Best Friends For(actually)Ever

My family moved from Georgia to Massachusetts when I was four. Honestly, it might have been the best thing to happen to the Heitlingers because we all made lifelong friends. We happened to move into a house right next door to the best family ever… the Driscolls. (I consider myself especially lucky because Nicole was exactly my age.)
Inseparable doesn’t even begin to describe our friendship. Moving to Florida was super hard on both of us, but with only four years of friendship under our belts, we maintained our friendship even still. Our families are both super close and now that the kids are all “grown up,” it’s been extra fun.
Nicole is in the city for her 24th birthday (!!!) and it’s always THE best to get to see her. Garrett, her boyfriend, Nicole, and I all went to lunch yesterday. The poor boys had to listen to us walking down every square inch of memory lane 😉
(Most of the 184 photos Garrett took look like this ^^^)
When my family moved, Nicole’s mom took that above picture of us. I surprised Nicole at her high school graduation party and we recreated it!
Lifelong friends are the absolute best and I love knowing that no matter where we are in the world (even if its miles apart), we will always be there for each other. And we can pick up right where we left off…

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Lauren Rose

I love this! I have one best friend just like this and it's so special to have shared a friendship with someone for so many years! 🙂


So sweet! My best friend loves hours away, but we are still as close as ever and nothing has changed 🙂



I moved from LA to Beijing at the beginning of middle school, and while I do keep in touch with some friends, I wish I got the chance to grow up with some of them like you did with Nicole! One of my friends told me just yesterday that there was going to be a reunion for our elementary school, which I think is the sweetest! Thank you so much for this post; it was very heartwarming! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's