Yard Games

Now that we’re in the suburbs and loving it, I’m all about getting the house ready for entertaining. We’ve been having people over a few times a week for casual weekday dinners, weekend brunches, and Friday night parties. If you asked me five years ago, I would have said I would be voted the Least Likely to Host. When Mike and I started dating, his propensity to host was both intriguing and irritating to me. He could have ten people lined up within an hour’s notice and food to feed them all in the kitchen with a snap. But… living together, when he’s hosting so am I. It would cause me to panic. He used to say, “I think you’d like it if you just embraced it….” But you know me, it took a while to get there 😂

Now, I honestly do love it. (And having a house with space doesn’t hurt!) Every week, I’m the one texting Mike in the middle of the day, “Hey, so and so is coming over for dinner, okay?”

I have a list of things we need to be better hosts (like serving utensils that otherwise would have taken up precious real estate in our tiny Hoboken apartment), and I’m thinking about what we need for the backyard. While it’s a little too hot, humid, and buggy out there right now, I know we have great late summer and fall nights coming up. I’m on the hunt for new furniture, working on getting a better landscape design underway, and things to do. My vision for the yard will probably take a couple of years– it’s not in the best shape (need a new patio, the yard is green because of weeds not grass haha, the stone walls were probably put in in the 50s and not touched since, etc.).

For now, though, I’m dying for some fun yard games. Who cares if we’re playing on a few weeds 😂

Yard Games

Spikeball // Cornhole

Ladder Golf // Wooden Bowling

Yard Dice + Tic Tac Toe

Giant Wooden Dice // Connect Four

Giant Jenga // Bocce Ball

Have Fun!

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You got all the classics! I know you have babies/toddlers in your life. Maybe add a couple fun sprinkler toys? Less scary to me than baby pools.
We bought a set of unfinished corn hole boards for our wedding. We hand painted them with our monogram, and then had guests sign them instead of a guest book. Sealed it with coats and coats of poly afterward. The set is one of my favorite possessions on earth. Sooo many fun memories over the years! We store it in the basement during the winter and still get a ton of use during the off season.


Oooh I love this! Glad you’re enjoying hosting your friends 🙂 My family favorite is Timber Toss—they gift it to everyone when they get their first place.

Kathleen Brand

These are GREAT ideas for gifts. Bookmarking this for Christmas in a few months!!