff for the second go around! Things we swear by (beyond what other mamas have already suggested) include:
– ring sling for baby wearing, my breast friend feeding pillow, monogrammed long strap lands end canvas bag instead of a traditional diaper bag. Fits more, is easier to carry, and it’s cuter IMO.
Some new things I’m going to try this round:
– a dock a tot (I can’t resist the new patterns), a konny carrier for more back support, setting up an additional diapering station in our bedroom for late night changes.

Also, if you plan to breast feed or pump, get yourself a nice, huge water bottle with a straw. This is random but I was just SO thirsty and always wanted a big cup of easy access ice water when I fed him or pumped. Good luck and congrats again!


Long-time reader, first time commenting!

Don’t forget to register for things for YOU, the mom! You’ll want breastfeeding materials – if you got that route! – including: hands free pumping bra, nursing tanks, etc.

I’m a second-time mom – delivered in January – and the only extra thing I purchased was a bottle sterilizer. This thing saves SO MUCH TIME! I’ve got a Breeza. Not a must, but 100% a time saver!


Congratulations! I had a little boy 5 weeks ago so I’m still figuring out what we feel is worth buying/skipping. This isn’t something to register for but something to keep in mind for your own purchasing – don’t forget about postpartum care for you! A friend sent me a package of Depends underwear to wear instead of the hospital pads. I laughed when I opened the box but they ended up being the best. Every mom I know raved about the hospital underwear and pads but I found that they around too much. The Depends were just as absorbent and more comfortable. Just a little unglamorous tip! 😂


It can feel so overwhelming! As a new mom, part of it is just finding out what works for your baby. Some things we’ve loved:
-Baby Bjorn: love that it’s neutral and isn’t an eyesore in your house. Is also lightweight (only 5 pounds!) and be collapsed to take on the go with you.
-Halo swaddles and hatch sound machine: this combo worked great for our little one. Since they can’t sleep with a blanket, the fleece kept her warm and she liked the Velcro to make her feel secure. The hatch has an app and different features, plus a night light.
-zippy onesies: these are so convenient, especially for those late or early morning changings. You won’t want to do a million snaps – trust me!
-dock a tot: heard they have a new beach pattern collection launching soon! From early on, our baby loved laying in here. We’d often put it on the table and let her snooze on it, which allowed us to eat a meal as a couple. It was also amazing to bring into our bed in the morning so that we could have some family cuddles. The best!
-a good diaper back pack: lugging around a baby in a car seat isn’t easy! Go for a diaper back pack so you can be hands free. One with extra pockets and good storage is a plus.
PS – save the boxes for baby items as they come in! That way, you can easily store it for your next little one until it’s needed, or be able to hand it down to another family member or friend in good condition.


First, my household believes Aden & Anais burly bibs are the greatest inventions ever. Soooo absorbent and soooo needed! The thing that surprised me most was how many different baby carriers we ended up using: a wrap style carrier, a classic carrier with all the buckles, ring slings… they’re all great and all have a purpose for different outings. For when baby is a bit older, a Woolino sleep sack is worth its weight in gold – our 2.5yo still wears it! Also, game the registry system! We’re expecting baby #2 right now and I started registries at target and Amazon just for the first several sizes of diapers and wipes so I can use the registry discount on them and get the freebies! No matter what, the registry isn’t the end-all. You’ll still end up on Amazon at 4 am, trying to find the perfect solution for that day’s problem.


