April Showers

One way to guarantee it won’t rain? Be prepared for rain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught in unexpected rain showers wearing white pants and suede shoes plus freshly washed and blown hair. On the flip side, when I am prepared it tends to ward off the rain. I’ve been known to carry an umbrella in my tote just to prevent it from raining. A reverse rain dance, if you will.
I have a white North Face rain jacket that I used to wear to crew practices, but it’s certainly seen better days. An upgrade was overdo and I decided to go big, or go home. A bright yellow Barbour jacket? Yes, please.
Garrett and I walked down to the East River this weekend. Even though it was pretty gray outside, it seemed like everyone was out and about. Lots of families in the park celebrating Easter with egg hunts and egg tosses everywhere we turned.
I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing this dress quite a lot this summer. If you get it and you’re in between sizes, I’d size down. The fabric is super forgiving– bamboo/spandex blend with UPF50. Great for poolside and errands.
The striped detailing on the inside is really the perfect touch. I was expecting the Barbour jacket to have fabric lining on the inside, making it a little bit heavier, but the jacket is so lightweight! Great for summer while still being able to layer with a thicker sweater on a cooler day. I’m in. 
Photography by Garrett!

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This outfit is so adorable!! Whenever t rains I wear leggings a baseball cap and run from building to building during the day but this outfit would make me want to stay outside forever. This may seem like an odd question but does rain get in your Hunters? I love the look of dresses and Hunters but am always worried about rain getting in them or the constant "sloshy" sound they make hitting against my bare legs when I walk!

Annie N Belle

Robert Dulaney

I've been searching for the perfect yellow raincoat (for guys, OBVS) for ages! Yours is so good! I wonder if Barbour makes something similar for men?!

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