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Bonjour! Coming to you live from Paris! I’ve only been here for one day and I totally “get” why people love this city so much. Every corner is beautiful and there is always something delightful to look at. All of my expectations (and they were high!) have been blown out of the water. I feel SO lucky to be here. I was honestly so excited that I had no problems immediately adjusting to the new time zone– we have been non-stop all day. (The amazing coffees haven’t hurt either.)

Well, more on Paris later, of course! For now, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

Paris Peonies

ONE // Harry. Styles.

I mentioned on Sunday how much I loved Harry Styles’ new album and the obsession continues. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to watch his Carpool Karaoke episode with James Corden. I was crying, you know, in a cool way. I’m also working through this “Behind the Album” video. It came with my purchase of the album, but it’s also on Youtube.

TWO // Mom Earns Honorary MBA 

After her son became a quadriplegic in an accident, a mom helped him throughout business school. She attended every class with him, took notes for him, and helped him study every day. He just graduated… and worked with the school to make sure his mom was recognized for HER hard work too. She was surprised with an honorary MBA at graduation. I was all teared up watching it! What a great mom and a great son.

THREE // Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

I cannot get over how perfect Pippa Middleton’s wedding was. I LOVE her dress and the little kids’ outfits kill me.

FOUR // Boston Children’s Hospital First Full-Time Employee with Down Syndrome

I really believe that diversity (of all kinds) in the workplace is beneficial for EVERYONE. For the employees, the bottom line, and the customers. Everyone wins. Speaking of winning, Nate was just hired full-time at Boston Children’s Hospital– their first full-time hire with Down syndrome. Just watching the short video, it’s easy to tell that he has an incredible outlook on life and a great attitude in the workplace! (I also loved his comment about his parent’s being relieved that he finally has a full-time job. I’m sure every parent can relate!)

FIVE // J. Crew Factory New Arrivals

Oh wow! J. Crew Factory’s new arrivals are too cute. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite here! This madras tank and this madras dress are definitely at the top of my list. I also love this ruffle stripe tank and these pelican shorts!

Anything great on your radar this week?

PS I’m sharing our adventures in real time on Instagram stories!

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I agree about Paris!! My ultimate dream-maybe even living there someday!!


I know! Pippa Middleton’s dress was absolutely beautiful and she looked so happy. Nice to see you Mom (Meesh) she’s great. Enjoy the City of Lights-aka Paris!


Oh my! Have the most amazing time in Paris! I’m heading there in a month and I am so excited! This is the sweetest post! I’ve been really happy this week cause I’ve finally gotten some time away from Uni to work on the blog 🙂

x Helen


I work at an inclusive school and love it.. You’re right, it’s beneficial for everyone! My girls (all girls school) who have Down syndrome benefit from being with “typically developing” girls, and visa versa.. It’s a great model, that I love seeing trickle over to the professional world too!


I absolutely love carpool karaoke so I can’t wait to see that one! James Corden is just the best!! I hope Paris is amazing! If you like falafel make sure you check out one of the hole in wall stands…they are amazing there!
xo Lauren