I’m so excited for you!!! I’ve followed your blog for years and I can’t believe your having a baby!! I just had my first in Sept so I got lots to say hahahaha
Overhyped: SNOO 100%. I don’t see the point of spending that fortune when you’ll probably only use for 4ish months. My boy, Max, outgrew his bassinet at 4.5 months and he’s average height. HALO makes a bassinet with a vibration setting and that’s just as good.
Worth the splurge:
owlet sock!! I love our owlet sock because it helped me sleep at night when he was a newborn. Just being able to roll over and see the green light because Max hadn’t stirred or woke up in a couple hours was so relieving. We still use it every night and it gives me a good idea of he’s not feeling well. For example, he got his 6mo shots last Friday and I could tell he wasn’t feeling well because his heart rate was higher than normal that night. (Note: I don’t recommend the owlet cam. I thought the camera on my phone would be nice but it’s actually super annoying because you can use your phone then. I suggest getting a traditional cam with a stand alone screen.)
Infant car seat that snaps into a stroller. I didn’t look at the ones you mentioned much so I’m not sure if the Pipa snaps into the uppababy but we have the maxicosi Zelia line and I’m so glad I can just pop him in and out of the car easily right now since he mostly sleeps in the car. I time our outings around his naps and not having to take him out of the car seat is a wonderful luxury. We have a convertible car seat for when he outgrows the infant one.
Underrated items I swear by:
HALO Sleepsack and Swaddle: holy moly I wish someone had gotten this automatically-added-to-my-registry item for me. We went about two months without it and I went to target at 10pm one night to get it to try. And it worked. I suggest getting a newborn, small, and medium swaddle (around medium age he will probably start to rollover so you can’t swaddle anymore). This swaddle is swear by because it’s much harder for baby to escape from when they flail their arms around. A blanket used as a swaddle is just a waste of time. I never tried any of the other brands that make a sack and swaddle but I know I like HALOs because the bottoms are wide for their hips to be able to move (you only want to swaddle their arms).
Simple ‘teething’ toys. I don’t think baby has to be ‘teething’ to like these lol. They will put anything in their mouth so it may as well be something that was made to go in their mouth safely.
Kicking piano mat: at least for Max, he is always kicking and flailing his legs so the piano mat was a must have for us. Now that’s he’s sitting up we can move the keyboard so he can sit and hit it too.
Crinkle toys: Max didn’t start playing with toys until he was about 2.5mo (this is very common! Newborns really don’t play they mostly sleep eat and stare) and it was a crinkle crab from target that he played with because he could get his arms around it and make noise when sitting in his bouncer or car seat. He still loves it!
Mustela cleansing water: I use this to clean Max’s face every morning and after he spits up. Regular wipes irritated his skin so I switched to this and it’s really nice! Maybe this should go under the worth the splurge section since it’s not cheap hahaha
Jolly Jumper: this thing is awesome. Max started using it at like 3.5mo and we still use it and I would buy it for anyone.
IKEA high chair cushion- this is an awesome. Find. It’s just a. Blow up cushion that fits in like any high chair. I sewed my own cover since I didn’t like the ones IKEA offers.
Car seat cover (especially now) – it’s basically a mask for baby.
Never touched:
I used the wrap style carrier only a handful of times.
Wubanub pacifier – max didn’t like them. They’re sitting in a drawer somewhere.
Tummy time pillows: max just slid off them. I also realized it’s just better to put them on the ground to work on upper body strength.
No matter what: a good pump (of you plan on breastfeeding at all). I planned on BF but ended up pumping extra when max was a newborn since he didn’t gain weight super quickly in the first month. It was nice to have a good pump already (I use the Lansinoh Pump and love it and truly all their products).
Again the HALO sleepsac and swaddle.
Newborn size clothing. A lot of people to me ‘he’ll grow out of it so quickly’ so I didn’t buy a lot of newborn clothing. Well we needed it lol there’s also a difference between newborn and 0-3mo. So make sure you get some stuff labeled ‘newborn’.
Newborn mittens: I couldn’t keep up with Max’s nails haha he was always scratching his face as a newborn so I liked putting mittens on him.
Nursing pillow (even if you don’t nurse). This will help with rocking and holding because your arms will get tired after a while.
Baby thermometer/first aid kit.
Storage containers for outgrown clothes.
One other thing I think about for you specifically: think about all the cricut and sewing projects NOW. I wish I had done more before Max was born since I really don’t have time now between him eating and playing and me cleaning and working.
Some fun projects I’ve done:
Vinyl labels for storage containers for outgrown clothing.
IKEA cushion cover
Baby pants
Iron on baby clothes and accessories

I hope this helps!!


I completely agree with others who suggest having some newborn clothes! I was told not to get too many, and ended up with a wee 6lb 2oz baby boy and had to overnight a couple of preemie onesies when he was swimming even in the newborn clothes!
I also agree that a play gym/activity mat, Baby Bjorn bouncer, and, eventually, a good high chair are key. You won’t need this info for the first few months, but when Baby Boy is ready to eat, Feeding Littles is an excellent resource for for getting little ones ready for solids.


These three random items are more for you, and may not be registry material, but I can’t recommend them enough:
1. A pack of adult Depends for when you get home from the hospital.
2. A blood pressure monitor. Keep tabs on your blood pressure between appointments especially the last couple weeks, as well as after you get home from the hospital before your first postpartum appt.
3. “On the Night You Were Born” book by Nancy Tillman. Throw it in your hospital bag and ask the team who delivers to sign inside the cover. Ours wrote the sweetest notes that make me cry every time I read – a keepsake you’ll treasure forever.


Hi Carli! Fellow FTM due in October so I’m loving reading these comments.

