Tug my heart why don’t you.

Remember the giveaway I had with Tugs back in October?
Well, they sent me a pair (pink, of course) and I love them!!!
I don’t have a picture of me using a pair, but I spotted my super cute friend Grace- aka Lefty- wearing Tugs in one of her Facebook profile pictures.  [Yes, I facebook stalk my friends………]
1- How gorgeous is she!?
2- How CUTE is her Tugs!
A couple of updates about Tugs too… I just checked out the website again, and it looks like they’re now offering some as part of a Gingham Collection.  TOO cute.
Loving it all!!!
PS  I have to let you guys know… there’s been a change to the prize for the Refer a Friend contest… Apparently the item isn’t being made anymore….. SO SAD.  BAH.
But I’m working on finding a replacement/new prize!

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