Beauty Favorites

I normally keep all of my beauty products in a drawer or cabinet to keep my bathroom counter uncluttered. Because I’ve been traveling so much though, I haven’t been fully putting everything away because it makes it way easier to pack. I just pack whatever’s on the counter because that’s what I’m using. The little collection of products looked so cute one morning that I realized it would be a good blog post probably as it’s been a while since I shared some of my very favorite products. Some are old favorites that I have been using for years, and others are new ones that I now can’t seem to live without.

Bathroom Counter Beauty Favorites

MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER | Apparently I was pretty late to this game, but micellar cleansing water is a game changer. I am religious about taking my makeup off at night, and this is one of my favorite steps right now. It’s such a gentle way to remove eye makeup!

DRYBAR DRY SHAMPOO | I have never fully gotten the dry shampoo craze. I got one dry shampoo at one point that I liked, and I would use it on occasion. I recently was sent a box of Drybar products to test out. Two of the products just didn’t seem to work for my hair. And frankly, when I used the dry shampoo I thought it was a huge mistake at first. It goes on completely white. I look like a crazy person. BUT, I let the dry shampoo “dry” completely while I get ready (like doing my makeup), toss my hair over and give my scalp a vigorous shakedown. When I flip back over, I look better than if I had washed my hair. I struggle with volume when I style my hair, and it seems to do the trick. Plus you end up smelling like you walked out of Drybar. Win.

FRESH SOY CLEANSER | Even though I’ve tried to switch cleaners, I keep coming back to the Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser. I am extremely acne prone. Just when I think I’ve “grown out of it,” I wake up with a zit the size of Texas on my cheek. This is the ONLY face wash that I’ve found that works. If I don’t use it for a few days, I can tell. I just can’t recommend this stuff enough, clearly.

ORIGINS NIGHT-A-MINS MOISTURIZER | If you only try one product from this post, make it this one. This was a life-altering (well, at least skin altering) product. About four years ago, I went into Sephora one day desperate to clear up my chin which was completely raw (a combination of a harsh winter and from making out with someone with stubble if I’m honest). It hurt to talk my skin was so dry. After a few nights of using this miracle cream, I was cured. I now use it every night. I coat it on as if my life depends on it and my skin glows in the morning.

CLARISONIC | My sister and I got Clarisonics for holiday gifts one year. I go through phases where I use mine a few times a week and then when the battery dies, I sometimes forget to charge it and then I fall back out of the habit. Right now though it’s a major part of my routine. I use it about every other night and find that my skin has a much more even color the next day and it’s a gentle exfoliant. (Also, I’ve been testing their new foundation brush… I am HOOKED on it.)

DR. BRANDT MICRODERMABRASION | This was in the FabFitFun box I reviewed last month. It’s quite a good product. They recommend only using it every three days or so, but I try to do it only once a week because I think any more days and my skin would freak. It exfoliates wonderfully, and I feel like I can see a visible difference in my skin. It also smells great!

DERMALOGICA SKIN PREP SCRUB | On days when I’m not using the Clarisonic, and I’m not using Dr. Brandt’s, I will use this scrub. It’s often what I use after the gym actually when I feel extra sweaty and gross. I feel like it helps get all the gunk off my face!

Beauty Favorites

In the shower, here are the products that I use the most lately:

HEAD & SHOULDERS ALMOND | With very dark hair and very sensitive skin, I’m so paranoid about dandruff. I’ve been using Head & Shoulders since I was a teenager, but the almond one has become a favorite of mine recently. I’m SO picky about my shampoos, and my hair can get weird from using a bad one. (My worst nightmare is having to use a hotel shampoo because I never know what my hair will look like when it’s dry!)

L’OREAL EVER FRESH | L’oreal sent me this shampoo in a recent mailing. I’m so scared to stop using Head and Shoulders because I don’t want dandruff, haha… So I’ve been using this stuff once a week. It smells heavenly (lilac!) and so far has lived up to my high expectations.

MRS. MEYERS BODY WASH | I got this at a press preview, and I love it. It’s kind of hard to describe body soap, but this does leave your body with a particularly “clean” feel. Obviously, because it’s soap… but I’m just saying you will feel so fresh! Especially with the lavender scent.

EGG MOUSSE SOAP | This was in another mailer from a brand. I was SUPER skeptical because I thought egg soap sounded disgusting. But it’s the best foaming face wash. I use it whenever I’m washing my face in the shower. It’s not that often, but it does feel like a treat when I do.

FRESH BROWN SUGAR BODY POLISH | I use this about once a week. It smells SO good and feels amazing. It moisturizes and exfoliates in the best way possible. I like to do it, especially if I take a shower at night as I wake up in the morning with the smoothest, softest legs.

L’OCCITANE SHOWER OIL | I recommend this to my friends ALL the time. This shower oil is ridiculously good. It comes out like oil, but when you rub it together with water, it turns into a light foam. I use it instead of shaving cream or gel, and it ensures I have the smoothest legs after shaving. I love love love it.

MOLTON BROWN BLACK PEPPERCORN BODY WASH | This is a family favorite body wash. It has a very invigorating smell, and it’s loved by about 50% of people. You either love it, or you don’t love it at all. Whenever I need to feel pumped up for the day, I’ll use it in the morning. The smell is not as intense when it’s on your skin after getting out the shower (it’s quite pleasant), but it does wake up the senses while you’re showering!

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Ahhh, thank you so much for sharing this!! I’ve got so many new ideas for what I can include in my skin routine as I want to update it a little bit 🙂 I really want to try that soy cleanser as it sounds amazing as well as the clarisonic, I’ve wanted one for years so I think I just need to bite the bullet and invest.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Chloe @


I finally tried the Fresh cleanser and I love it! It’s not harsh at all and I love that you can even wash off remaining eye makeup with it with no irritation.

I will say, I was at Target yesterday and they had Mrs. Meyers Body Wash on the clearance end cap, so I’m not sure what its fate is. It seemed kind of odd to me because I love their cleaning supplies and didn’t really think of using it for myself.


oh no! I hope I can still find Mrs. Meyers body wash at my local Target. Method (another cleaning product company) makes body washes — I thought it was strange at first too! but then I tried it and it has become one of my favorites 🙂 curious to try Mrs. Meyers now as well!

Jessica | The Magical Wife

I use Head & Shoulders too! Like you, I have sensitive skin and dark hair. My skin randomly gets dry at times so dandruff can pop up out of nowhere. But the Head & Shoulders takes care of it! I had a question about the Micellar water. Can you rub it near/on your eye lids? And another question 😂. Do you use an anti-wrinkle cream yet? I am in my late 20s and want to get one but I don’t know where to start!


This might be my most favorite post of yours ever! I am a product junkie; looks like I’m taking a trip to Ultra now!

Avenlea Bixby

Thank you for the advice, Carly! I like hearing what products other people use. It’s good to get new ideas! Enjoy your time in Paris!


I love these posts. And this is just amazing… “…and from making out with someone with stubble if I’m honest)”