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Barbour Weather

Last Wednesday, Garrett and I along with a few other bloggers and writers road tripped out to Millbrook, NY to visit Orvis Sandanona with the Barbour team. It was such a fun day. We met up with everyone in the city and it was surprisingly warm and humid. I thought it was the worst day to…


How to Style a Barbour Jacket

I’ve been on the fence about Barbour jackets for a while now. Nearly every girl at Georgetown (#janehoya) had one. The minute cooler weather rolled around, you couldn’t walk from the front gates to Lau (our library) without seeing at least ten… on both the girls and the guys. The jackets are super masculine and rich…


Tartan Culture

The second day of the press trip with Barbour (catch up on day one here!) started early. Breakfast at the hotel was really an excuse for us to exchange ghost stories. Seriously, we were spooked from the night before. Footsteps on the roof (which we really think were just the peacocks!) and signs in the room…

Cold Weather

Eight Ways to Wear a Barbour

I’ve been wearing my coats more regularly now. Even if it’s warmer in the afternoon, I need one in the morning while walking the dogs at the very least. The easiest coat to grab for just about everything is a Barbour Beadnell. I have a few that I’ve been gifted/purchased over the years. You don’t need more than one, though. They’re solid coats that will last you a lifetime and well worth the price. (Imagine passing yours down to your kids one day!)

Two years ago, I traveled to England and Scotland with Barbour to learn more about the brand. It was an unreal trip for a ton of reasons, but after touring the factory, I was completely obsessed with the brand and their dedication to quality.

Tuckernuck recently put out their Barbour guide, and even though I already love the brand, I find it helpful to see how they style the outfits. (True story: I wish the Tuckernuck girls would style me every day.) It also inspired me to share how I’ve styled my Barbour coats over the years.


Barbour Factory

This is the third and last post about my trip with Barbour! (Catch up on day one and day two!) This one is super, super, super photo heavy. I honestly couldn’t narrow it down anymore. It was all just so incredible. The whole day was going to be spent at Barbour’s headquarters and the factory. I…


Inbox Zero

I take email very seriously. It’s definitely the most influential form of communication right now and I think it’s something that should be managed in a professional way. But it’s overwhelming. Unlike phones (calls, text messages, etc.), everyone can get in contact with you. Getting an email address is super easy if you know particular cadences…


Barbour Squire Waxed Cotton Jacket

It’s no secret that I love a good Barbour coat. I just can’t get enough of them… and find that they’re perfect for layering for all kinds of weather. It’s really in the fall when they come in handy though. I have two Beadnells and wear them often. When I saw the Squire jacket, however,…


Giveaway :: Barbour Coat from Tuckernuck

Remain calm… Tuckernuck and I have teamed up to give away a Barbour Beadnell. That’s right… a Barbour coat! Again, please remain calm! Tuckernuck offers quite a few Barbour styles for women, men, kids, and pups. The Beadnell is one of my favorite styles and can be worn so many different ways. I think you’ll…


Barbour Coats

Oh my goodness. I have turned into one of those people. You know, the ones who dresses their dogs up and (omg) matches them. Here’s my justification on it though: it’s getting really cold in NYC and I walk around with Teddy a lot. (He’s still too young to walk on the sidewalks– New York…