Cold and Dark

This time change thing is not okay with me. It’s SO DARK so early in the day. My brain seems to be shutting off earlier than normal. The sun seems to set quicker in the city because it ducks behind buildings. Oh, and the heat in my building is on and off and I’m currently freezing.
Be right back, going to snuggle under the covers with tea… Two things helping me warm up:

How are you staying warm?

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This time change is KILLING me, my kid just does not get it. Thankfully it's not that cold in Houston, just rainy. I wish we would get "real" seasons.

Lori Ann

I actually like the shorter days, but I guess I'm just weird. It hasn't really got cold where I'm at yet, but it's cool enough to turn the air off, and leave the windows up at night, and still feel comfortable. But when I do get cold, I put on a big sweater, fluffy socks, and drink hot chocolate.

Niki DCA

I am usually pretty warm, but here lately I have been cold. My body is totally out of whack. I have this nice sweater jacket that my hubby got for me on a work trip. I love it. Coffee is also a plus and hot chocolate. 🙂

Julia D.

Oversized vintage ski sweaters, blankets, tea, and SmartWool socks (seriously, check them out. They're like the 'camp socks' but are likely even warmer).