I feel like I need to apologize for the title, but if you’ve been on TikTok lately then you definitely get the reference. (I’ve been unapologetically watching way too many TikToks lately because it’s the #1 thing that keeps me awake while I’m trying to get Jack back to sleep in the middle of the night.)

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… carrying on….

I wore this a couple of weeks ago on what felt like the first “crisp” morning. It was hot by the afternoon, but I took advantage of the cooler weather to break out a Dudley Stephens.  (Here is my full Dudley guide for sizing questions, my favorite styles, etc.)

I finally broke down and bought a pair of these sandals. A couple of my friends gave them rave reviews and they definitely live up the hype. Wish I had bought them sooner!! I heard they ran small, so I ordered them a 1/2 size bigger and they’re perfect– if you have a wider foot I think you could get away with going up a whole size for comfort.

Also loving how my diaper bag doesn’t feel like a diaper bag. It fits so much without being too oversized or cumbersome. Plus, unless someone peeked inside, they’d have no idea that it wasn’t just a regular tote. Big, big fan.

Turtleneck (c/o) // Jeans // Sandals // Tote // Earrings


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Lisa Mari

Haha love the title! Cute look! Can’t wait for it to be cool enough to wear my Dudley too!


HAHA! As soon as I saw the title I KNEW exactly what you were referencing. Love it. I watch TikTok’s not purely as my entertainment instead of TV.

Maitland Frilot

Love the outfit! Berries and cream was a joke with my cross country team in high school 10 plus years ago so it’s so funny to see that it’s a trend.