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After I did the “Instagrams to Follow” post, I knew I also wanted to share my favorite pinners out there. To be super honest, it took me a really long time to understand and get hooked on Pinterest. I just didn’t feel like devoting time to it, so I didn’t. But then, at some random point, I became addicted. Truly, truly addicted. I have to limit myself on going on because it turns into a blackhole for me. Good, but also not-so-good when there’s work to be done.
I like being able to keep track of what I like at the moment and easily filing away links and photos for future projects or seasons. The best part though is that I think it’s a great source of inspiration. And not simply for idea inspiration… I just like seeing what other people like or find interesting.
Garance Doré // Pretty much self-explanatory here. She rocks. And her aesthetic is simply to die for. I recently started following her and I am kicking myself for taking so long to do it. So in love.

Jack Rogers // Jack Rogers’ boards are a little bit of everything. Seriously, I think everyone can find at least one board to love. I repin from Jack Rogers all the time.

Lilly Pulitzer // My favorite part about Lilly’s boards are that they are SO bright and SO fun. It’s a constant party over on their Pinterest! I love getting a sneak peek at the inspiration behind the different lines and the virtual tours of store locations around the country. 

Real Simple // I don’t follow all the boards and I often unfollow ones when they become too much… but there are some real gems in there. I love the daily quotations and the weird little tips and tricks that they have. It’s one of my favorite magazines, so I’m super happy they do an amazing job with their Pinterest boards!

Sara Kate Studios // Killer Instagram and Pinterest? Now that is what I’m talking about! Warning: enter at your own risk. Be prepared for an overflow of inspiration and a serious itch to redecorate every nook and cranny of your space.

Sleepy Jones // The quirkiest and charming Pinterest board out there. I’m always ready to slip into adorable pajamas and lounge around all day when they pin something new. (In an oddly motivating kind of way.)
Who are some of your favorite pinners to follow? I’m always on the hunt!

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I have recently become obsessed with Garance Doré, her video about a day in heels is amazing since I love Christian Louboutin. I followed you on Pinterest. Visit my blog and follow me back 🙂

Laura Marie Meyers

Love this, thank you! I recently got re-obsessed with Pinterest, and I'm really into Catbird (want all their stuff, always), Sugar Paper, Kelly Wearstler, Domaine, and Lulu & Georgia 🙂