I actually didn’t fully understand the importance of nursing bras. I kind of thought you could just wear your normal bra and, if you wanted, you could wear a nursing bra. Well, I’m sure you could make breastfeeding work with a normal bra, but I personally find nursing bras just so convenient. I’ve tried a bunch over the past five months and I have two clear “winners” that I consider the best nursing bras.

A few things to note beforehand:

1) I’m very low maintenance when it comes to bras. I want something I can wash and dry with everything else and I don’t really care what it looks like as long as I’m comfortable.

2) I’m not doing much pumping. When I do pump, I am always at home, so I personally don’t need a bra I can pump in throughout the day.

3) I tried on a bunch of brands and styles to figure out what I preferred. I do think it’s important to find a bra that works with your body and your lifestyle. Breastfeeding and pumping are hard enough without that added discomfort of not liking your bra!

Best Nursing Bras

best nursing bra auden


This “seamless bra” ended up being my favorite and what I consider the absolute best nursing bra. I’ve since purchased multiples of it in various colors… and the best part is that it was the most affordable of every one I tried. I placed a last minute order towards the end of my pregnancy when I realized I would need a nursing bra in the hospital when I delivered and I was so overwhelmed by the choices. I figured I’d start off with a cheap one and then invest once I figured out what I liked. Well, even as I tried more expensive and popular brands, this cheap bra from Target is what I kept throwing in the wash every day so I could wear again. It’s simply the best maternity bra.

In my opinion, it has the same comfort as a sports bra. And there is built-in padding. This is a big thing I prefer… I had when the padding just “floats” as an insert because when I nursed, the pads in different bras would fold over and become all lumpy– making it so awkward to get it back into place. With the built-in padding you don’t have to worry about any awkward folding.

This one makes me feel so supportive, the clasps are very easy to maneuver (even one handed), and it washes like a dream.

best nursing bra Larken


For a while I actually wore the regular nursing bras to sleep in too, but finally got fed up and uncomfortable. A few of you recommended the Larken nursing bras when I was desperate for something more comfortable. WOW!!! It’s amazing and I wish I had purchased it sooner. In fact, it’s the perfect bra to bring to the hospital when you give birth because it’s SUPER comfortable and you’ll be nursing so frequently and probably not leaking milk yet. (My milk supply is finally sort of regulating overnight so I don’t wear nursing pads with it anymore, but I did in the beginning when I was still leaking quite a bit.)

It’s designed like a seamless cropped tank and can easily be pulled up to nurse or crossed over into an “x” shape for pumping. It’s genius and truly feels like you’re wearing nothing. I refuse to sleep in anything else now.

This one is definitely better for being around the house than going out, but it’s definitely the best nursing bra (and the best pumping bra) for sleeping and lounging. I’ve told all of my pregnant/nursing girlfriends they need it.


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Thanks for sharing this! Do you think you could wear the Larkin during the day too? I’ll have a pump up to 3x/day when I go to back to work next month, so a pumping and nursing bra is the most convenient. Thank you!


You definitely *can* but it might not work with work clothing… there isn’t much support (it’s like a camisole)


I work in a hospital and wear scrubs – I use the Larkin every day and love it! It’s so comfy and stretchy and soft, I don’t have to worry about weird pressure spots or changing to pump. I probably wouldn’t wear it with a super tight shirt though because it’s not as supportive as a “normal” bra.


100%! I am 7.5 months postpartum and these are among my faves, too. I will add the kindred bravely pumping bras are really helpful for those who need the bra to be a bit more supportive! (Vs the Larken which is great for sleeping)


Hi Carly! Thanks so much for these super helpful review. I also am a big fan of the Target bra, and would love to order the Larkin. Any chance you can share your impressions of the sizing? Is it similar to the Target Auden one?