Class of 2010- FDO

The buzzword at our house towards the end of the summer is FDO. For those not familiar with the Heit family acronym, it’s the First Day Outfit.
Normally, my sister and I would spend weeks browsing through magazines, shopping in the mall, and selecting the perfect outfit for the first day back. First impressions are everything. Some have been a favorite, such as my 9th grade Ralph Lauren t-shirt with a giant polo player on the front. And others have been a big miss, like my 7th grade denim jumper with a wide red belt. (Note: Looking back, wearing a jumper from the Children’s Place when you’re in middle school was basically social suicide!!! But when you can’t fit into adult clothes, you do what you must.)
Our high school has a tradition where the seniors choose a theme and dress accordingly on the first day. My theme was ’08 Mate. We all had tank tops made… I was not a huge fan because I don’t wear tank tops often. I am super jealous of Sporty Sister’s theme: “Gods Among Men- 2010.” It’s amazing and blows everyone else’s out of the water. The girls of their “crew” (yes, they call themselves that) all slept over last night at someone’s house. I went over there early this morning to see their outfits and take pictures. Everyone dressed in togas. Fabulous! I followed them to another senior’s house where some of the grade was meeting for pictures. The group was huge and I was standing with a bunch of moms and dads snapping pictures. Woo.

Sporty Sister (second from left) with her friends… How amazing? (Click on the pic for a larger view… you just have to check out everyone’s amazing shoe choices!)
Our high school yearbook is huge and even this might be somewhat of an understatement. (PS I was the Student Life editor!) It is ridiculously large, but a large portion of the book is dedicated to “senior ads.” Most parents buy their senior one page for just themselves and then branch off and buy various pages for friends. SS’s “crew” decided to take pictures yesterday for their page and I was honored to be asked to take them. They are the funniest group of kids, ever. I love them!!! And, if I do say so myself, the pictures look fabulous!
They took them on the golf course because it’s closed on Mondays and I think the backdrop is great! They all decided to wear jeans and black shirts. While the jeans and black look really great, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea in the summer mid afternoon heat. It was SO hot.

Happy First Day Back!
-College Prepster

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Southern Living: Preppy Style

OMG! What a great looking group of kids! Is it just me or do high school kids look like college seniors these days? When I was in high school, we were all spindly little things that barely looked our age! LOL! Your Sister is gorgeous, as are you!


What a fantastic theme they chose…great looking group of Seniors and thanks for sharing them through your expertise in photography!!!

xoxo sarahbeth

They all look so nice in those pictures! Our theme senior year was a tie all year long, main theme being 007 obviously, but for homecoming we were definitely pirates! I was the Student Life editor of my yearbook senior year too! I LOVE the 2010 theme they chose – I'll have to pass it on to my senior sister!