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A little short on outfits this week. We had a super low-key weekend with Mike’s parents down the shore and it was freezing! We stayed pretty cozy inside, only leaving to take the dogs for walks! Lots of leggings and Dudley Stephens.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Spending the weekend down the shore was great! It was just us and Mike’s parents, so it was nice to get some one on one time with Grandmom and Pops!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Start doing a big basement clean out. I made some big progress…. and things have slid back into disarray. I think once I remove some boxes and get some things shipped off that have been just waiting for me, it won’t be as big of a task as I think?! (I hope.)


I helped Elsa shoot some content. Honestly, it is always so nice to get to flex a creative muscle without feeling the pressure so much. We have a lot of fun together doing it!

Shirt (got a lot of questions about sizing, it runs roomy… but I’d get your regular size as it’s supposed to be boxy)

Similar jeans




I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t even tell you a single thing I did on Wednesday 🤣 Pretty sure all I did was hang out with Jack and do the mom thing.

Sweatshirt (under $20)



I played some catch up with work and got great news about my book! Really proud of how well it’s doing– thank you to everyone who purchased one or even just told a friend about it!! It means so much to me! Mike and I also had our first real date night away from Jack. Mike’s sister came over after Jack went down and we went out to a local restaurant! Loved getting out and feeling a little bit back to our “old” selves.

Similar sweater

Similar Jeans


I had a doctor’s appointment in the city which ate up most of my morning. But we got lucky with zero traffic there and back, which was a true gift!


Similar jeans



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I love these outfits. Simplicity always completes an outfit. It also can be full of personality with other additives. Most importantly comfortable. I also love your mirror, where did you get it from?


Your outfits seriously inspire me so much to actually get dressed for the day. I work from home since the pandemic and drag my feet so much to get dressed. I love coming here to get some inspiration.