gift ideas


This is for….
The Hostest with The Mostest
Aunt Aggie from Minnesota
Bill the cable guy
The Richardons across country
The Fashionista
Little Billy & Jilly
A cute beau
basically…. EVERYONE on your list.
Here’s the plan, go to Target or Walmart or Toys r Us or wherever.
Get tons of board games.
Bring to parties, wrap&ship, hand deliver, etc.
Little V, California Funk, et al play games when we’re deep in the winter season.  We had “Game Nights” every Friday night.  Early Saturday morning winter training practices dictated our Friday nights, but we stil wanted to have fun.  Some of the best nights occurred because of the fun we had during a Game Night.
Game Nights are INTENSE.  And beyond fun.  And that’s why I think they’d be perfect presents.
Bland parties can be instantly spiced up with a competitive game of Scattergories.  Uncle Bill who normally sits in a chair and doesn’t move all night is all of a sudden jumping in the air like Tom Cruise on Oprah during a round of Cranium.

One Christmas, a family sent us a game.  We. Play. Every. Year. Still.  It’s a tradition.  And so much fun.
Some favorite games: 
Taboo, CatchPhrase, Scattergories, Pictionary, Cranium, Apples to Apples.
Try to pick out games that have a wide range of ages (think: 4 to 94 games), rules that can be “adjusted*” and games that stir up excitement with quick rounds.
[Please avoid Monopoly.]
(Any games not given out as presents can be donated!!!!)
*Rules can be easily tossed out the window if necessary.  Ridiculous rules are fun.

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Card games too!!! My favorite is bridge…can have ladies tournaments or mixed tourneys. Don't forget the avid chess player perhaps with a nice chess board.Anything with a diversion away from technology for a few hours.