Best Kid Movies from the 90s

Leslie and I were walking to the subway stop from an event earlier this week and started talking about Lindsay Lohan. I mentioned how I scrolled through a 92 photo slideshow with pictures of her as she “grew up” in the public eye. We both agreed that The Parent Trap had been one of our favorite movies growing up. Stacy and I used to watch it every Saturday morning. We had the entire thing memorized and would act out the parts throughout the whole thing. Stacy probably can verbatim say every line… and I’m fairly confident that I can recall a good 80-85% today. 
There were five movies that we continuously watched throughout our childhood. And, frankly, I would still watch today. In fact, a couple of them are on Netflix instant and I have watched within the last six months. For the most part, I don’t like watching movies for a second time. The only exceptions are these five (and Phoebe in Wonderland). There’s just something super soothing about watching familiar characters and predictable plots!
The Parent Trap | Lindsay Lohan in her prime. (Although, I was and remain a fan of Freaky Friday.) So many quotable lines. Check for fruits, check for vegetables… go on. 
It Takes Two | Another movie about long lost twins, but with a completely different feel! Stacy and I never had this on VHS, but every time we went to Blockbuster, we would check to see if they had the movie. It was ALWAYS what we wanted to rent. Unfortunately, it was quite popular in South Tampa because it was hardly ever in stock. (Making it that much more of a treat to watch it!)
Madeline | I think we saw this six or seven times in theaters. It was definitely a huge number of viewings, but a favorite in the making. When I lived with Little V at Georgetown, her mom made us cornish hens for dinner. We all said, “Chicken Helen” throughout dinner. Complete with accents. And nearly everyone at the table got the reference.
A Little Princess | This movie is just too good. I cry even now when I watch it. It’s simply beautiful. Speaking of which, you should watch this video. It’s comprised entirely of sounds from the movie. It’s also visually stunning… My favorite part is the squeaking shoes!!!
Matilda | Who didn’t wish to be in Miss Honey’s class and have nightmares about the chokey?! Obviously this one makes the cut. I always crave Cheerios and little chocolates after watching…. #lame, yes.
What movies would you add to the list?
PS I liked The Secret Garden, but it always gave me the creeps… The earthquake was terrifying and the whole sulkiness of the movie used to bother me. I only used to like the part where the entire garden speed-blooms!

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I also still cry whenever I watch The Little Princess. Astounding. I've never seen that YouTube remix before – how cool! Thanks for sharing.


The Secret Garden was my favorite!!! I never fully understood it until I was older, I think I started watching it when I was too young to understand and then never put the pieces together. But I grew up figure skating, and the music from the movie was my first competition program! I loved it.

Also, Mary Poppins! Incredibly long, yes – but so creative and one of my favorite Disney movies (although not from the '90s). Thanks for taking me down memory lane!


Completely agree with that list, though I would have to add some later Mary Kate and Ashley movies as well (Passport to Paris? Switching Goals? Saw them too many times to count). It's so much fun to think about the movies we watched as kids, movies that we could love because they were fun to watch not brilliantly made. Of course, if I go back and watch them, I cringe slightly, but it's always fun as well!


I loved it takes two! Or any Marykate & Ashley movie for that matter. Also love The Sandlot! "You're killin' me smalls"!!

Bailey Humphrey

I'm pretty sure I watched all of these movies too much during my childhood. I loved Lindsay Lohan when I was little. My aunt lives in Napa where the Parent Trap takes place and that made the movie more intriguing. I want to watch all of these movies right now!


It takes two was definitely the best!!! Disney channel movies were also amazing in the 90s. Zenon girl of the 21st century was my favorite! I wanted to live in outer space because of her!!


Bringing back 90s memories!! I loved these and a couple others that I could add would be Mrs. Doubtfire and Free Willy!


Mrs. Doubtfire, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Stepmom, Where the Heart is, Mary Poppins. Matilda still scares me, but I love love love Miss Honey.


I'd have to add Passport to Paris – it was one of my favorite MK&A movies!

xx Emily @


My sisters and I were OBSESSED with Parent Trap growing up! Lindsay Lohan was so adorable back then. It's still one of my favorite movies.


I agree with every single one of those! Too funny, those are my exact childhood favorites as well. I, too, can quote almost the entire script of "The Parent Trap"!


I recently rewatched A Little Princess via Netflix, and I cried so hard. So thankful my husband wasn't home when I watched it.


Going back through memory lane thanks to your post! My fave was Matilda; we even got a lab the year it came out in theaters, and named her Matilda because of the movie.

Claire Peucker

Great list! I especially loved The Little Princess, Matilda and the Parent Trap (although we mostly grew up on the 60's version). A couple of other additions could be My Girl, The Little Rascals, Home Alone, Free Willy & Jumanji. We'd watch them over and over!


All of my favorites! A girl from my elementary school was in a Little Princess (she played Jane) so it was even more special at the time


This is so funny to me because I STILL consider the Lindsay Lohan version of the parent trap to be one of my all time favorite movies!

My next favorite on this list would have to be A Little Princess. That movie is so visually stunning it's ridiculous. As a little girl I always loved the scene where they wake up in the attic with all the food and fancy stuff! Oh and the mean girl that brushed her hair 100 times before bed! Goodness, I love that movie.