Bean Boots

Okay, so no one wears Bean Boots in Florida… and if they do now, it’s only because of Tumblr.  Seriously though, I had no idea what the shoes were.  (Why on earth would you even need Bean Boots in Florida?  Or rain boots for that matter… just not normal.  Sandals only.)

The summer before I started my first year at Georgetown, my dad informed me that I would definitely need a pair of duck boots.  I distinctly remember laughing (straight up laughing…) when he suggested the shoes. Nope, I would never wear them.  Ever.

Nevertheless, he bought me a pair for my birthday (aka the first week of school)… even though I told him I would never wear them.  Of course, the minute the weather turned cooler, everyone on campus started pulling theirs out of their closets.  I still scoffed at the idea.  The boots are undeniably the strangest looking things ever.  But, within a week or two of cold and soggy feet… I was a convert.  I started off just wearing down to the boathouse for practices, but slowly wore them to class from time to time.

I’ve had the L.L. Bean moccasins, but just recently got the six inch.  Love.

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Bean Boots 1

Bean Boots 3

Bean Boots 2

Do you have Bean Boots?  What size/color do you have?  How do you wear yours?


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Angela Duke

I still think that mine are the best purchase I've ever made. I have the brown 8 inch, and I LOVE them, especially since I go to school in Birmingham, aka the "Seattle of the South." Everyone loved them when I got them, so a lot of my friends got some too, and I've noticed a lot more girls wearing them lately.. most likely, as you said, due to Tumblr/blogs. I think they're so classic and so versatile!

Southern Charm

I have the moccasins and love them!! They're perfect for those days when its wet outside, & rain is in the forecast but I don't need my rainboots. Best shoe, besides my loafers, I've purchased this school year.


I have the navy ladies mocs and yes, even though I only need them about 3 days a year here in St. Pete (FL), I LOVE having them on those occasional cold, wet days.

Disclaimer: I orig. bought mine when I lived in Pittsburgh 15 years ago. If I had never lived somewhere with "real" winter weather I probably would not have bought them at all.


I love the first outfit!! I'm currently living in bean boots because I had foot surgery and they're the only shoes big enough to fit my swollen foot!!


I love mine for the winter weather! I got the 10" shearling lined dark dark brown pair. I went to school in Syracuse so the extra height and warmth was needed!


I have these boots and live in Florida!! It rains plenty down here and I horseback ride so I live in them and my hunter wellies.


I have the moccasin bean boots in brown and another pair of them in navy! I love them, and I wear them all the time. We had the most rain ever in Ohio last year and it was so nice to be able to slip them on and know I wouldn't be wet, but not have to deal with rain boots either!
I definitely recommend them to everyone!


I got the brown ones and can’t decide weather or not to get the navy ones, what’d you decide to do?


Living in the mountains where it is snowy and rainy most of the time, these are a necessity! I have the 8 inch ones (so snow won't sink down into them)! I love wearing them with skinny jeans with cute socks sticking out 🙂


I LOVE duck boots, and I've been searching for plaid ones all winter break to no avail. I might just settle for the ones you pictured, though…they look so cute with all the outfits!


This is so funny to me that you had never heard of them! I had bean boots as a toddler and still wear them to this day (same thing with my fiance!) I guess I never thought of the fact that you don't need them in Florida! We wear them out to the farm mostly, but also when it rains! They are so cute and go with everything! I have the mocassins and the 6 inch and love them both!


I'm from a city in upstate New York that averages over 100" of snow a year, so I've been seeing these around forever – they're PERFECT for nasty winter weather. I recently got a new pair of the brown 8" boots; they've been a total lifesaver in the few days of snowy weather we've had this year.


I saw these when I lived in Alaska 2 years ago and I wanted some so bad! But I moved away before I could get some. And I ended up living in LA, where I never see anyone wear them. I mean, it never rains, and the weather is always sunny & 60s/70s! I'll have to consider it a fashion splurge if I finally end up buying some!


I used to think these were the dorkiest things and that they were meant for boys until highschool…now I wear them just about whenever it isn't sunny. I'm so in love!


I live in Missouri and have always had Uggs…mistake! I am ready for some big girl boots this year! I plan to get the 8 inch pair….can't decide between the dark brown or black..I am leaning toward the black!

A Floridian

So to correct you, you said you wouldn’t need rain boots in Florida. Have you ever been? It rains all summer aka hurricane season. The streets flood. September rains everyday so rain boots are a MUST