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I’ve reluctantly tucked away my summery sandals and I’m preparing for more closed toe options. For years, ballet flats have been my go-to shoe. I’ve tried all kinds of brands and tend to have pretty good luck. But at the end of the day, I will almost always go for the most comfortable ones I can find.
Earlier this year, two of my favorite navy flats bit the dust. One I wore quite literally into the ground (thank you NYC) and the other pair I got caught in a rainstorm and the shoes were never quite the same. 
A few of my friends had purchased and swore by Chanel flats. In my dream world, I would have a pair in every color. I was so, so tempted and even went to the store with one of my bad-shopping-influence-still-love-her-to-death friends. As much as I wanted the shoes, I could not spend that much money on flats. I couldn’t do it.
Back to the drawing board I went… I ended up going off a bunch of reader suggestions and tried these flats. They have the be the best ballet flats ever.

They come in a bunch of colors so there’s one for every outfit. I’ve worn them for six months or so, but only once a week during the summer. Now they’re turning into the shoe I reach for every day while I’m getting dressed. They fit right out of the box and the fit only improves with time. The leather is incredibly soft.
I’m definitely getting another pair (or two). I’m torn between the light pink, nude, and (!!!) the awesome leopard!

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You should try Paul Mayer's! They are really so so comfortable. The best flats I have ever worn and I am flats girl. I have to wear closed toed shoes at work year round so flats are an everyday thing over here! Definitely try them! I love the quilted ones!


I had a pair of black suede Gianni Bini flats once, they were so comfy, and the padding in the soles was heavenly! They're not made anymore though, and I wish I'd purchased a hundred pairs at the time. *crying emoji*


I hope you don't mind but I am young mand and wear flats because I have problems in my feet so ballet flats and sandals are the only kind of shoes that hurt the less. Sam Edelman felicia flats are one of my favorite flats because the leather is super soft and mold to my feet perfectly, no blisters,no sweaty feet just a pair of flats that feel like slippers most of the time. I have 10 pairs in different colors so I can match them with any of my men outfit while avoiding pain on my feet. Thanks for sharing this wonderful suggestion !