My friend Grace just did this post last week and I loved reading her responses. I am going to steal her post idea! After reading her post, I was sitting there really trying to dream up what I was looking forward to the most “after.” I’ve been trying to just take things one day at a time, but it’s also fun to think about when you’re in a good headspace. To me it was actually more of a reflective exercise. Less about looking ahead and more about looking back on things I missed or took for granted.




I spent summers in college at my parent’s house in Florida, but for the most part, I moved to DC when I was 18 to go to college, then moved pretty immediately to NYC after graduation, then moved to Connecticut, and now New Jersey. It’s weird because I’ve officially lived outside of Florida than I ever lived there (10 years as a kid and I’ve been gone for 13). I’ve never had the desire to live in Florida as an adult, but I always could easily and quickly fly back for visits, which worked just fine. Even when I went extended periods of time away, I always knew I could hop on a relatively inexpensive flight and be there in under five hours door to door. I can’t wait for the day when I can spontaneously book a flight and just go down without a second thought.


I miss our date nights in the city!! We live pretty close and it’s a super easy train or car ride into the city. When we bought our home, living within walking distance to the train station was a huge perk so we could go into the city frequently. I went in a ton for work. (Though this pandemic has taught me how much I do not miss events and will probably opt out of most when they start back up.) It was so fun to meet up in the city with friends or just go in the two of us for dinners. Sometimes we’d make reservations and other times we’d just go in and see where the night took us. I know Mike and I are both looking forward to feeling comfortable and safe to take the train and to spend time in the city.


Speaking of date nights… I am looking forward to doing indoor dining again. We have been trying to support our favorite restaurants with take out, but nothing compares to sitting inside and getting the full restaurant experience. (And not having to do the dishes!!!) I want to put on a fancy outfit, go out to a nice restaurant with a cozy ambiance, ordering appetizers, small bites, $20 cocktails, and desserts to split!


I MISS my friends. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of my friends over the last year in safe ways, but I haven’t been able to see every one. We all have varying degrees of what we consider safe and how many exposure points we have plus who in our immediate lives have increased risks, so it’s been a challenge. I just want to be able to see my friends without planning weeks in advance for testing, social distancing, locking down, whatever. I don’t want to have to care what my friends have been up to before I see them. Like, “Oh you went to California last week? I can’t wait to hear about your trip– want to get coffee on Sunday?”


While I’ve become obsessed with the Peloton and generally enjoy working out at home, I do miss going into the gym for in-person classes. I miss the instructors’ individual help and I miss the group camaraderie. (This is not even something I knew I liked until I didn’t have it anymore!) I feel like when when I can go to workout classes again, I’d love to introduce myself to the people in the class more than just the pre-class “hello” and post-class “goodbye.”


I am fairly low-maintenance when it comes to my beauty appointments. (Not because I’m trying to be too cool for it, but more because I’m cheap, lazy, and have no patience.) I maybe get my hair cut once a year and started painting my own nails over the past few years. (Though I’ve given up on nail polish altogether lately, toes and fingers.) The one place where I indulge are massages. I haven’t had one since the end of February and I miss them!!

Want to play? What specific things are you looking forward to in the “after” times?

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We have it really good here in NZ and I am in no way trying to downplay how lucky I know we are, but my holy goodness I miss international travel. It’s weird because day-to-day life is normal (except we scan the QR code everywhere we go and freak out whenever there’s an unscheduled press conference) but then something will happen to remind you that nothing outside our little corner of the world is normal at all, and it’s all pretty closed off to us at the moment! I was watching something the other day and someone was wheeling a suitcase and I was struck by a ridiculously intense desire to wheel a suitcase through an airport. Such weird little mundane moments like that – before now they were nothing but now they seem so very much. I do hope I never lose sight of what am incredibly bizarre time this is, and remember to stay grateful for everything I’ve learned to appreciate!