We also tested out strollers/ car seats and loved the same combo you mentioned (nuna pipa + uppa vista)- wondering if you need to remove the ring adapter in order to close the stroller up? Thinking this might sway me towards just going with the uppa Mesa even through it was heavier.

Thanks 🙂


Most loved and most used product: Bob jogging stroller. It can go anywhere-hikes, beach, stores.


Congratulations!! Mom of two boys who were both a little on the fussy/gassy side and we swear by a bouncy exercise ball! Holding the baby while sitting and bouncing on the ball was the only thing that soothed them in the beginning. Also echo everyone’s comments on the baby bjorn bouncer and soothing gel nipple pads. Also ask friends for muffins- best one-handed middle of the night snack. Good luck!!


You need more hooded baby towels than you think! I have 3 boys and place a washcloth on his penis when you bathe or dress him or you’ll likely get squirted 😉


My son is just a year and I look back at our registry and laugh- he was born in May and as a pandemic baby we used so little because we never went anywhere! Here are some of the items I found helpful:

-Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs are the best burp cloth. Nothing else compares. Super absorbent and baby can wear it as a bib.
-The BabyBjorn Bouncer is great. We never needed any other baby holder. (Swing, Mamaroo, etc.)
-Get a wipeable changing pad. The ones with the cloth covers are terrible.
-We liked the Halo swaddles, then went to the Merlin suit, and then to Kyte baby sleep sack.
-We have a really basic sound machine. I have never felt the need for a Hatch.
-My son wore footed sleepers for the first month, then we moved to clothes.
-We went with the basic Avent bottles- my son never had gas.
-We loved UV Skinz for sun protection and Cocosand sunglasses.
-If you choose to breastfeed- Spectra S2- nothing else compares. You will want a battery powered pump. Get a hands free pumping bra too.
-I have purchased all of the items he has needed as an older infant- toys, exersaucer, etc. off of FB marketplace.

Last thing- Congrats! Alsp, my son was 9 lbs at birth and did not need newborn clothes or diapers.

Virginia castle

Aden & Anais everything. They are the best. The muslin blankets, the burp cloths and the bibs. So darling and soft. I used the blankets for so so long, and they make a very thick one (still out of muslin cotton) that my kids still still use to this day. They are a favorite.

Other burp cloths that are good and a must-buy are the plain white 3-fold diaper cloths. They are great for so many things.


We had a baby in October and love the following things:
-Nuna car seat, we live in Manhattan and having a seat that doesn’t require a base is essential. We also got a Nuna stroller, as it’s a bit smaller than the Vista for our apartment living.
– We got a Design Dua Moses basket to put him in for naps. They are very pretty looking and are a good napping bassinet to keep on your main floor if you don’t want him to nap upstairs during the day.
– We’re really happy with our Hello Bello diaper subscription.
– A pack-n-play- we got the Bugaboo Stardust and it’s great, very lightweight and easy to fold up. We use it as his main crib for now (apartment living).
-Babylist has a bottle sampler so you can try different bottles to see what you like and what works for the baby. Even if you breastfeed, it’s good to introduce a bottle at some point. I breastfeed and he has had not issues with bottles or pacifiers.
– We love our Diaper Geanie, it really doesn’t smell!
– I would suggest waiting to see how your baby sleeps before getting a Snoo. We were open to getting one, but he turned out to be an ok sleeper swaddled with a sound machine, so it wasn’t necessary.
– He also really loved the Love to Dream swaddle when he was a few months old (maybe 2 months).It lets them move their hands but controls the startle reflex. We also liked the Ollie swaddle.
-Before investing in a pump like the Elvie or Willow, get an pump through insurance. I like the Spectra one. See how much you use it before investing. I just got an Elvie as I’ll be going back to work in person, but until now the Spectra has been sufficient (I mostly breastfeed).
Congrats and good luck!


So many comments 😱

I have two boys, the second is 5 weeks old. It feels like you don’t need a lot but when making a registry you need so much.

Things I wish I didn’t buy or just didn’t buy:
-Anything formula related since I planned to breastfeed (could buy necessities if it didn’t workout)
-I only bought a few Avent bottles and took it from there. Only bought more in a bigger size and didn’t need a huge bottle collection. I’d pick one or two brands then go from there if it doesn’t workout.
-Bought a Snuggle Me Organic, have not liked it or needed it with either baby. I like the Boppy Lounger way better and way cheaper
-Skip Velcro swaddles

Things I love-
-Elvie breast pump is a totally game changer. I pump once a day to make sure my little guy takes a bottle (in addition to a Spectra as backup)
-Taking Cara Babies class, Crib Sheets book, Cherish the First 6 Weeks book (highly recommend reading even if you don’t follow all of her recommendations)
-Love to Dream swaddles are all we use to sleep (but having pretty blanket swaddles are nice too)
-Swing, takes up a lot of space but so helpful. Did not do like 4 swings or baby holders.. just one.
-Newborn carrier to wear them. I personally LOVE my baby bjorn one. But lots of brands make them. The wraps were not for me- I tried!

