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Time has been absolutely flying by. It’s a tiny bit alarming. I mean, it’s almost May… how!? To be honest, I wasn’t 100% looking forward to my trip to Dallas for the rewardStyle blog conference. I was excited to see my friends, but last year’s conference was just okay and traveling can take its toll on me. Not to mention the fact that leaving behind Teddy is THE WORST.
Even a week up to the trip I was considering bailing and just staying home, however, I’m so glad I went. (Need to remind myself of this next year!) I forget just how important it is to push myself outside my comfort zone from time to time. Seriously, the number of Céline bags alone is enough to cause some trepidation… 
But being with my friends from around the country that I rarely get to see makes it all worth it… That and getting to meet new friends of course! Being with blogger friends and attending the conference was really just the inspiration I needed. I feel so much more motivated… which has to be one of the world’s greatest feelings.
Thursday was a blur of packing (last minute), traveling, napping, and cabbing followed by a day of meetings with brands on Friday. I wish I had photos from Friday during the day because (brace yourselves), I wore a crop top. I swear it was cute though because it looks more like a fun little dress.
Kate Spade in true Kate Spade fashion threw the best party on Friday night. It was a gorgeous evening in every single way. Beautiful weather and the cutest tables and flowers.
Kate Spade outfitted each of us (Rachel from Pink Peonies, Julia from Gal Meets Glam, and Emily from Ivory Lane). Love how we all look different in our individual styles but still coordinate.
I’m wearing the Tanner Dress (c/o) + Licorice Pumps + Cedar Street Perforated Mandy (c/o)

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Breakfast in bed, Eloise style, before a (really long) day of the conference. 
Wearing: J. Crew Pop Floral dress (don’t be alarmed if I wear this every day this summer…)
Have I mentioned how much I love Julia? She’s the absolute sweetest. I was nervous about going to Dallas alone, but happy to hang out with Julia and her husband all weekend. So much fun!
Worst photo ever… But I’m in love with this French Connection dress. It’s unbelievably comfortable and the most fuss-free dress out there. It was also super humid out (hello Texas), so I had to go for a Pretty Little Liars-inspired braid.
So much fun with these girls on Saturday night. (Caroline from House of Harper, Liz from Sequins and Stripes, Amy from Dallas Wardrobe, and Julia!)
Amy, Chassity, Julia and I headed to Company Café for brunch… So so so needed. I think it was the first time all weekend we actually sat down for a great meal where we didn’t have to be “on.” Nice and relaxing… none of us wanted to go back to the hotel to check out 🙁
Wearing: Chambray shirt + Fluted skirt and we all wore flats (these are officially my new favorites) because our feet were #done.
Before heading to the airport, we swung by the Apple Store. Apparently everyone’s iPhones decided to crack on Saturday night. Dallas people are just the nicest. 
… and of course… so many plane delays on the way back. By the time I got to the airport, I just wanted to get on the plane and go see Garrett and Teddy!!! 
Anyone else have a fun weekend? What were you guys up to?
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Kaylen Kennedy

I really like your blue Kate Spade dress. Was it comfortable in the heat? I have been looking for a pretty dress for photos this summer (and I live in the south.. love it.. but the heat is brutal!) 🙂 Anyway.. your trip looked fun! I am happy for you that you decided to go.

Lea Anne

Love seeing your pictures from the conference and glad you had a great time! Really loving that pic of you all in your Kate Spade, so cute!

Kim Topolewski

I wanted to drive out to Dallas (7hrs, yikes!) because EssieButton and Fleur De Force were having a meetup after that same conference on Sunday. But with the insanely bad storms, I didn't think it was best.
It looks like you all had SO much fun though! Jealous. 🙂

carelessly graceful

Alex B.

Beautiful photos of a lovely weekend! That J. Crew dress is to die for! Had my eye on it in the style guide. How's the sizing? 🙂


I'm wearing a 00 and it fits perfectly (I have a larger chest and it actually fits!). I think you can definitely go down a size if you have a normal or smaller chest though!

Alex B.

Great, thank you! I just booked a trip to Florida and I think it will be the perfect addition in my suitcase 🙂


Love all the pictures! I wish I could go to a party thrown by Kate Spade looks like tons of fun.