Back to School- Elementary

Since summer must come to an end eventually, I thought I should do a “Back to School Special” on my blog. I’m going to do an elementary school, middle/high school, and college edition.
Today is all about the youngsters!

Hand sanitizer is an absolute MUST, especially with Swine Flu. Remind your child to wash hands after using the restroom, before eating anything, and after playing. A foaming hand sanitizer is lots of fun and will promote healthy hands! Bath and Body Works is having a sale on their anti-bacterial items now. Stock up! Buy soap for the teacher and the classroom. Put a travel size in your child’s backpack, lunch box, and gym bag.

Comfortable shoes are very important. While white tennis shoes may be cute for the first day of school, they’ll quickly turn to a ugly gray-brown! Buy a dark colored shoe that can go with any outfit (or uniform). Make sure they can transition from the classroom to recess! These Mary-Jane styled shoes from Crew Cuts are perfect for elementary school because they won’t get dirty, they’re super stylish, but still comfy enough to play on the jungle gym!

I had to wear a uniform in my elementary school. [Side note: I love uniforms. I’m a huge fan!] My friends and I would all wear different colored tights and fun hair accessories. I was absolutely obsessed with my multi-colored striped tights! I would always wear a bow, but these headbands would spruce up any uniform! If your child is not required to wear a uniform, keep their school outfits easy-peasy. Fancy dresses are not good for class time. Keep the color scheme simple, it will be easier for a first grader to choose clothes every morning on their own. (If your daughter is insisting on wearing a skirt, make sure she wears bicycle shorts in coordinating prints underneath!)

These are self explanatory. You absolutely CANNOT go to elementary school without a box of 64 crayons…. and everyone neeeeeds a built in sharpener.

These Ticonderoga pencils are great for tiny hands. They’re specially shaped into a triangle which helps students learn how to properly hold a pencil. They easily graduate from printing to cursive and doodling in between!

Any little girl would be thrilled to take along her books in this Lilly backpack! Make sure you attach a label to this and her lunch box in case it goes missing! A laminated tag is perfect! (Oliver’s Labels are perfect for labeling everything else!)
-College Prepster

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Talk about not clean…I absolutely dislike the bottom of all shoes!!! When I think where I have worn them and then to actually put them in a pile, maybe in a basket with other flip flops piled together, I can only think of the germs picked up during walking during the day! Who knows what nasty things were lurking beneath those cute, cute shoes!!!

Miss Janice

When I first saw the Lilly backpacks, I wanted to go back to grade school so I could carry one! I'd definitely need to have them matching my outfits though…