You’ll make the best decisions for you and your family and learn along the way! All (most) baby products are tested and safe so can’t go wrong. So happy for you and Mike- you are going to be a wonderful mom!


Mom of a girl and a boy, and as others have said, babies are very particular! Lots of things we saved after our first kiddo did not work as well with the second. The things that I would absolutely recommend are the OXO weighted wipes dispenser (not warmer, just a dispenser) so you can hold the babies ankles and grab a wipe at the same time; the Dohm sound machine; and basic Gerber cloth diapers as burp cloths – and you’ll need a lot! As you build a registry, I would also suggest adding a diaper fund or being sure to register for larger sized diapers. If you end up with a lot of smaller size, you can exchange unopened boxes at Target, etc. for a new size 🙂 I’ve been following you for years and years, and this is just the best news! Congratulations!


Congratulations! I have a 6 month old baby boy and the most used items from our registry are the Dockatot and Bjorn Bouncer. Also, we used the snoo and it was magical for us. He slept consistently 3-4 hours straight by the end of the first week and was sleeping through the night by 5-6 weeks old. We just transitioned him to his crib and had zero problems weaning him. Newborn life is so exhausting and the extra sleep was 100% worth it to us.


i’ll start by saying that i’m not a mom, just a babysitter lol! agree with others that having a safe place to put your baby down all over the house is super important. in terms of feeding, all the babies i sit for love the como tomo bottles. a really comfy glider/rocking chair is a game changer. and i’ve heard people talk about the owlet socks that alert you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels dip too low, which i can imagine would be a game changer for postpartum anxiety (i’m 22 and already decided i’ll be getting one for my future kids lol). also, clothes that are super easy to change! the brand new baby i sit for has these nightgowns that basically tie in a knot (no snaps or zippers) at the bottom and it makes diaper changing so easy.


If you plan on pumping a hands free nursing bra is an absolute must! Best $30 I spent in the pumping years. Amazon has a ton. A jogger stroller was our favorite. It’s the only one we ever used. It’s def bigger and heavier but really worked well for us. We had the BOB but I know there’s a ton of other options. Now that I’m out of the baby stage, my boys are 5 and 8, I don’t think you need as much as society tells you you need. Just my opinion. Good luck and congrats! It’s an exciting time! Boys are awesome! 💙💙💙


Register for every single type of swaddle or sleep thing! Your baby will have his own opinion on what’s best and you can go through 5 different types of swaddles to get “the one”. You don’t want to be up at 2 am wishing you could just try that one swaddle…that may or may not work ha!


Highly recommend a baby bjorn bouncer and dockatot for when you need to put the baby down, a Velcro swaddle like the Ollie (don’t bother fussing with the regular ones), and the Hatch+ sound machine as well as a Rohm portable sound machine for on the go. Skip the Snoo! My guy personally didn’t like it and I regret buying it before renting or trying.

Jessica Morgan

Hi Carly,
I’m so excited for you, having your first baby is such a wonderful experience. We invested in a bugaboo donkey pram when I was pregnant with my first and it has hands down been the best investment we made by far! We had a 17 month gap between our children so having a side by side pram was soooo useful. It also folds down to a single buggy for when you only need it for one (with a wee side basket for all the things).
Best of luck with all the choices you are having to make.


So many great ideas already here so I’ll try not to add too many! Highlights for me/my family:
– Halo bassinet, it swivels on its base so you can swivel baby right into bed and feed in the middle of the night easily
– Brittany Sheehan for sleep – she’s INCREDIBLE. Shares great tips, super funny, relatable and KNOWS her stuff about getting babies to sleep and finding great routines/rhythms.
– Earth Mama nipple balm
– Zipper onesies, forever.
– Haakaa pump – they just came out with a version that fits into your bra. This helped build my freezer supply more than anything else!
– Get a standalone freezer and stock it with meals (with instructions written on top of the meal!) ahead of time. Keep a checklist in your phone of what you have. Pinch of Yum does an incredible series on easy freezer meals.
– Nipple shields for the beginning when nursing is tough, if you choose to go that route!
– Brest friend – a bit better at supporting than the Boppy
– Nuun tablets – breastfeeding makes you incredibly thirsty. Stay hydrated by tossing these in your water bottle!


