How to Be a Dreamer

Reading this has to be the best way to start your week. Maxie is here again this week with an incredible post about dreaming. She is one of the most fearless dreamers I know. The photo below? That is Maxie while on her trip in Bali. Pretty incredible. 

How to Be a Dreamer
Guest Post by Maxie McCoy

You have so much to do. You’re slammed with it from the very second you wake up, turn off your alarm and look at your phone. Those papers, the laundry, calling your mom back, posting your blog, tweeting that picture, walking the dog, making lunch, or responding to emails… It’s an endless list of what you’re supposed to be doing.

How does anyone have time to dream in a world like that? And it’s not just for the hours between when your eyes close at night and when they open in the morning. I’m talking about eyes wide open, heart bursting at the seams, dreaming.
Do you, have you, will you make time to dream?
Dreamers are the ones that make their visions a reality. Dreamers have fun with the possibilities. Dreamers believe in what can be– a better future. a better life. a more beautiful day filled with love and passion from beginning to end. Dreamers are cartwheeling in the yard, twirling under the stars, and making their head listen to their heart just a little bit more.
Somewhere in the growing up, you might have lost your will for dreaming. You felt guilty about having your head in the clouds, or maybe someone else judged you for it. Regardless, don’t let it hold you back from seeing a crazy, beautiful future with your eyes open.
If you’ve been missing that dreamer inside of you, a few tricks to get her (or him) back:
Play, Play Play
If you were given an hour to play each day, do you even know what you would do? Figure it out. Right now think about what being playful means to you. Perhaps it’s literally skipping down the sidewalk, just for fun. Or hopping on that tire swing just because. Or getting out a card game, some chalk, or hopping on a bike. Playing in the sand, maybe. There’s a reason children play- they’re unhibited. They’re laughing and giggling and not encumbered. Dreaming flows from this care free state. Find some time to play.
Be Fully Alone
Solidarity is key. Being alone with just you and just your thoughts and nothing but walls and sky and ceiling fans to stare at, your mind can run wild. It can dazzle into dreams. It can be undistracted. It can find what is deep down in there. Being alone allows you to go inward and feel the things you don’t normally pay attention to, like dreams.
Hang Around Dreamers
When you’re not taking some alone time, be very specific about who you spend quality time with. Do they caution you? Or do they tell you go after it. The latter are normally the dreamers. You’ll dream by osmosis by feeling and witnessing what it looks like to actually picture your future and make it yours.
Listen To Your Wild Ideas
An important part of dreaming is noticing. When you’re playing, when you’re alone, when you’re surrounded by dreamers, what comes up for you? It’s not a coincidence…the ideas. the visions. the feelings. They’re there to tell you something. They’re the experiences of dreamers. Listen to all of it and do something about it. Write it down. Follow it. That’s how you begin living your dreams, right now.
Dreamers make the world a more beautiful place. They’re courageous. They’re creative. They’re you. Be a dreamer and watch that beautiful life of yours unfold. 

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Maxie McCoy

Jordyn, playing is *so* fun. I didn't realize how much I was missing it until I sat on the beach and drew pictures in the sand last weekend like a five year old. It was the best (my drawings however were not lol)

Respectfully Anonymous

Is Maxie's name intentionally not capitalized? I have a friend who never capitalizes "I" in her blog posts in order to focus more on others. It sounds like a philosophy Maxie would subscribe to!