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After getting back from Nicole’s bachelorette party, I was ready to have my mom come and visit and see the house. Life had other plans though and her flight was completely canceled and all the other flights were booked and she tried flying standby. Not going to lie, I was so disappointed. But she’ll be here in August. I just kept telling myself that at least she’ll get to see the house when it’s slightly more put together!


My dress Nicole’s Dress

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // The Baby-Sitters Club on Audible

I know a bunch of you guys are BSC fans. I think you’ll be just as excited as I was to hear that Audible is releasing original audiobooks of The Baby-Sitters Club series. What a fun way to introduce new readers to the series… I can already see families listening to it on road trips. Oh, and Elle Fanning is narrating which is extra fun.

TWO // Vegan Leather Jacket

Leather jackets aren’t exactly my style, but I am very much into this vegan leather jacket in bone. The style looks more like the cut of a sweater than a jacket and the bone seems very versatile and a bit more in line with my personal style. And because it’s vegan, it’s also under $100!

THREE // Apollo 11: As They Shot It

This is such a cool interactive piece from the NY Times. It’s photos that the astronauts took along with their communication. I read through it a few times and just loved their point of view (literally) during the mission. This line made me laugh: “O.K., Houston. You suppose you could turn the Earth a little bit so we could get a little bit more than just water?”

FOUR // Target’s Adaptive Costumes

Target released a line of adaptive Halloween costumes. Absolutely GENIUS. Parents have been creating their own crafty costumes incorporating wheelchairs, but I think it’s a great sign of the times to see a big box retailer selling them. I love that anyone can go into a Target and walk out with a great costume now. It looks like the pre-orders have already sold out so I’m hoping that shows the brand (and others!) how wanted and needed products like this are!!

FIVE // Paris, Perfected

Meghan just launched a super affordable personalized Paris trip planning service. She LOVES Paris and always has the best recommendations at the top of her head. I’ve definitely leaned on her before my last two trips for advice and tips. And whenever she’s there I find myself screenshotting everything to remember.

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They have the same jacket in a color similar to bone and a brown in the Nordstrom sale for $64.90!

Gidel Dawson

Love this radar post!

I also gotta say – I love seeing you and Meghan in posts together, but I thought she was just a personal friend that you do a lot with (which I love that she is that, too!). BUT I recently actually looked at her profile (because I am nosy) and THANK YOU for bringing her to our attention. I did not know that she was a fellow blogger and PR extraordinaire! I love that you feature other young women and so many of my favorite follows and inspiration come from people that you post about. I think it is so wonderful to see women uplifting and working with each other. I also love the diversity that those friendships bring to your feed and mine!

Thank you, as always, for brightening my day!


PS – On the Apollo topic, did you see that DC did several nights on the mall where the projected the whole adventure onto the Washington Monument! It was so incredible! Thought you would love it, if you hadn’t already heard of it!


Carly, thanks so much for including that vegan leather jacket in your lineup! I love the style and it can be hard to find vegan versions.