Lauren Condon

I’m most looking forward to seeing and hugging my Grandma, going to see a movie in theaters, getting a mani/pedi, and planning/going on vacations. I definitely took all these pretty simple joys for granted before and I hope I never do again.


I miss my family! I live in London with my English husband, daughter and baby girl on the way (as in due later this week) and it kills me that I don’t know when I’ll see my parents (live in Delaware). I did travel over the summer to see them (already booked in 2019, quarantined, etc) and so glad I did. I want to travel back often with my girls and take my parents all over Europe when the world is open again! A fancy date night in London with my husband would be great too.


I miss seeing my friends, I graduated college just before the pandemic started and haven’t seen some in over a year. I also can’t sit for the day when I’m not constantly worrying about being too close to someone, i want to enjoy my time and not wear a mask be 6 feet a part, be outside etc. What a fun post, I may steal it too!


Love this! I would agree with allll of these. I also miss the spontaneity of everything. Have dinner plans, oh wait let’s switch. Last minute get together, trips, mini adventures. Even running to the mall. I also want to stop feeling like I’m judging people when I really am just trying to find out where they’ve been for safety reasons.

Also, I miss Broadway and sports. ALOT. Hang in there Carly, this too shall pass


I miss ALL the things. I miss my kids going to school and all their activities I use to complain about. I loved watching them do things they enjoyed. I loved going to kid birthday parties every weekend and watching them play with their friends. Date night! My husband and 2 little kids have been pretty much cooped up together for going on a year and as much as I love them mommy and daddy need ALONE time. Mommy also misses massages and facials and just alone time that wasn’t me hiding in the bathroom lol 😂


I truly miss traveling and can’t wait to be able to take trips again. Since the pandemic started we’ve cancelled plans for about five planned trips, including what would’ve been our honeymoon in Italy this upcoming April.
I also can’t wait to hug family members I haven’t seen in a year, put on a dress and heels to go out to a leisurely dinner, and go to a movie theater!


When this is over, I’m looking forward to going to my local movie theater again. It’s a dine-in theater with really excellent food. I’m also looking forward to eating in restaurants again and seeing more than just my parents for the holidays. We have some pretty cool traditions with family and friends that we couldn’t do in 2020 and I miss them.


I miss things that I didn’t have before, but expected to have by now. I miss being able to take Annabelle to activities and classes (there’s so much to do here in Austin!) now that she’s finally old enough. I miss being able to get involved in her school and contribute to the larger community. I miss being able to finally make mom friends because of activities, classes, and school involvement.

I’d also say that I’ve always been a hyper responsible person (lol can you relate?) and I miss not having to be THIS responsible. I hate having to judge my friends for doing XYZ and cross them off my safe socialization list, or pull Annabelle out of school for what I know is a cold but technically *might not be* a cold.

Rachel C

My family have been making a list for the “After Times” all year. It includes things to do, places to eat, everything. It does help.

My top three —

1. Trip to Vegas with my husband. It’s our happy, relaxing place and we’ve not been since Oct 2019. It’s where we unwind and forget about daily life.

2. Boozy brunch with my girlfriends. We talk and laugh for hours and drink WAY too many carafes of mimosas.

3. My mom coming to spend the weekend. Pre-Covid, she spent at least 1 weekend a month with us. (After my dad died, she started alternating between us and my brother.) This is my #1 wish list item. I’ve only been able to see her 4 times since March, so I just need it to be safe for her to come and spend a weekend at our house. We’ll watch bad tv, make scones, and just enjoy being around each other. Hopefully once she’s vaccinated, we’ll feel safe.

Emma Koski

The big one is definitely that I could go “home” whenever I want without so much planning. The fun ones are spin classes, general admission concerts, and road races.

This one won’t happen “after” (graduating) but I miss sitting in lecture, meeting friends for lunch on campus, and football games in the Big House.


So fun reading everyone’s comments. It’s uplifting and hopeful! I am looking forward to seeing/hugging family and friends without planning or worry; flying to Portugal see my son and daughter-in-law and their new home there; eating at our favorite divey Tex-Mex place with the basket of endless chips; and seeing people’s smiles and facial expressions again! I’m probably going to be a smiling fool down the grocery aisles, saying hi to everyone, once we can ditch masks!


