Quarter Life Prep tagged me in a little post. Normally I don’t do these things because I don’t have the patience to figure out clever answers… but I loved the first question so much that I just couldn’t resist! Plus, who doesn’t want to know more about me… I’m just kidding!!! [Ask my rowers, they’ll ALL agree that the more you get to know me, the more you realize I’m crazy.]

This is kinda heavily Rowing themed… so bear with me.

A. Three names I go by
I’m changing this one to “Three names by rowers call me”

  1. CARLLLLLLL- you must watch this to get the pronunciation
  2. The Shoe Lady- this drives me absolutely crazy… If you don’t mind hearing me swear, then you should watch the most recent video I posted on my Facebook (If you friend me, include a message that you follow my blog… I’m very protective!)
  3. Pickles. I hate this one. HATE it. But it seems to be their favorite.

B. Three places I have lived-
“Three places I have coxed”

  1. I learned how to cox at a summer camp at Princeton. Hardest, most challenging, and most frustrating week of my life. But I’m so glad I “took the easy road” and signed up as a coxswain.
  2. The Palm River (Plant High: Tampa)-
  3. The Potomac River (Georgetown: Washington, DC)- [one of my fave pictures! All the HW coxswains took out a “coxswain 4”)

C. Three of my idols-

Honestly, I’m not one to idolize. Every person has at least one quality that is admirable.

D. Three things I like to look at-
I’m going to change this to “Three websites I like to look at” (besides Gmail, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter)

  1. Row2k Picture of the Day
  2. PostSecret
  3. Google analytics… Frankly, I’m obsessed with numbers

E. Three places I’ve been-
Okay, I’m changing this to “Three places where I’m going to race in the next three weeks”

  1. April 17- Pelham, NY
  2. April 24- New Brunswick, Nj
  3. May 1- Philadelphia, PA

F. Three of my proudest accomplishments-
Can you guess what I’m going to change this to? “Three of my proudest crew accomplishments”

  1. As a rower: I beat my 6k PR on a 2K… I know, it means I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough on the 6ks, but seriously it was awesome and completely unexpected… I surprised EVERY one including my coach AND the men’s coach.
  2. 2nd place at Southeast regionals my Junior year. In retrospect, it really isn’t a huge deal… But I LOVED every minute of that regatta. The boys I were coxing were amazing and I love everyone of them to this day (they were little Freshmen then, and now they’re graduating High school!)
  3. Not quitting ever. This is literally a big accomplishment for me. I can’t tell you how many times I went home crying and swearing that I was done. Forever. And the next day, I would be going to practice. I don’t think I can explain how much I love crew. I also really hate it. But that’s what makes me love it even more! I have done EVERY sport in the entire world (pretty much), but never stuck with it… I wrote my whole college essay about how I was a quitter (until crew obviously).

G. Three things I love to eat
“Three things I love to eat, but can’t because I have to stay below the coxswain weight.”

  1. Georgetown Cupcakes… they’re average cupcakes, but when they’re FREE, they taste so much better
  2. Popcorn- I am obsessed with stove popped popcorn, but at school, I get my fix with microwaveable
  3. TWIZZLERS- any type of candy really, but particularly Twizzlers

H. Three things I want to be someday-
“Three things I want to be better at coxing someday”

  1. More confident
  2. Less nervous
  3. I think those two will take enough energy

I. Three things I’m looking forward to this year-
“Three things I’m looking forward to with crew!”

  1. Racing with the FUN V- if you have to ask, you’ll never understand 😉
  2. Long bus rides- haha NOT (the picture is from a ride in high school, we made tents. We were cool)
  3. Not having to bundle up now that it’s warm!
I think I way too much for with this one!


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