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Last Wednesday, Garrett and I along with a few other bloggers and writers road tripped out to Millbrook, NY to visit Orvis Sandanona with the Barbour team. It was such a fun day. We met up with everyone in the city and it was surprisingly warm and humid. I thought it was the worst day to wear layers, but by the time we got out to Millbrook, it had cooled off significantly (insert praising hands emoji) and even started to drizzle. Pretty much the perfect weather to sport a Barbour.
After a quick lunch, we got a quick lesson in fly fishing. It’s a lot harder than it looks… I couldn’t get the “hook” even with three different instructors helping. I will definitely need more practice before I’ll be able to catch any fish. Even though it was raining and felt super chilly, it totally made me in the mood to go camping. Have I ever been camping before? No…. but still. It had me craving campfires, s’mores, fishing, canoeing…. 
My yellow rain jacket is a Barbour but unfortunately sold out… this is a similar option if you’re looking for a yellow jacket! The team gave us a little gift bag before we hit the road; these wax cotton hats were included, which was a really good thing for my hair that day!
After fly fishing, we got a little lesson in skeet shooting lessons. I opted out of that and just watched from a distance. The rain did clear up though so I switched into the new Barbour coat (20% off right now!) the team gifted us. I have the navy (25% off!) and olive version as well, but I have had my eye on the sage for some time.
After the skeet shooting lesson, we all took turns going off roading with Land Rover on Orvis’ course. Oh my god. Honestly, it started off so boring. I thought it was going to be fast, but we were told to go super slow. And then we started going through these huge holes and steep hills where the car is switched into sport’s mode and the car essentially drives itself over the holes and brakes itself down the hill. It was terrifying and awesome all at the same time. I was in the backseat and felt like I was in the middle of a Jurassic Park scene set in 3015. #dreamcar
I really want to take a road trip back out to Orvis to spend more time out there. It’s insanely beautiful and there are so many fun activities. If you’re up for an adventure, I highly recommend it!

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Laura Cronin

Great classic fall look, I have my eye on the sage beadnell jacket, but I want to try it on in store to make sure the sleeves will be long enough on me, do you know if there's fabric to take them down if necessary?


Laura Aime Vous


Sounds like a fun day! You made me laugh out loud when you said the setting made you want to go camping, even though you've never camped before. I totally get it, though! lol

Sweet Spontaneity