International travel – we were out of the country in March when all this started so I’m getting that itch in a big way. I miss the movies & going to Flyers games but we did go see Tenet and Wonder Woman and I felt perfectly safe I’ve been at work in person since May so I see co workers and in general have been out and about on a daily basis


Some times thinking about this puts me in a horrible mood; other times it feels hopeful! Right now it’s the latter so…

The movie theater
The gym (my arms are like noodles without my usual routine)
Hugging my brothers and friends
Long wine nights inside with my girlfriends, talking and laughing, not cut off by how long we can last sitting in the cold or if someone’s knee starts hurting from walking in the darn snow.
Going to the library to check out books!
Not canceling plans over a really mild cough or sniffle (I have asthma so I have to cancel a LOT of plans)


I’m looking forward to my monthly dinners with my son and his husband again. The last time I saw them was when I delivered cupcakes for my son’s birthday this past September. I haven’t seen my daughter who lives in Boston since December 2019. Covid cancelled her graduation from Boston University and her coming home for Christmas. I miss my church family and enjoying fellowship with them each week. I also miss going to dinner with my husband, especially for our birthdays and anniversary. There are only so many “special meals” one can make at home. Take out is just not the same. Also, our annual trip to Hawaii. . . *sigh*


I live in New York, and I can’t wait to see theater again! I had tickets to a few things when the Pandemic started that I was so excited about and I really hope I’ll get to see those.


I can’t wait for work happy hours! Working in engineering/construction the hours are long, but I really enjoy the people I work with and have become good friends with many of them. I always loved the Fridays when the jobsite cleared out and we packed up early to get some food and drinks!
I also miss my friends; most of them moved back home for grad school when the pandemic started, leaving me in my city without many close friends or a way to make them safely. I’m really looking forward to lots of weekend trips and meeting new people!


My husband and I are soon to be vaccinated and while we know that safety protocols are here to stay for a while, we can’t wait to go to a restaurant. Carryout just isn’t the same.

Carly, have you ever considered doing a road trip to FL to see your family? Since you and Mike both work at home, you could totally swing it! Could be a fun adventure!


I have a very close knit community at my gym (small group fitness studio) but I have been participating virtually at home. I can’t wait to get back there!


I intend to start treating my body like I’m a pro athlete. Acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, physical therapy, personal training. The last year of lock down has me feeling out of sorts physically, and I’m ready to be able to access in-person services again and feel safe doing so!

I’m already planning formal Fridays with friends where we just dress up and go to dinner and drinks.

Going to museums again!


I love this! One of the biggest “simple” pleasures I’m most looking forward to is leisurely wandering through stores! When I go to stores now I’m in & out as quickly as possible, and I can’t wait to just take my time strolling up and down all the aisles.


I’m definitely looking forward to being able to see my family and friends. I haven’t seen my parents or any of my friends (besides my roommates) since before the pandemic, and it’s been hard to go that long with so little human contact.

I also started a new job recently (working from home currently), and I look forward to the day when it’s safe to work out of the office again and I can meet my coworkers in person!


When restrictions are over and we can return to large group activities safely, I would love to go to a concert! I was going to buy tickets to go see Harry Styles before the pandemic made its way over to America. He is amazing live!

I also hope to be able to attend weddings, have my own, and dance with my friends! I would love to travel to Iceland (my trip was cancelled April 2020) and go to Southern Italy for a honeymoon!

Here’s to hoping vaccines can pave the way to some sort of normalcy sooner rather than later!


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently too!

I think the main things I want to do most are hug and kiss my nieces, nephews, and see my friends again. I haven’t hugged anyone in such a long time and I didn’t realize how much I would miss this.

Outside of seeing people that I miss, I desperately want to eat in a restaurant. I also want to go to a concert or a broadway play so that I can dress up in a fancy dress or jumpsuit. I am so over wearing sweaters and leggings!

