Longchamp Sale

I’ve been catching up on emails today (two days away from my inbox has me drowning) and someone was asking about the dimensions of a Longchamp bag. When I was looking at Nordstrom… I noticed that a few of the classic bags were 20% off!!!
Longchamps are my go-to bag. I used the large in college and I use it all the time for travel and everyday errands. And the medium sized is the perfect for short day trips and a regular handbag.
I couldn’t resist sharing this surprise-find sale because, well, who doesn’t love Longchamp?!

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I use my Kate Spade bag for everyday errands, but can use a Longchamp for everything from travel (carry-on, weekender) to errands as well. Thanks for being such a dedicated fan and reading every word 🙂

Sarah Thomas

Loving the passive aggressive responses here lately. Given that you specifically thanked a reader for reading every word, that in turn means you don't expect your fans to thoroughly read your posts. That certainly would explain the grammatical errors and 'dear diary' writing style.


I've been wanting a Longchamp tote for ages so I'm so glad you posted about the sale. Talk about the perfect opportunity to buy one!



I LOVE lonchamps. I currently have 3! They are perfect for every day use and I find that I get so many compliments when I wear them. I don't think I'll buy another just because I don't have much use for it, but they are absolutely a great investment! Thanks Carly!

XO, Kate //