Behind the Mask

I’m such a fan of documentaries. I feel like I’ve seen almost everyone of them out there. Here are my favorites. Garrett got me hooked on a Hulu documentary series called Behind the Mask. I watched some of the first season, and while entertaining, it didn’t really grab my attention.
The second season? WOW. I have never cried so much or smiled so much from one show. The series follows four different mascots– well, the person behind the mascot. If you love documentaries and need/want/like an uplifting series, you must watch this.

I can’t even begin to tell you how moving I found the series. On the outside (literally) it seems like fluffy show about sporting mascots… but it’s really so much more. It’s a series about passion, hard work, heart break, perserverence, family, and strength.

Joel is the man behind Lou Seal, the mascot for the San Francisco Giants. He’s a professional mascot in every sense of the word. He’s made for the job! Throughout the show, he is as hilarious as he is heartwarming. Watching his family grow throughout the season is great! (Chloe, his two year old daughter, stole his spotlight… so, so cute.)
Navey is her high school’s mascot. She wanted to play football, but wasn’t allowed because she’s a girl so she found the best way for her to be on the field. You can’t watch Navey without smiling. Her dedication to the craft doesn’t end when the mask is off. But don’t let her goofiness fool you! I cried a number of times during her segments. 
… but Chris. Oh, Chris. I felt for Chris and his sweet parents on so many levels. Chris has autism and severe anxiety. The minute he puts on his mascot costume (the dragon is his favorite), he really comes out of his shell. He is a great guy! If you’re not inspired to go after your dreams and  Also, his birthday party? I was a bucket of tears. 
I can’t recommend the series enough! It’s the perfect show to watch with your significant other, your family, or just by yourself!

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Top photo the penguin aka Tux from the AHL WBS Penguins hockey team is my friend Chad. Probably one of the most amazing mascots ever. ????