Yay congrats! Setting up the registry is such a fun part of pregnancy. I have a 10mo old boy, and if I really had to narrow down newborn must-haves these are the stars:

-a million muslin burp cloths (seriously, at least 10-15, you will use them)
– boppy newborn lounger!
-ubbi diaper pail
-ollie swaddle, and merlin suit for when you’re done with the swaddle and snoo
-cozy newborn-size clothes (I stupidly bought almost all 0-3mo which did not fit my 7.5lb baby)

Fave mom-products:
-Frida Peri bottle – put it in your hospital bag. They will give you one but the Frida version is better.
-nursing bras/tanks. Target has a line Auden that is honestly better than the fancier brands I tried.
-BrestFriend pillow
-Haakaa – for buying a pump via insurance (so you won’t have to bother calling your insurance company).


Game the registry system and set up a private registry on Amazon or Target. I put everything that I knew we needed but I was uncomfortable registering for on there, and was able to use the completion discount. I recognize this is my own personal issue, but I wasn’t comfortable putting Frida Mom products, a lot of breastfeeding things, and postpartum stuff on my registry. Doing it on a private Target registry got me 15% off. Plus, you can walk around the store and scan things to add with the Target registry app. We ended up buying another set of sheets, diapers, wipes, extra full seat underwear for me, a robe for the hospital, and some more with the registry discount. You can use the discount once online and once in store. We put our nursery furniture on the private registry as well. All in all, we ended up saving a couple hundred dollars doing this!


Exactly this! I kept a private registry on Babylist just so I had one place to look for everything I needed for baby which included things we knew we would be buying ourselves or things I wasn’t necessarily comfortable putting on a public registry (postpartum supplies, breastfeeding supplies, etc.).


You absolutely NEED the doona stroller. It is an absolute life saver for quick errands, trips and anytime you don’t want to have to whip out the uppababy. We keep the doona in one car and the other infant seat in the other. Love it so much my husband said it should win a noble prize. Also… I refused to register for a wipe warmer, but a few New England nights and a chilly wipe to a half asleep bum had me running to target.


Long-Sleeve Side-Snap Mitten-Cuff Shirts. So much easier to use in the hospital than a regular onesie that snaps at the bottom. Since you’re changing diapers frequently and your baby still has it’s umbilical cord healing, it’s much easier for you and comfortable for baby.


I found that a video monitor really added to my anxiety. I felt like I needed to stare at it every minute, and so I wasn’t getting a break. I know it’s not trendy, but audio monitors have been great for us!


My Mom thought I was nuts to add a wipe warmer to my registry, and it seems so unnecessary, but my December baby fussed so much less when I changed diapers with a warm wipe that it was worth it. The other advice is they don’t need a lot of outfits when they are little, but they go through lots of pajamas and soft comfy things each day. I wish I didn’t bother with so many cute clothes, but got lots of extra cotton PJs because my baby could go through 3 pairs a day easily. I always buy PJs for my expecting friends, in a few different sizes since they grow so quickly.

Lorraine Barnes

Two words – Wiper Warmer!! I didn’t believe it was even needed but, trust me, your tiny little baby who will cry and cry for diaper changes will love it! They get cold during the change and the warmer is so nice for them.
And one “word” of advice for a new Mom: there is not any right way to do this. You will question yourself like never before and think you are incapable of doing anything Good parents question themselves and are always looking to adjust for their child. You are going to be a great Mom!!


What fun!

I have no children but I can only recommend Bella Luna Toys for beautiful wooden toys.


Hi Carly! Congrats! Our top picks from our baby girl would be a good bassinet (we didn’t research it well and totally regretted it), the baby Bjorn bouncer, baby pajamas with a two-way zipper, a good carrier/sling. Our daughter wanted to be held all the time when she was first born and it made it impossible to do anything else. I wish I had realized that some carriers can’t be used right away. I recommend finding one that you can use right from birth. If you go the formula route, we love our Baby Brezza. An electric nail file meant for babies is also great. You can use it while they are sleeping.


