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My mom finally made it up to see our house!! Her original flight was canceled a couple of weeks ago, so this is her “make up” trip. It’s been so fun to show her around town and hang out one on one. I’m planning on digging into even more projects around the house. Ordering products to get more rooms underway, weeding the lawn, and getting things more organized.


 ONE // Needlepoint for Beginners

I used to be really into sewing and cross-stitching and embroidering as a kid. I went to sewing camp one year (where I made an atrocious purple dress– but hey! it had a zipper which was a pretty big deal for a nine-year-old). I would sit on the sidelines of my sister’s soccer games with my little tin of embroidery floss and practice my stitches. And cross-stitched monograms on lids for mason jars (filled with M&Ms) as Christmas gifts for years. Anyway, because I need another thing on my plate (😂), I kind of want to do a few needlepoint projects. I haven’t done an official needlepoint ever and it’s been years since I picked up any kind of needle and thread. So I started researching videos on Youtube to get acquainted with the basics and found this great tutorial!

TWO // Navy Woven Bag

This bag looks almost identical to the brown one you’ve probably seen me wearing a ton. It’s not cheap, but it’s a fraction of the cost of the one I have. I think I’m going to get it because I’ve just gotten so much use out of the brown one that I know I love the style. And navy? Ugh! It’ll go with half my clothes!

THREE // An Organized Nightstand

Right now we are using the old nightstands that will probably end up being in the guest room. It seems like everything on the second floor is a nightmare of mess and disorganization. It’s getting to me 😂 This post about organizing nightstands just made me so happy. Mine is such a mess right now that even just reading the post brought me satisfaction.

FOUR // Tippi Sweater with Lace Collar Detail

One of my favorite sweaters is back with a new detail for fall: lace! I love how the small detail just completely elevates it to perfection. And then there’s the little button on the back of the neck too. Drool.

FIVE // Lion King Medley 

With the new Lion King out, I’ve totally been listening to a few of the songs! Stacy and I LOVED the CD as kids so it brings back a lot of happy memories as I’m sure it does for a lot of people! I really like knowing the movie is back for a whole new generation…. and Claire Crosby (who went viral for singing with her dad when she was a toddler a few years ago) just sang a whole medley of Lion King songs. It’s equally adorable and impressive! Oh, and very catchy! You’ve been warned 😊

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Hey Carly, what do you think about hiring an interior decorator? Or would you prefer doing all together for a more personal touch?


I am so glad you posted about needlepointing! I have been feeling inspired to learn as well and this is so helpful!


I’m a total needlepoint addict 🙂 There aren’t too many shops in Northern NJ (I’m right near you in Westfield!) that cater to the younger needlepoint crowd. If you want a canvas, anything from Lycette Designs is wonderful. As for learning the basics, I’m a big fan of the online classes from Feel free to reach out if you want any more resources!


I really enjoy needlepoint. It’s a rather pricey hobby, but it gives me something productive to do with my hands while I watch tv or listen to audiobooks/podcasts. I’m about to start a hobby belt for my husband’s 40th birthday (because the last belt I did for him took me like 2 years to finish). There’s a great Etsy shop – Needlepoint by Laura – who does really cute kits (very prep) that are great for beginners. I started with a key fob and worked my way up. There’s a chinoiserie lumbar pillow I have my eye on currently.