Sweater of the Season

I love sweaters. Sweaters are a very close second, right behind summer dresses, for clothes I love. But finding the perfect sweater is almost as challenging as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Too loose, or too tight, or too formal, or too casual. There’s always something.
I think I have most definitely found the sweater of the season.
I saw it online and thought it was cute, but I wasn’t sure how I felt completely. After an event in Columbus Circle, we went shopping at the J. Crew there. Now, this was my third trip to J. Crew that weekend. But the first time I felt inspired to actually try anything on. (Doesn’t that always happen when you’re with friends?) I grabbed a bunch of things– including the scalloped dress in black– and had a field day.
Another thing I bought and loved? The Merino Pocket Tunic sweater. The sweater is even better in person. I plan on getting it in just about every color. But seriously. And/or living in it throughout this entire fall and winter.

Here’s why I love the Merino Pocket Tunic
You can wear leggings with modesty!
It’s the perfect length to cover everything that needs covering.
There are pockets.
Hello, home for your iPhone.

The sweater is loose enough for layering, but still flattering.
The grey looks amazing with a blue oxford shirt layered underneath.

Dress it up for work.
Okay, not corporate… but wear with minnie pants, a killer pair of pumps, and a pretty necklace.

It’s the perfect “lazy chic” garment.

You can monogram it online.
I mean… when in doubt, always add a monogram.

Please don’t be alarmed if I’m wearing this every time you see me. You’ve been warned. I guarentee you’ll be as obsessed as I am!

What’s going to be your go-to item this fall?

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