Every baby likes different things. Things we found super helpful (especially when we had a two story house / little babies) were the following: big extra crib / pack n play for downstairs (preferably an old friend’s if you can swing it); changing station downstairs (go with Vaseline vs diaper cream); I think the bottle warmer is worth it in the middle of the night those first two-three months but then you probably won’t need it; baby bjorn is pretty cool but at least get a great high chair for daily “cooking parties” (we shout this at 4:30 – 5 pm many nights); stacker toys/teether toys/blocks are fun; Hanna Anderson blanket bags are awesome; and that playmat Julia B posted is awesome. Oh and the white noise machine that wirecutter advertised so that they can sleep and so that you guys don’t wake each other. Game changer. Babies mostly sleep at first with slightly odd hours so you want to let each other get the sleep you can too or watch Eurovision without bothering them. Maybe have a couple of bottle options in case little one does better with Dr Brown or Lansinoh. If you plan to try breastfeeding, rent the medical grade pump out the gate and a lactation consult at home. Don’t worry about doing formula instead of or in addition though. You and Mike will both be feeding the baby either way. Happy parents support Happy babies and Happy babies support Happy families 😃. So you do you 😃. Pray and believe you guys will have a great time!


Agree with some other commenters about a place to lay him down (and change him) on each floor. We had the crib on the bedroom level but for our main level, we bought a pack n’ play with a changing “station” attached. My 2 yr old still uses the pack n’ play as a travel crib.
The biggest waste for us was clothes – so many nice things he (or his brother) never ever wore.

Kayla Finch

Didn’t read all the comments so my apologies if there are repeats! Congrats to you!!! I have a Toddler boy and baby girl and it is so fun to prep for them and even more fun to do life with them🎉 I keep things pretty simple so these are the few things I LOVED for both:

-simple white side snap T-shirts for the newborn stage, they lived in these with a …-swaddle me Velcro swaddle and/or sleep gown (get a bunch) for the first few weeks – makes diaper changes easy since you don’t have to worry about fitting their little curled up legs into pants in this case
-Frida peri bottle
-reverse zip Footie pjs – cloud island has cute neutral prints!
-white muslin burp cloths
-swaddle me organic lounger
-a quality “wet bag”
-infant Tylenol (if you are fine with giving meds) and nose Frida, aquaphor
-tummy time mirror – got a cute one from Amazon

For a bit later
-swaddle up swaddles and/or Magic sleep suit for swaddle transition
-Bob Jogging stroller is worth EVERY PENNY
-simple silicone bib or two for starting solids – minimizes laundry
-skip hop explore and more table – it’s colorful but still streamlined /not overwhelming for the kiddo or the house decor hah! And it grows with them

Enjoy this special time!!


Wonder weeks app
Taking Cara babies – newborn class and ABCs of sleep
Owlet – SO worth it
Dr browns options+ bottles
City mini GT stroller
PJs with zips, no buttons! (kickeepants so soft)
Magic Merlin


Here are our must-haves: the Ollie swaddle, Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair, comotomo bottles


I have 2 kids – 3 years old and 8 months old – and a 12 page Google doc that I originally made for my sister when we were living across the country from each other and she got pregnant 6 months after me. I am very proud of it even though it’s slightly insane! And actually – I have kept up with it and have updated it regularly with notes about how things have held up/how long we have used it/etc. Carly, if you – or anyone else reading this – wants to see it, send me a DM on Instagram @queenjord!


Worth the splurge… CLOTH DIAPERS! Maybe a bit of a surprise addition (I didn’t even know they were a thing still until I started my own registry) but they are definitely worth trying out. You pay more upfront, but save soooooo much in the long run. Plus they are eco-friendly and come in so many cute colors and designs. I still use disposables at night, but cloth during the day. Would recommend Bambino Mio as they are by far the easiest to use. And they also do reusable swim diapers.

Also have to put in a good word for Nuggets. Don’t need right away but are great little couches/free play tools when your little one gets a bit older.

Wishing you all the best at this exciting time!


Carly, still SO excited for you! I have a 7 month old and there’s always something to ‘figure out’ still. You will become your own expert of your baby once he arrives!

My top 3 suggestions are:
1. A diaper bag that can be opened with 1 hand.
-Your Mom had the right idea with the Coach bucket bag! You will inevitably have to change him on one of those awkward plastic changing tables in a Target bathroom.
2. Lovevery play kits. (Especially the play gym)
– Once our daughter was born it dawned on me we were also responsible for her development, lol, so I read up a bunch on Montessori which is what Lovevery is based on. I WISH I would’ve spent the money and signed her up for Lovevery from the very start.
3. Taking Cara Babies Newborn Class
– They say babies don’t come with instructions but it’s just not true anymore, lol. This class really helped my husband and I take the guess work out of setting up the days & nights. (It’s NOT sleep training but does help inch them towards sleeping in longer stretches).
4. Sleepers
– In every size but especially NB & 0-3. (I personally love buying used. I handed off literally bags and bags of clothes off to her cousin and we’re only 7 mths in!)


