The “OMG I wish I had a…” Kit

How many times do you say, “Oh my gosh, I really wish I had a _______ right now!!!” Or “AH!!! I need a _________ RIGHT now!!!”
It is the absolute worst feeling to need something super simple, and yet not have it on you.  Walking back from practice one morning, the boys were saying how they didn’t understand how girls survive without pockets.  But they forgot about the magic of purses.  Being able to reach down into the dark abyss of a Longchamp and find a granola bar or a chapstick etc.  Really, anything is fair game when it comes to hidden gems in purses (think Mary Poppins).
My “OMG I wish I had a…” Kit is a little Vineyard Vines canvas clutch.  The size is perfect enough to switch from purse to purse, and it’s light in color so it’s easier to spot in the dark purse.
The absolute true success of a “OMG I wish I had a….” Kit is to pretend like it absolutely does NOT exist. That way, it remains fully stocked when there is a real emergency.  Here’s an example

  • Don’t use the spare ponytail holder when…. you’re too lazy to go upstairs.
  • USE the spare ponytail holder when…. you just got stuck in a torrential downpour and your hair is a mess and will frizz the second it starts drying.

What to put in your kit:
Ponytail holder
Twenty dollar bill***
Faux pearl earrings
5 bandaids
Mini nail file
A blemish stick
Pill case (stocked with Excedrin migraine)
*** That J. Crew headband does NOT count as an emergency.
Did I leave anything out?  What do you keep in your “OMG I wish I had a…” Kit?

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i love this idea! i have a similar kit in my bag that consists of rose bud salve, hair bands, tamponts, etc. but putting money into it i had not thought of and will do!


INCREDIBLE idea! I'm definitely going to do something like this. I've loved, loved, loved the last few posts. I feel like they've been back to the old, inspiring creativity of CP. Also, thanks so much for introducing me to Kate Spade bangles, I think they're absolutely gorgeous.



I love this idea because I do it too! I have a small clear case – I believe clinque purfume penciles came in – but it's the perfect size to go from purse to purse! Because it's small and clear, I also use it when traveling on airplanes to hold my liquids because of the new requirements. I keep a hair tie, a few bobby pins, hand sanitizer, a tide to go pen, chapstick, floss, small hand lotion, tissues, a couple of tampons, a few advil in a little case and a small mirror!

All my friends know it's always on me and I've become the "mom" of the group, they all know to come to me with their mini emergencies!

xoxo M


Super cute! I definitely would put hand sanitizer and some advil in there. I use advil from my purse all.the.time. Great ideas! 🙂


Good picks, maybe some tide to go (because I'm a huge klutz) and hand sanitizer for me. Mini vaseline instead of chapstick and motrin instead of excedrin and I'm good to go!


I have one too- my mom had one growing up and as soon as I started using a purse (mid-twenties, I was a holdout) I made one. Mine has- rose bud salve, hand sanitizer, hand cream, concealer stick, ponytail holder, a mini claw (for the half up dos), a few bobby pins, nail file, and a tiny kit for fixing one's glasses (nerdy, I know). Thank goodness for travel size everything!

South Carolina Belle

I have one of these too! Mine has girl products, tide to go, dental floss and other things along with the things you mentioned. I agree, it is a MUST HAVE item! Great post!!


IThis is a superb idea for the car also! I always seem to be looking for a pen, so I would be sure to throw one of those in there to complete it!


I'm finally back on the blogging scene so naturally your site was my first stop 🙂 My emergerency kit has bandaids, chapstick, a mini sewing kit, hair ties, ten dollar bills, tide to go, mints, tampon, nail file, mini nail polish, mini scissors, and a baby pen all in a tiny vera zip up thing 🙂


I have a similar kit I carry with me all the time and have had it ever since I can remember. Thanks for this great post. It's like a short PSA for young girls on the go. 🙂


you are such a genius! I'd just add some contact rewetting drops and I'd be all set 😉 absolutely need the ponytail holders though! great list! xo


Haha, I have a similar one. I use a light green little Lilly polk-a-dot bag that is really easy to spot in my purse. Inside I have: gum, hand sanitizer, little bottle of nice smelling lotion, advil, pony-tail holder, lip gloss, floss, compact mirror, a little pink swiss knife contraption that comes with tweezers and scissors, and an extra set of contacts. Have used my OMG kit many times!


i keep those little tooth brushes in mine- there like 4 in a pack for a few dollars- i keep spare battery for my camera ( bought another one ) and the charger- I LOVE MY PICTURES!!!!

Love your page!


clever post, carly! regarding those mini nail files, do you have dg ties or just a coincidence? i know y'all unfortunately cannot have greek life at georgetown.


i've heard of these "survival kits" for nights out (like prom) but it's perfect to carry around all the time. thanks for the idea!


I have also carry around a kit like this but I have: hand sanitizer, hair ties, mint, gum, tide to go, colgate wisp, tampons, panty liners, pads, ibuprofen, bandaids, a mini bottle of off, sunscreen, mini deodorant and chapstick.


I can't survive without pockets.
Purses annoy me lol, tho I like purses, I have some just because they are beautiful but don't use them much.
now that I'm a mother I have to take a purse with me, but bigger one, with my son's stuff.

But I'm a pocket girl:lip balm, money (or small wallet), keys and cell phone.