Beauty Empties Vol. 2

Time for another round of beauty empties! I’ve been tossing my empty products in the cabinet under the bathroom sink and realized it was getting a little crowded in there… I actually may just need a better system because it’s like a black hole!!

Beauty Empties


L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara: This was a drugstore buy when I was in a pinch and I loved it. Technically it’s supposed to be for added volume but I actually found it better for length. And the volume was just right– it didn’t make my lashes look clumpy or stringy. It’s probably one of the better mascaras I’ve used for an everyday use. It wouldn’t be my pick for a glam look, but everyday? YES! My only issue with it is that I found the tube to be pretty messy. You can see in the photo that the mascara just constantly pushed out every time I went to close it.

DryBar Clear Dry Shampoo: I think this has been my favorite dry shampoo of all time. It has terrible reviews though. As with ALL hair products, everybody’s hair texture is different. It worked great for my hair and I’ll continue to buy it. I will say that it isn’t as absorbent as the regular formula, but it does what I need for Day 2 hair and is completely clear as long as you give the can a good shake before spraying.

Head & Shoulders Almond Oil Conditioner: Not really that groundbreaking and I’m not including the regular shampoo that Mike and I regularly go through, but I wanted to include this conditioner because it’s just so good. About a year ago I started using conditioner and now I can’t go without. I’ve been using even more than usual lately and using it for my whole head (not just from my ears down) because it’s SO DRY out.

Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Shaper: An old, trusty favorite. I buy these three at a time I go through them so quickly. It’s my personal “holy grail” makeup item. Somehow I was genetically blessed to have very thick dark hair everywhere except my eyebrows. 🤨 Doesn’t seem fair, haha.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer: I went years using the same Bobbi Brown bronzer color. They last forever and I seemed to have the perfect shade. Until a Sephora salesman talked me into trying a new shade (Stonestreet) and, wow, he was so right. I used this bronzer right down to the end. While traveling, the last bits of the compact broke up and I had been carefully keeping the broken chunks until they were all gone. Time for a reorder!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: This has been a tried and true favorite of mine for years. It goes on smooth and STAYS all day.

Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief: I use this mask at least once a week. Even though it’s a “mask,” I actually leave it on my skin. I’ll do it about an hour before bed, leaving it on until I brush my teeth and then rub the rest in like a moisturizer. It’s a miracle worker. I brought it with me on the Stowe trip and squeezed the last of it out for post-skiing skin recovery!!

Beauty Empties 2


Glamsquad Blowout Lotion: The bottle looks half full because it’s two toned, but I pumped this stuff out until the very end. I used this before every blow out and noticed a difference in shininess. Sometimes protectants weigh my hair done unnecessarily, but I thought this was lightweight and non-greasy.

Olay Retinol24: This was for the sponsored post I did at the end of last year and I used the whole thing. I’m now working through the serum since I have it. The moisturizer is really fantastic though. My skin has never looked so bright or even– the reduction of redness is what I notice the most.

Bobbi Brown Weightless Foundation: I went back to this and still love it. Whenever I get decision fatigue, I just go back to what I know best. I HATE foundation that makes my skin feel tight/dry and ones that make me extra shiny/oily. This feels very matte and smooth and really just evens out my skin without feeling like I’m painting a whole new face on.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant: I’m including this to really admit…. I quit using natural deodorant. It worked so well for me for about a year and then I don’t know if my body chemistry changed or got used to it or whatever, but they stopped being as effective. I tried a few more brands out and nothing seemed to do what I needed it to do. So I went back to Dove for now. I may give natural deodorant another try though, so keep the recommendations coming.

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It’s always so hard to find foundation for us pale girls – I would love a post on your fave foundations! And what shade you are in that brand? Your content isn’t makeup-focused, but I would still love your opinion on it. Always love reading your blog!



Great post, Carly! What mascara would you recommend for a glam look? I’m searching for a new mascara that doesn’t clump up my lashes but gives them volume.


I use the same antiperspirant/deodorant that you do. I love it and don’t feel bad that I don’t use a ‘natural’ product. Natural products just don’t work for me in this department! From a medical perspective, there has never been a causal link proven between antiperspirant and cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, although there could be something that they have never studied that it causes. So, while the product may not be natural, it has never been scientifically proven to be harmful either.


Love your style, Carly, and I feel like you’re one of the only style bloggers who keep totally true to your style and always classic while adding in trends where it fits. A lot of people’s style evolves and then outfits seem to make no sense for everyday life. I regularly purchase from your links!

