Oxford Cloth Bows

I think if anything is evident about my blog, it’s that I love a good bow.  I mean, my second ever blog post was called “Ribbons and Bows.” (Actually, read that blog post, it’s hilarious but talk about staying true to myself over the years, haha.)

I spotted this top in the J. Crew’s jewelry section a few weeks before it was available and I became obsessed with finding it in stores. It turns out what I saw in the jewelry section was actually the dress with the bow in the front. The top has the bow in the back but you can, depending on your build, flip it around so that the slit and bow are in the front or you can even double the tie back around, so it’s in the front. Just note that when you do that the bow becomes smaller since you have less “tail” to work with.

I think it’s pretty chic with the bow in the back, though it does mean you have to wear your hair up.

[The top is sold out in many sizes in the blue oxford cloth, but it does come in a pretty yellow as well as a SUPER cute stripe. I kind of wish I had waited for the striped version, to be honest.]

Bow Tie Shirt J. Crew

I wore this into the city one morning. It was a bit too chilly to go bare-armed while walking around, so I also had my trench coat with me. I met up with Hailey, a blog reader, who was visiting New York City with her family. She offered to take some photos of me, and after checking out her Instagram, I had to say yes! Meeting with readers is hands down my favorite part of this job. I love meeting everyone, but it’s especially incredible to meet someone who’s been reading since her early teens and is brave enough to reach out to share her passion with me. I always feel like such a proud mom.

J. Crew Bow Tie Top

And didn’t she do such a great job with the photos?! We had coffee at Maison Kayser, you know to prep for my Paris trip, and then walked across the street to Bryant Park. It’s one of my favorite spots in New York City– even on an overcast, cold morning.

J. Crew Oxford Cloth Top Monogrammed Louis Vuitton Speedy Tie Neck Top in Oxford Cloth

Photos by Hailey Hallum

Tie-Neck Top in Oxford Cloth (also available in stripes) // Lemon Scarf // White Jeans // Jack Rogers Sandals


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