Lesley from NE

Mom of a tween and two teens here. My advice is that each baby is different so it’s okay to not have everything right from the start. For example, my second loved being worn in a wrap. We didn’t know about wraps until a friend suggested it and we borrowed one of hers. It worked wonders so I then bought my own. Saved it for baby number three……she HATED it. So, only one child used it and that is okay.

I will say that I agree with those who didn’t care for the diaper genie. That was a waste of money and we ended up giving ours away. I would focus on the safety items, like the research you did on car seats. The rest of the stuff you can get after baby is here, and you are in baby mode for a few weeks and realize what would be helpful.

Yay!!! Congratulations.

Lesley from NE

I forgot to mention we were dog parents before human ones. One of the best things we did was to buy our dog a new toy when each of our kids came home. Sounds silly, but we treated our dog like we would a big brother/sister and that helped him transition from being number one to sharing us.


A nose Frieda! It will be a life saver for the many snotty noses your little one will have. Congratulations!


Carly, I am due in early fall with my first as well and am so thankful you started this post and encouraged the comments – I just added quite a few things to my registry! Thank you to everyone who added their favorite baby items!


Congratulations! Our daughter just turned 1 (she was born late March 2020), so it is interesting because a few of the items we registered for and received pre-pandemic we did not end up using as much or at all (e.g. baby carrier and baby headphones, bottle bags for on the go feedings).

I was SO overwhelmed when I registered. So much research went into everything on that list and it was exhausting! It also gave me a new found appreciation for expectant mothers’ registries because I now knew how much time and effort went into putting that list together!

Here are our favorites:
1. Ubbi diaper pail (possibly two if you have an upstairs and downstairs)
2. Moms on Call book (such a quick read and so helpful with all things baby).
3. Lovevery play kits – takes the guesswork out of buying toys for the baby and is appropriately timed for their age and developmental milestones. Well worth the money.
4. Bibs pacifiers
5. Baby bjorn bouncer (it took time for our baby to grow into this though, she did not love it from day 1).
6. Leachco Podster lounger was a great pillow that propped the baby at an angle and was a great place to set her down when we needed free hands.
7. Uppababy Vista stroller with a cup holder and the accessories pouch.
8. Hatch sound machine and the Marpac Hushh portable sound machine (great for bringing on stroller walks or in the car)
9. Kiinde bottle warmer
10. Cloth diapers to use as burp cloths

Items we had but didn’t love or get the use out of them that we thought we would:
1. Electric baby swing – she didn’t love it and it was bulky. We hardly used it.
2. Halo bassinet/Dock a tot – We realized a few weeks in that we wanted her to be used to sleeping in her crib so we switched her to her crib and never looked back. We know many friends who did the same thing, but you don’t know how you will feel about this until you are “in it.”
3. Dishwasher basket for bottle parts – we hand washed and sanitized parts every day and the basket took up room in the dishwasher.
4. Bottle bags/nursing cover – didn’t end up needing these because we didn’t go anywhere.

It is a personal preference, but I also think it helps to hold off on buying some items that they are not going to need for a while (high chair, sippy cups, utensils, etc.) When it gets close to that time then you will be a bit more relaxed to research the items you need for that “new stage” and you won’t have items collecting dust before you can use them! You will definitely keep Amazon in business with late night feeding session purchases!


First, CONGRATULATIONS! I had a baby boy in August of 2019 and it was been the most magical experience of my life. You are going to be an amazing mom!

As for baby products, try not to stress too much. I ended up getting a lot of things and honing in on the small stuff I really loved and just used that smaller sample. I will recommend getting and trying all different kinds of bottles. I’m not sure what your breastfeeding journey will look like, but I know that mine wasn’t what I expected and I am so glad I had formula and bottles on hand ready to go!

The number ONE product I wish I had invested in was a comfortable gliding chair/rocker. We got a very used, hand-me-down one and it was just flat-out uncomfortable so it was rarely used. But I know my life (and therefore my son’s life) would have been 1000x easier if we had invested in one.

Just keep in mind that for the first six months, whatever keeps YOU happy, engaged, and in love with your life will make the best life for you, Mike, and your son. You can buy cool stuff for the little guy later- focus on what you need right now to be the best mom you can be!

Sending all the love and light your way, and thank you for sharing your life with us.

Kate Brinkley

YES! 100% on the glider. I would also suggest one that has a foot support or else buy a matching ottoman. I spent a lifetime in my glider, but always ended up resting my feet on the walls since I would get uncomfortable with my legs down all the time.