So hard to find good natural (or really aluminum free, that’s the biggie) deodorants. Worth what you are attempting though! Commercial deodorant is a big problem, as the common brands contain aluminum, a heavy metal with a known link to neurological issues and cancer. Location wise its applied to a highly absorptive part of the body with many open glands, a major hub of your lymphatic system. Beauty products with these “fragrances” are absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream. So it’s the metals linked with bad stuff.


Christine! yes haha thank you for pointing this out. This is just a marketing trend and companies using fear tactics to sells products.

Emily V

It may have started because radiologists discouraged it being used in conjunction with radiation treatment because it could lead to skin irritation in some people.

supal // @supaldesai_

Love seeing you use your sponsored products! I don’t think I’ve seen any of the other billion influencers on that campaign use it ha! I had the same issue with natural deodorant and ended up just lightly exfoliating my underarms and they’re working fine again. I do find that I may need a different kind if the weather is warmer/more humid or my routine changes etc.

chevrons & éclairs


You don’t have particularly nice skin (or hair) so I don’t think beauty products are your sweet spot – sorta like taking dieting advice from Oprah.


Why? Why are you so rude? Just keep it to yourself. You wouldn’t want someone to say that to your friend or loved one.


Ouf, you’re a mean one. Your life must be very dreary and sad. Poor thing, if only you had a tenth of Carly’s beauty, grace and kindness, maybe you wouldn’t be so bitter. Oh well, we can’t all be as wonderful as she is 🙂


I have landed on Kopari deodorant. I buy it directly from them because it’s the only way to get the scent I prefer (Driftwood). It does not smell like coconut (I hate body scents that smell like food. Lol.). I wondered if it really worked until I forgot to use it one day recently. Yep. I do actually need it. I was a little ripe without it.

Emily V

For a natural deodorant try Agent Nateur! I discovered it when watching a video of what Emma Watson keeps in her purse 🙈. It is so good! It is more expensive but it lasts the whole day and is a great texture and consistency IMO.

Emily V

Replying to myself 😂. There were two things I remembered (1) Nordstrom has it (2) I use the sensitive formula. It uses arrowroot powder instead of baking soda (which I found dries out my skin). The scent is stronger in the package than on and is slightly tinted, but I rub it in with my fingers to ensure even coverage and haven’t noticed any transfer to my clothes.

Heather J. Luth

Hi Carly,
Feel same about natural deodorant.. try Dove 0% aluminum. I find it at Target. A good compromise.


I don’t know if you have tried Schmidt’s natural deodorant, but I feel like it has been working well for me! The only thing is that it is not bleached from the products natural color, so it is like a tan-ish color, and gets on white shirts…it comes off in the wash though! My fave scent is rose and vanilla!

xx Libby


I had struggles using natural deodorants as well, but have loved the Dove 0% aluminum deodorant line! I feel good about cutting out at least some of the chemicals while still having the quality of Dove deodorants! Plus Dove no longer tests on animals 🙂


I had some trial and error with natural deodorant, too – it seems like Native works for so many people, but for some reason it did NOT for me! I also tried Schmidt’s, and it made my skin break out. But then I tried Tom’s, which doesn’t get the best reviews, but it’s my favorite by far and the only one that doesn’t leave me stinking or itching! 😉


Have you tried Doves natural deodorant? It didn’t work that well for me but my mom, boyfriend and his sisters all love and swear by it.


On the natural deodorant front I have used piperwai (it was on shark tank) and I really loved it but got a little tired of rubbing it in myself since it is in a small glass jar. It completely worked for me though!! I just recently switched to by humankind and I also absolutely love it! There are so many now though it’s just finding one that you like and works for you! Hope this helps! 🙂

Becca Barnes

Carly, I love your skin and hair! I love seeing the everyday products you use!

I love Shmidtt’s Lavender and Chamomille deodorant. I get it at Target and I don’t have to reapply and it goes on like normal deodorant! I also like to think it has a calming feature throughout the day with the fragrance ingredients.


On the natural deodorant front , have you tried megababe ? It has been amazing for me and to date nothing else worked as well.


I use Kopari Coconut Oil natural deodorant or the Malin and Goetz natural eucalyptus deodorant (smells so good!!) and then now I use Alaffia lavender charcoal deodorant!! the first two are usually in travel sizes at Anthro!

I noticed that after a while with natural, it stops working as well. I only use it for everyday use for going out or working out, I use a traditional one because it has better anti-sweat and smell coverage EEK


You should try Dove’s line of natural deodorant! It’s the only one that’s ever really worked for me. I’ve found it works best when I reapply it at least once during the day.