I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been super into white lately. It’s not even memorial day and I’m pretty sure I would wear white everything from now until Christmas. (A little bit of a pain keeping white clothes clean in NYC…. my dry cleaner currently loves me!… but so worth the chic look.)
I think my life has started to feel a bit cluttered. Email inbox is a constant battle. My apartment is nearly always in disarray. I keep showing up to meetings at the wrong time because my calendar is a disaster zone. Even though I reorganized my closet, I can never seem to find what I need. Sheesh! Seriously, I think that’s why I’ve been drawn to white outfits. So simple and basically no effort necessary. My recent go-to has been white jeans and a tuxedo blouse.
Anyone else into the clean white look? Or are you waiting for Memorial Day?!

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Omigosh, that kind of happened to me too. When I play sports, lately I just ALWAYS end up wearing a plain white t-shirt with any color shorts. It's just so much easier because white goes with everything! The only thing about that "clean white look" is that you really do have to make sure it stays "clean". Oh and Carly, II was wondering what you think about purchasing a white winter jacket for next year? Do you think it's not worth it since it gets dirty so easily, especially in the city?

Francesca Gariano

I've never purposely played by the "no white before Memorial Day" rule, but this year I've completely disregarded it. My white jeans are too chic to ignore in the top of my closet! Unfortunately, it's incredibly rainy now so they haven't been getting a ton of love.

Totally in love with those Sperry flats too! I've got a pair just like 'em in light brown. xx

Kelly-Louise Gimber


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dianah gruenke

I Load UP on white jeans when they go on Super sale at the end of summer!! Nothing beats a crème chunky knit weater and white jeans in the dead of winter! And because I'm a self- proclaimed food clutz..the multiple pairs really come in handy!! And I could care less about the looks in January:)