Winter Blues

I am embarrassed that I thought it was actually cold last month. HA.  I am freezing this week.  At night, I legitimately wear waffle leggings, flannel pajama bottoms, a long sleeve shirt, and a thick fleece pullover to bed.  Plus socks.  And I do not sleep in socks…..
When it’s cold outside, I get the opposite of Wanderlust… all I want to do is curl up and read books (or this tedious thing called studying) and drink tea.  In fact, I’ve been refilling my Brita filter daily to support my current hot tea habit.
I have two current colors going on so far in the month of January: Royal Blue and Red.  I think red will ultimately be my color of the year.  But blue will definitely be the color for the remaining cold months.
(Stacy and I are totally together on this one… for once.)
Actually, Sporty Sister is the one who got me into the royal blue to begin with!
She got me this blue Zara dress for Christmas and I instantly fell in love.  I mean, it was truly instant.

And then I spotted this J. Crew coat and fell in love with the color again.  
It’s the perfect color to brighten up your wardrobe when it’s drab and cold and bleek outdoors without looking like you’re ready to jump onto the next cruise ship.  Bright color, but not summery.
Love the J. Crew Blythe Blouse.  Wear with jeans on casual days, or tucked into a black skirt for a dressier look.
Obviously obsessed with this Penfield Kasson Parka!  Perfect color and perfect warmth.
I have these blue J Brand jeans, but haven’t worn them yet.  I think they are perfect… they’re just like my red jeans, but… blue 😉
What colors do you love to brighten up cold winter days?  Do you also like this royal blue?

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I'm in lovelovelove with this color lately, such a versatile one for moving from winter to spring! You look darling in the Sweet Lemon photo!