This winter was so miserable that I more or less lived in the bathtub. Okay, exaggeration. But I took so many showers and baths trying to just warm up that I lost track and developed the driest skin ever. (All the body butter, please.)
My bathroom in my apartment is super basic, but I’m so glad that I have a bathtub. (And in NYC that is not always a given!) I’m putting it on my list of must-haves for when I move apartments. While I’ll take a simple tub, how can you not be inspired by gorgeous bathtubs? Between Tumblr and Pinterest, I’ve started absolutely obsessing over them. I guess there are worst things to obsess over!
Ummmmmmm. YES. All of the above. Including the pink wellies, of course. This is from Lonny magazine and I swear, it’s been ingrained in my head. Can’t get enough.
Ali Cayne’s bathroom could not be more perfect. Subway tile is always appropriate and the black tub is such a perfect contrasting touch. (Check out her whole West Village townhouse featured on Domino… talk about lust-worthy.)
And then there’s Jenna Lyon’s bathtub in her old Brooklyn brownstone. A bit dramatic, but gorgeous (especially with that herringbone floor!).
I bet I’ll be living with basic bathrooms for quite some time, but a girl can dream, right?
Anyone else obsessed with chic bathtubs?

PS Someone told me that the Nomad Hotel has bathtubs in the rooms. And it’s super chic! Any takers for a staycation?

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My skin also gets really by the end of winter 😛 Now that warmer weather is approaching, I have to pull out my shorts and bare my legs, but not before pampering them! I haven't had a bath in forever, but now I really want to! Love the first one 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Gillian Farber

LOVE claw foot tubs! My current master bath has a tub, but I'm not crazy about it. My goal is to someday renovate & add a claw foot! Fun post 🙂

Lindsay Felix

I lived in the bathtub this winter too. It was like the only way I could get warm would be to submerge myself in 100 degree water haha! My apartment has a super basic/not very deep tub. I grew up with a soaking tub (so luxurious!), I really missed that this winter! On my MUST have list no matter what.. plus it's a MUST have for when you have kids!