I get the second dose of the vaccine (I am a Registered Dietitian) on Wednesday, so I am hopeful about that and can’t wait until my mom and dad can get vaccinated so I can worry just a little bit less about them.

June Pope

I’m with you on most these points Carly! I would like a facial and a mani/pedi. Don’t mind painting my own nails but I just can’t get after my cuticles like the pros. We would also like to go somewhere, anywhere. We can’t even think of many places we’d drive to for a weekend because we’re still uncomfortable about having to eat out and stay in a hotel. I think I’ll feel better when I’ve had the vaccination. Also, church on Sunday mornings.


I’m just looking forward to a break. I’m a doctor at a public hospital in NYC and I am TIRED. It’s been a year of nonstop patients that don’t get better, and feeling like all of our efforts are for nothing when you see how stupid people in this country can get with saying this thing is a hoax and that somehow wearing a 4″ piece of fabric on your face while you’re around people is infringing on your constitutional rights 🙄. I’ve been wearing full PPE for 12hrs a day going on a year now, you can handle 20min in Whole Foods. Also kinda ironic but I’m looking forward to being alone. I’m constantly around people; coworkers, patients, patient families, strangers on the subway, etc. with zero social distancing. I know everyone has been home during the pandemic and avoiding people and I just wish i had that luxury right now.


I was thinking how this has been a great time to pare down and understand what I really enjoyed doing as opposed was doing because I could or I was expected to (i.e. I’m the friend who’s always traveling). I look forward to being able to just have a girls’ weekend without worrying about who got off the plane when, or who went where, etc. The simple things!


I miss my family. They live hours away and those old complaints about “not feeling like packing up the car” seem ridiculous and I’d do it now in a heartbeat, if I could. Also, I miss seeing my teenagers enjoy time with their friends. My son is a senior and and his last year of high school has been uneventful, to say the least. I just want to shake off this anxious feeling and feel calm again when I walk out the door to go somewhere….anywhere!


I miss Broadway…the last show I saw was at the end of February 2020 and I wish I had known that would be the last for a long time! I also moved back home with my parents because I was between completing my master’s and finding a job when the pandemic hit, and I love and am grateful for all the time spent with family, but I really want to have my own space and independence back 🙂


Going to the movies/concerts, traveling, massages (though that requires me to have a full-time job again *sob*), just being around people again if I’m not directly interacting with them.

I wanted to start dating last year, and I guess the universe really said it’s better I be alone lol.


First, date night in the city (Broadway! Dinner out!) Second, taking my daughter to Disney World. Le sigh.


This was a fun post, I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

I can’t wait to spend time with friends.


Honestly I’m not sure if some museums, concert venues or theatre are coming back. Facing serious budget issues is closing a lot of doors. The time to support them is now, and all the people they employ.


Seeing immediate family is #1, followed by travel! This weekend (Presidents Day weekend) marks a full year since I’ve seen any of my immediate family, and I’m so looking forward to be able to see them in person. My husband and I are military and it’s always been no big deal to be a plane flight away, but it’s been different this year.

I’m also looking forward to planning trips to see friends that have moved away! I don’t think we’ll be planning any international trips or cruises until 2022 at the earliest, but my husband and I are planning a tentative driving trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons this summer since were only 8-9 hours away. No matter where we are with the pandemic, it will be so fun to safely explore a new to us destination.


I’m SO looking forward to seeing the 60th Anniversary screening of the original 1961 film version of West Side Story (which is my all time favorite movie, hands down!), which will be showing in selected movie theatres nationwide, on Sunday November 28th. I’m hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve have both my Covid-19 shots and will be fully vaccinated this Sunday.


I’m looking forward to seeing the 60th anniversary screening of the original 1961 film version of West Side Story, on a great big wide movie theatre screen, at the end of November. I really do miss going to the movies, and I miss seeing my friends and family in person.