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Because I grew up in Florida, I think a lot of people assume I spent a lot of time going to the beach. My parents bought a house in a coastal area (Tampa Bay) but we were still a little bit of a drive away from “the beach.” (Only about 45 minutes, but when you’re a family with soccer tournaments and dance recitals it doesn’t happen.) At one point we had a boat and I did crew throughout high school, so I spent a good bit of time on the water. But again, not the beach. We pretty much did one beach vacation every year. Either driving down to the Keys (which is actually not a beach destination!) or to Oak Island, North Carolina to visit my mom’s side of the family. We also did Seaside a few years in a row, which was always my favorite!

Anyway, it’s kind of funny now that I live in New Jersey (and previously Connecticut), I swear I have spent more time on/by a beach in the past four years than I did in the ten years I lived in Florida! There is definitely something to be said about only having a few hot months a year to make you take advantage of it. Driving a few hours down the shore every weekend or sitting in Cape traffic every Sunday afternoon doesn’t seem that crazy when you realistically have 8-12 weeks to do it every year. In fact, it seems like a great idea!!

This is a longwinded way of saying… I spend a lot of time in the summer sitting on the beach.

Mike’s family has such a fun collection of beach chairs and every rental/hotel I’ve stayed in has always had at least a handful of chairs to tote down to the beach. But I kind of want to invest in a few to keep in the back of my car. I would love to have “my own” chair and while I’m partial to the Tommy Bahama ones you can find at Costco (they are so comfortable) I keep finding cute ones online that I just can’t resist:

Beach Chairs

Chic & Portable (love the matching umbrella, too) + Splurge-Worthy + A Great Deal  + A Can’t-Go-Wrong Classic + Fold & Go + Just a Little Boho


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All v cute, but none have cup holders. If you are seriously in the market I don’t recommend the one that sits directly on the sand. I have one, and they are a real mess. The sand sticks to them terribly. I’m in the market too. Our look like the TB ones but they don’t breathe and are so hot. My friend brought one to the beach yesterday that she can wear like a backpack. Clever.


This is silly, but I love when you make these collages! They are so aesthetically pleasing 🙂 Now that I live in NJ, I keep beach things in the back of car at all times just in case! Always be prepared for the beach, but I don’t have any cute chairs or chair for that matter hah! Love these picks, and I will definitely be picking up a few! Happy summer!!

xx Libby


Have you ever looked at Telescope beach chairs? I love that they have a cup holder and they sit a little bit higher off the sand. You can even get ones with a canopy that give you extra sun protection!


I am in the Florida Panhandle and we beach all the time. I always think how freezing it looks up in NJ at the beach but this makes sense if you didnt beach much down here anyway then it’s just a totally different experience, great in it’s own way! If you are in hot places though I agree to get one with a canopy over it for some shade!