Best Friend Award

After a small breakfast table debate with some of my teammates, I left the dining hall feeling like I had no friends. [If you’re friends with me on facebook, you might have seen my status… hmm]

Today, I have evidence that I have AT LEAST one fabulous friend: Georgetown Boy.

I was bugging out about my econ quiz when I got an instant message from GB telling me that I needed to meet him because he had a blog worthy present for me. Oh my lord, did he have a present or what! LILLY PULITZER ANIMAL CRACKERS! He knows me way too well! I was so excited!!!!! 🙂

Outside the Tombs last spring… He’s a just a smidge taller than me.

First day back at Georgetown this fall!

Some sort of crew function… can’t remember now!

On the metro on the way back from a basketball game.

Most appropriate Georgetown Boy haircut? I think yes.

Update: So I was just glancing through the post and realized/noticed how crazy his hair is in these pictures… It should be titled the adventures of georgetown boy’s hair! haha

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