I’ve been trying to think of things to do on the weekends that make them feel a little different than the regular Monday-Friday routine we’re in. I am not trying to necessarily do the same thing every weekend. But just want something fun each weekend to make it feel a little more weekend-y. (Can you tell cabin fever has really set in?!) I know we will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday– I don’t even like football but I’m excited that the Bucs are playing and that it’s in Tampa. My Facebook feed has been filled with all things Bucs from my high school friends and apparently it’s rubbed off on me.

For today though, I want to do some baking. Making sugar cut outs has been on my list of things to do before Valentine’s Day. It’s such a fun activity. A fun, mindless thing to do with delicious results. (But you can also make them super intense if you’re looking for a project to really dedicate yourself to!) To be determined if I keep things simple with our family favorite glazed sugar cookies or go up a notch with royal icing.


Since I have baking on my mind, I thought I’d round up some cute baking supplies!


Dessert Person // Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutters // Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

Pink Stand Mixer // Heart Oven Mitt and Potholder

Pink & Red Sprinkles // Mini Heart Waffle Maker // Spatula

Geranium Pink Utensil Set // Red Nesting Bowls 


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That feeling of the weekends just blending into the workweek really resonates with me! Everything feels the same cause there are no (or limited) things to mark time and break it up. Also hard to not feel like work is all our lives are since it’s one of the only things adding routine right now (no hang outs with friends, no going to the gym, limited to no eating out, no culture events, etc).