Back to College Q&A with Skype and Kevin Droniak

I’m really excited to be partnering with Skype this year as an online Resident Advisor. Skype was one of the ways I stayed connected with my family and high school friends. Also, as I’ve mentioned numerous times on here (hello broken record!), my freshman year was particularly rough. Because of my own struggles while transitioning to college life, it’s a mission of mine to help freshman adjust better! I learned a lot the hard way and I hope you can pick up a few tips from my mistakes to make your own transition to college as smooth as possible!
I recently chatted on Skype with Kevin Droniak (the vlogger behind This Kid Needs Medicine– those hilarious videos with his grandma in the car!) to help answer some of his college questions before he starts his freshman year like how to do laundry or stay organized for class.
To learn how you can get involved and to find out how to ask me your own questions about college life, visit here!

Thank you Skype for sponsoring this post!

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