Beach Week

I am writing this an hour before it goes live… that’s how swamped I am at school! In fact, I did not sleep at all last night!!! It was my first honest-to-goodness all-nighter. As in, I did not sleep one wink from Sunday at 7am until Monday at 2:30pm. Never again. (However, it was totally worth it because the presentation my group was working on went so well! Check out the “commercial” we put together as part of our pitch.)
All this school work has me dreaming of packing up a bag and going to the beach. I want my feet in the sand and three good books. I blogged last week about going to Paris for three days, which would be incredible, right? But it would definitely be a lot of go-go-going. Sitting and maybe a bit of swimming would be nice!
I love these sandal + beach bag combinations from my favorite brands! Having that perfect bag to tuck all the necessities into always feels great. Matching shoes? Brownie points!

Are you overworked right now? Do you need a quick vacation too?

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Landi Lausen

Totally obsessed with all these picks… I really love that Kate Spade beach bag though! The colors are amazing.

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Really wish I was at the beach right now. I love the VV flip flops. May have to get those but it kills me to spend 50 bucks on flip flops. Good luck finishing up!