I work in a (major retail) store that sells baby stuff. Time and time again moms tell me how much they love the Tripp Trapp chair. Having built them and reconfigured them for display – they are truly amazing/versatile.


Congrats! Our daughter is 8 weeks old and I definitely bought way too much unnecessary stuff for the first 2 months. Overrated- the dock a tot but underrated is the $32 Boppy Lounger! You think it’s the same “thing” but the lounger let’s you eat at the table with the baby, etc. Use all day/everyday. Also can’t recommend enough skipping the experience burp cloths and ordering gerber cloth diapers instead. You’ll go through a million, they are infinitely softer, and when something really gross happens you won’t blink twice at throwing it out! Oh – and don’t buy blankets. Everyone and their mother will gift you one after his arrival. Best of luck!!

Kate Brinkley

This sounds so familiar. I remember walking into Buy Buy Baby as an expectant mom and promptly having a panic attack over all the stuff. I had no idea about any of it! The reality is I would buy the basics and hold off on lots of bells and whistles until your little boy arrives. Each of my (four) children were different. One wanted one specific pacifier, one refused them altogether. One only wanted to nurse, the rest took bottles too. My third needed to be swaddled to sleep long after she was mobile (we double swaddled with a Woombie.) You will learn what your baby needs and likes best. He is perfectly unique 🙂

Amanda Spence

The baby gear rabbit hole is a really thing and can be so overwhelming! I recently had a baby boy (he’s 4 months now) so I’m new to this whole parenting thing, but here are a few of my favorite items so far!

-Baby Bjorn Bouncer: My baby hated his swing, but loved the Bjorn bouncer. It’s a bit pricey so I was a little hesitant, but it’s been so worth the price as early on it was the only place I could put him down other than his bassinet.

-Hatch Changing Table and Scale: My brother gave this to us as a surprise gift and I’m so glad he did! Probably wouldn’t have ordered it myself because it is a bit of a splurge, but we love it. Firstly, it can easily be wiped down when baby has accidents while changing (which is often for baby boys) so it saves me having to constantly wash changing pad covers. Secondly, it has an app to track weight, diaper changes, sleep, feedings which has been so helpful. Our baby was low weight and the only way I knew to call my doctor for advice was because of the data I was seeing on the app weight tracker. Love this so much that I bought it for a friend’s shower!

-Lettrefina Hooded Monogrammed Bath Towel: Since I know you love monograms like me, I think you would appreciate the beautiful quality and monograms they offer!

-Nested Bean Swaddle: Every baby is different (especially when it comes to swaddles and bottles they like), but this was our baby’s favorite. I recommend getting one of at three different options and trying them early on to see which one your little one prefers and then ordering more of what they like best.

-Skip Hop Activity Center: Now that my son is 4 months, he is loving his activity center.

Also, I registered on the Babylist and highly recommend. You can download a clipper and add items from basically any website. It was ideal to have it all in one place for my friends and family, but nice to have the flexibility to ask for items from different stores. Also, it price compares and lists all the places each item is available at so your friends can purchase at the best price. I would also schedule an appointment to register at a BuyBuyBaby or other baby store so you can get expert advice and see some items in person (then just add those items to your Babylist registry). With Covid it was also great for people to order gifts here online.

-One last tip…I ordered a bunch of fancy bottles and they just didn’t work for our baby (he couldn’t get the milk out which was so frustrating). If I could do it again I would have registered for the Babylist bottle sampler and tested out a few options before purchasing several in his favorite. We ended up getting a whole new set. Dr.Browns bottles have worked best for our baby, but I feel like things like swaddles, pacifiers, and bottles especially are such a personal baby preference!

Congratulations again! So excited you are having a baby boy and can’t wait to see your baby boy suggestions. We love following your blog!

Take care,

Josephine Schulte

Congratulations!! So excited for you!
I got the same stroller/car seat combo and love it, even with my second kiddo.

Other must haves: dock a tot, baby Bjorn bouncer (did not have it for my first but second LOVES it), depends for you in case your water breaks/ for postpartum care.

Could live without: Snoo (bought wooden bassinet from pottery barn and love it, and it’s on wheels, and did not use the snoo I had bought at all), a ton of toys (seriously, Lovevery gym and playkit is almost all your need), other swings/bumpo/etc.

We panic bought a lot, especially newborn clothes when our first came five weeks early, but I think that kind of comes with the territory. Amazon/target delivery and food delivery make life a lot easier. You’re going to be such an amazing mom!