Back to School- Middle & High School

Here is the middle school and high school edition of my Back to School posts!

Again, hand sanitizer is super important. A gel is most convenient for older kids. It dries super quickly and leaves a fresh, clean scent. Run to your local Bath & Body Works and stock up because they’re having a huge sale. Students share desks since they change classrooms for every period, and the germs are easily passed between students.

Lacoste Polos are fabulous for school because they’re clean and simple. Load up your son’s and daughter’s closets with the polos so that on any given day they can throw it on with jeans or khakis. Lacostes were basically my uniform throughout school.

Um, HOW AMAZING ARE THESE BAGS!? I want to order one for myself! The Monogram Chick offers so many options for personalizing backpacks! Carrying around totes aren’t good for growing kids’ backs.

Ballet flats are a great option for students. They’re very popular right now and can go with any outfit. Before wearing them to school, have your student do a test run in them to make sure they don’t blister feet. Regardless of what shoe you decide on, pack bandages in your child’s backpack just in case a blister forms.

Vera Bradley makes an awesome line of school supplies. The folders come in fun prints and you can match them to your student’s “signature print.” Stock up on folders, binders, pencils, pens, highlighters, and paperclips!

An agenda is über important! While an academic calendar is most practical, a regular one such as the Kate Spade one will work. Just remember that you will have to get a new one after first semester! Setting a schedule is an important life lesson and the benefits of remembering obscure homework assignments and soccer practices are way worth the extra thirty seconds it takes to keep organized.

This Lilly pen will be accompanying me on my first day of school! But don’t let your neighbor borrow it! You wouldn’t want to have it accidentally forgotten!

Makeup bags make EXCELLENT pencil pouches. They’re typically lined and have the perfect shape for pencils. Most of the time, you can find makeup bags in cuter patterns (like this Lilly one) than traditional pencil pouches.
-College Prepster

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