Beach Dress on Sale

I’m posting about this dress again because it’s on sale! I’ve been reaching for this dress quite often this summer. These photos were from a night on Nantucket earlier last month. Meghan and I popped by an event in town and then came back to the house to finish up preparations for our feast. Everyone had their specific tasks– I somehow ended up on the grill. I have no idea what I was doing– and referenced Google a couple of times and thoroughly read the instructions on the inside of the grill. Happy to report, everything turned out great though!

Wit and Whimsy

Before we get into the rest of the photos… Are you guys okay with seeing outfits/pieces of clothes again on the blog? The analytics show that items actually sell better after I’ve worn something a few times (probably because of the multiple styling?) so I’ve been doing it, but I don’t know if it’s annoying or not to see.

(For reference: here’s the last time it was on the blog styled slightly differently.)

Carly Heitlinger

Navy Beach Dress

High concentration going on there 😂

Carly the Prepster

I’m wearing an XS in the dress. I will say though, I think it runs slightly large. The back straps are actually adjustable so you can tweak the length depending on your fit preference/need on top. I go braless with it, but if you want to feel extra secure in there you can use a few pieces of fashion tape.

J. Crew Beach Dress

Beach Dress (on sale!) // Earrings // Jack Rogers // Similar Tote

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Joy Hambrick

I like seeing clothing more than once for exactly the reason you said, multiple styling options. In fact, I do tend to purchase more of those items because I can see how they might work in my closet and in different settings. Great styling! :))

Kendall Bouchlas

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at grilling but I’m slightly intimidated to say the least! Kudos to you for your grilling success! Also, I personally like seeing things you’ve worn multiple times on the blog! It’s helpful to see the same pieces styled differently.


I do not like seeing things you’ve worn over and over. New content is what keeps a blog interesting. It is annoying to see the same pieces week after week. Despite this, I continue to come back.


I like seeing outfits styled multiple ways. It gives me more ideas on how to wear a certain top or pants. Especially since I don’t like to buy lots of clothes.


I enjoy seeing outfits multiple times. It’s great for styling ideas, and there’s a small chance that we miss an outfit the first time you post it. Finally, it makes your recommendations more realistic, because I operate with a closet where I try to use things more than once.


I think at the beginning of a new season, it’s useful to see the new styles and clothes that have just been released! But then throughout the season, it’s extremely helpful to see those same pieces re-styled because realistically, I don’t buy a ton of new pieces well into a season!

Also, as a long-time reader a few years younger than you, I’ve always admired your style and grace and have LOVED watching your wardrobe evolve.

Arielle P

Please show more reworn and restyled pieces! It’s something I miss about the early days of blogging, everyone wearing pieces they have and things they have acquired over time, like the rest of us. I know many people will likely try to recreate the look and being able to link directly is beneficial but I also don’t mind when older items are linked to similar style.


I don’t mind seeing the same pieces! Especially if it’s on sale! Plus, to me it’s even more realistic. Even if it wasn’t re-styled, there’s so much info out there on the internet were getting on a daily basis, maybe I missed the post the first time, so the next time it’s not a biggie if it’s repeated. =) I grilled this summer too and didn’t burn anything!

Katie | http://www.sunshinestyleblog.com


I only like see outfit repeats on occasion, and only when they are styled very differently. This dress is not different enough from the last post, just because you changed your shoes and earrings. To me, new content is best.


I appreciate seeing something more than once! Anything I purchase gets worn again and again so it seems like a more realistic purchase and opens my eyes to new ways to style things!


I do like seeing new things as the seasons change so I can pick up an item or two, but I prefer seeing things restyled, bc it’s a bit more realistic for me to rewear items and often you show a way of wearing something I never thought of before.


I think it’s fine to repost the same clothing items if they’re styled very differently, or if the item generated a lot of interest when you originally posted and it just went on sale. For this particular one though, it’s styled pretty similarly to your original post so I think if people didn’t buy it then, I’m not sure if they’ll buy it now (minus the sale aspect here). For me personally, I’m typically more interested in seeing the different ways you can style the same tops, jackets, skirts, etc. – not so much summery maxi dresses because they aren’t quite as versatile style-wise. I think an example of where reposting an item was great was the J.Crew sweater blazer you posted about in winter – it was great seeing two different ways to style it, and I hope you show even more options for that piece (or something similar) in fall!


I like seeing a piece again if it’s styled completely differently, like a whole new interpretation of the item! I’m less interested if the outfit is basically the same with just a minor tweak, like a different shoe or accessory. Although I of course re-wear the items in my own wardrobe constantly, my motivation in checking out bloggers is to get new inspiration.


I prefer when bloggers show an item styled multiple ways in one post, because I always ask myself if I could wear something more than one way before I consider buying. But I do love when you let us know that a popular item has gone on sale!


If you love it enough to wear it more than once, it makes me feel like it won’t be a “one and done” in my own closet. The fact that it’s now on sale makes it even more appropriate for my closet!


Yes, I love seeing pieces more than once. It’s great for styling ideas and good for the environment! You, grilling in that deep v dress and dangling earrings, are amazing. Sumer perfection.