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This is another guest post from the totally amazing Maxie. If you haven’t read her first post about why you should travel abroad alone yet, you must! This post is one that is so perfect for Maxie to write for The College Prepster… when I got a Moleskine for work earlier this summer, Maxie was in love with it and went a major (at least seven store) hunt for her very own. We both share a love for the amazing journals.
Journals have always held a special place in my heart. Their purposes have evolved over the course of my lifetime, but all have played an important role during different stages of my experiences. I can still clearly picture my hot pink Lisa Frank journal from 4th grade, the one that had a little heart lock on it to ensure my nosey little brothers were barred from reading about my crush. In middle school it was a purple spiral shared between me and my three BFFs so we could communicate our stories to each other back and forth (so 2001). In college it was a caramel brown, leather embossed journal, whose pages got me through my very first heartbreak.
And today? It’s all about the Moleskine.
There’s something completely beautiful about consistent writing. You know, the old school kind where you actually use a pen and write until your hand cramps, and you’re then forced to shake it out (we’ll ignore the fact this closely resembles saturday night’s dance moves). Getting your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and feelings down in total stream of consciousness has a way of unlocking treasure chests of clarity. It’s more effective than any tub of ice cream or bottle of wine could ever be (albeit not as yummy).
I collect Moleskines like I do URLs. Whenever I have a new idea, workflow or trip coming up, I make it an excuse to buy a new one. Each has their own specific purpose. And there are a few I haven’t even had time to execute on. However, I’ve experimented with some really awesome ways to use a Moleskin:

I mentioned in my last post why you must travel abroad solo, and when you do you must take a moleskine along. I purchased this beautiful, white hardcover version, and I made a promise to myself that I would return to the US with every page filled. I wrote about every experience, fear, and lesson that came up for me while I was there. If I wasn’t out touring the sights of India, I was scribbling away, desperate to get the memories down into one place. It was the best travel companion I could possibly ask for. It allowed me to work through both the experiences of this magical trip and the internal dialogue about what it all meant. Those journal entries are priceless to me, a snapshot memory of both my trip and the state of my soul while I was there.

I purchased my large, black leather Moleskine after Carly whipped hers out in a meeting this summer. It was bendy, and lightweight, which is important for as much as I’m always on the road for work. It is big enough to give my to-do lists the space they needed. And it lays flat when open which allows me the surface area I need for some of my not-so-beautiful, strategic sketches. I know we’re living in a time where typing on laptops is accepted in most meetings, but there is something so productive about walking into a meeting with nothing more than your black moleskin, a pen, and your cell phone. It’s sophisticated, simple, and a gateway to bringing those big ideas to life.

This is my next Moleskine must, and I’m working on it as we speak. Getting your goals down on paper is one of the most beneficial things you can do in an hour. What do you want personally, professionally, and for your health? What will you accomplish this year and in the next three? A way to take your goals to the next level is by using images to describe your aspirations. Whether it’s a desire map, a Pinterest board dedicated to goals, or an old-school magazine cut out vision board, envisioning your future makes manifesting goals even easier.
Which is why I’m currently using the app Paper to sketch out my wild, hairy and audacious goals for my life. I don’t draw or paint or sketch, but I’m watercoloring the visions I have of my future. I believe that participating so fully in creating exactly what my goals look like will root them even deeper into the universe. Into me. And when I finally finish that, it will get exported directly to an accordion, matte moleskine. This just may be the best use of one yet.
We’ve come a long way since slam books and Lisa Frank. Moleskines are the perfect accessory to that beautiful mind of yours, as you experience new things and dream bigger dreams. Whether you take the journal across India, to a meeting in SoHo, or let it sit on your nightstand with your loftiest goals printed within its pages, unlock your creativity, release your fears, and jot down your day to day. I promise consistent journaling, writing, and processing will be the best tool you have. And the Moleskines will be there to support you.
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Awesome post! Have you heard of the Moleskine app? It is also fantastic! Yes, Moleskines are awesome. I have so many and am always getting more. 🙂 Thanks, Maxie!



Ahh yesss! Someone who loves moleskines and journals as much as I do. I actually have a yellow moleskine in my purse that I always carry around — you never know when you need to write something down or sketch something out. I feel like there's something lost in note apps, so I love collecting notebooks (moleskines for sure but many others like Write Now).

Thanks for this great post Maxie!

Kolbi Gray

I am obsessed with Moleskine notebooks. I love their music passion book like there is no tomorrow. I first got their music passion journal and now I am in love with their pocket size notebooks and their thin field note notebooks. Ahhh! I love them!

Love this post.

Life With Kolbi

Julia D.

They're also totally vegan: LOVE IT! I know this won't be a selling point for most, but having no animals harmed in dream creation, for me, is really cool.