[Save and Splurge] Leather Tote with Tassels

I’m so in love with these leather totes I’ve been seeing everywhere with tassels. It seems like everyone in the city has one… and they’re all rubbing it in my face!
When I stumbled on this tote from Old Navy, I couldn’t believe how a) cute it was and b) how great the price was. A great alternative to more expensive totes for sure.
What do you think about the Old Navy version?

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Anna Selby

I think the bag is really cute, but I have seen it in person and I think that the synthetic material just doesn't look enough like leather for me to make the purchase. There's something about the way that leather wears beautifully as it ages that would encourage me to save up for the Coach bag instead — an investment that would last me years, for sure!


Devon Shea

I'm always wary of faux-leather totes. As someone who uses and abuses the heck out of tote bags, I've found that the fake leather isn't usually strong enough to hold up against wear and tear (not to mention the stitching on the straps is usually pretty poorly done). A great option if you don't plan on using it everyday/transporting a lot of items around, but for me it just isn't functional.

Cristina Marie

I actually really like the Old Navy tote. I think it's a great alternative for the leather totes that are always in style. And since it gets used and abused a lot, having an affordable option is perfect!

Cristina Marie


I own the Coach Candace Caryall in black. It was a HUGE purchase for me, but I was not disappointed in the craftsmanship of this bag and another Coach tote that I also own. I think that this style that you highlighted is classic enough that it's worth the splurge. I understand some folks are against owning real leather and I do truly respect that, so I'm not trying to change any minds about that; if you are in the market for a good, sturdy leather bag, the Coach is worth the large purchase. After a few years, you'll probably be able to calculate the cost per wear as lower than the synthetic.


I think snagging the old navy tote while it's available. If you find you use it a lot, there are SO many cute camel/cognac totes out there to invest in when the time comes 🙂 including the coach one…they don't abandon classic styles, and that makes them so great. But like others have mentioned, it's hardly ever a waste to invest in a classic style and color, especially when you know you migrate towards totes more often than not.


I think both bags are indeed gorgeous but in my opinion the Old Navy bag is more aesthetically pleasing seeing as it seems to be more structured and the cognac color looks a lot more crisp than Coach. Oh the irony!

Abigail Brennan

Maybe it's because I work at Coach… but the Old Navy one just LOOKS like a cheap knockoff to me. Plus the Legacy collection is my favorite. Coach all the way!

Phoebe Rose

Adore that! Personally as long as it's cute and sturdy for school, I'm beyond happy! I have a Shiraleah now, but I can't get enough of the cute leather bags I keep seeing all over!

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